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  1. Looks like I'll be buying the villians and a few extra heroes packs. To make a Jean Grey like this:
  2. Definitely getting the Jean pack and hoping she does come with a powered up face, hair and flight stand. PLEASE. I'd love to see her new energy form as a variant: SPOILERS POSSIBLY below: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  3. Jean Grey/Phoenix Through the Ages, a little bit of something for everyone! Marvel Girl- with a mask and switch out maskless head Red X-Factor- energy blasts and flight stand AOA Phoenix- phoenix base, with a long and short hair piece HCT Jean- phoenix base and translucent to boot!
  4. I really wish Jean didn't come with Morrigan. I already have the past 2 Morrigan. This one actually doesn't look better than those to me. I wanted Jean packed with a character I didn't have like Arthur or Dante.
  5. Here's hoping we find out the how the packs will be divided up soon! From C2E2 we heard all the possible characters will be done in the first 3 waves. Each wave usually has 6 characters and a variant. That's only 18 including variants. Marvel vs Capcom 3 has 36 characters, and even not counting seemingly impossible to do minimates like Modok or Shuma Gorath, what about the other characters? Here's hoping we get a P2 alt color White Phoenix!!(and possibly Dark too, but if just one variant I'd like White since we've never got her like that yet)
  6. Just preordered these at BigBadToystore. Can't wait to have these in hand. These are slick. As some of you know, I mainly collect X-Men, but this set gives me an incentive to go out and buy so much more of the Marvel Universe because they interacted a lot with the rest of the MU in these costumes. I can't wait to display them with the various people they've fought or teamed up with like the FF or Hulk! These stories are light and a much needed break from the doom and gloom of the current MU. Plus they make the X-Men much more cohesive with the rest of the MU as opposed to being in their own little universe which only appears with others during big crossovers, This series had great things like Jean shadowing with Sue Storm, and the guys worried she had left them for good: Hulk vs the X-Men: More to come!!
  7. Jean Grey: Phoenix through the Ages 1) Green skirt Marvel Girl 2) Red costumed X-Factor Jean Grey 3) Revolution Phoenix 4) Here Comes Tomorrow Phoenix They all look quite different from each other and awesome costumes.
  8. Inhumans (probably a bad selling set but whatever lol): Medusa, Crystal, Triton, Modern Black bolt Brotherhood: Toad, Pyro, Blob, Sauron X-Men Giant Sized 2 Banshee, Sunfire, Marvel Girl (skirt & pointy mask), Colossus w/ powerhouse chest New X-Men-Here Comes Tomorrow: Cowboy Wolverine w/ torn costume, Rover(damaged modern Sentinel), Cassandra Nova, Phoenix in clear plastic Marvel Pets or Pet Avengers (no way its happening, but fun to imagine): Devil Dinosaur, Thor Frog, Ms. Lion, Zabu
  9. Oh and azazel's(really??) claws for a Zoidberg custom!
  10. Meh. They're kind of boring design wise. I'll probably only get a loose Emma on the cheap to make a modern Colleen Wing. Other than that I'll save some cash.
  11. Nope you're not the only one. I plan to buy an extra set. Use the Cyclops and another head and brown hair for a de-iced iceman. A female head and hair for a maskless Marvel Girl. And sub in an extra angel without wings and add in big feet for a Beast. So even if he's some crazy chase, I'll have a Beast. I'm hoping these come with extra maskless heads and/or flight stands. I need more flight stands.
  12. I would love a Machine Man, Toad, and Dragon Man to go with these!! I could get behind an updated, slightly less-stunned looking Wanda. Or better yet, a FA Toad
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