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  1. Well, we're at the end of August and still no specific date on when these will be released?
  2. That's awesome, glad to see the PKE made the mold and they look amazing together, can't wait for them to be released
  3. Awwww, no PKE, or ghost trap? or the Proton Grenades? What about Holtzmann's dual wield Proton Pistols, or the Ghost Chipper? Items to look forward to in wave 2 mayhaps?
  4. I'm going my second time this Wednesday, and I too have already cleared a spot haha
  5. THIS makes me almost as happy as when I started getting into GB minimates BeetleJuice and GB were my most watched movies/cartoons growing up (and TMNT)
  6. IMO the animated characters fit in just fine next to the comic and even movie mates I've got multiple animated Spider-Man and Spider-Man related characters all in a huge group shot and no one looks out of place; and I can't wait to add chibi Spidey & Spider-Man Noir to the mix (as well as Sir Spider Knight when I can get him)
  7. "I feel like the slime is targeting me specifically" We need a slimed Erin for sure
  8. BEETLEJUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God I hope we get the Ghost with the Most in minimate form I'll say his name 30 times if I have to! 300 times even!
  9. we haven't actually seen accessories or package shots yet, so don't count them out yet and, if you have them, you could always use the Chinese Food accessories from Big Bang Theory Box Set 2
  10. That's what I mean, they mentioned that MONTHS ago (January actually), was hoping we'd get an update during SDCC
  11. Super Stoked for Noir Spider-Man is there more to reveal Minimate wise? little disappointed in the lack of GB Minimates (minus showing DST & TrU wave 1)
  12. If I'm not mistaken we will be getting a second wave, hopefully with Kevin(s) and slimed other GBs maybe with Sparky and Gertrude
  13. It earned around $44 million in the US alone over the weekend I thought
  14. aaaand they've announced the mysterious ghost as well as the TRU sets This is the DST sets, all four Ghostbusters, Rowan (when he was cute), Slimer, and Slimette! And then TRU is getting all four busters (doesn't appear to be variants, but as we know from the Predator lines there could be some changes to them), Rowan in his full evil body, and the Stay Puft Parade Balloon
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