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  1. Miniman33

    Sony Playstation Minimates

    Those look awesome. I'll definatly be picking up the Uncharted set.
  2. (QUOTE IndieMate @ Mar 15 2011, 8:45 PM) I think Power Rangers would be an excellent liscense for DST YEEEEEEESSSSS!! Please dear God make it so!
  3. Miniman33

    Alternate Universe Contest Gallery

    I voted
  4. Miniman33

    Alternate Universe Custom Contest

    CAPTAIN RHINO WAR MACHINE In a great battle against The Rhino, War Machine and Captain America fall through a transporter and get fused together with the villian and now they travel the universe looking for someone or something to help them. Sorry if the picture is kinda blurry.
  5. Miniman33

    Minimate Vehicles!!

    I just recently got the new Marty Mcfly and Delorean TRU exclusive pack and it's pretty sweet.
  6. Miniman33

    Amalgam Contest Voting Gallery

    I forth that
  7. Miniman33

    Amalgam Custom Contest!

    Hey, thanks for the complement.
  8. Miniman33

    Amalgam Custom Contest!

    Wow I feal really crappy about my custom so either no one has noticed it or it just sucks
  9. Miniman33


    Whoa nice collections guys I would put some pics of my collection up but mine isn't half as good or even half as big as any of the ones that I have seen on this thread.
  10. Miniman33

    Amalgam Custom Contest!

    Here is my entry the Iron War Machine Head: Mark IV Iron Man Torso/Muscle Piece: War Machine Arms: Mark IV Iron Man Hands: War Machine Upper Legs/ Thigh: Mark IV Iron Man Lower Legs/ Feet: War Machine This took some doing on account I broke the legs of both Mark IV Iron Man and War Machine two of my favorite MINIMATES!But ENJOY! Also I have an exact reverse of this for War Machine but I chose this instead.
  11. Miniman33

    Amalgam Custom Contest!

    Hey punisher thanks for the glue tip but the real problem is the picture part and the putting on the internet part also
  12. Miniman33

    Amalgam Custom Contest!

    I tried to make an Iron Man/ War Machine fusion suit but unfortunately I tried to swap the legs and they broke so CRAP!!!
  13. Iron Man 2 minimates have arrived and I got my first two sets yesterday, Saturday ,April 24 2010 and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Miniman33

    Movie Minimates Wish List

    Here are my favorite movie minimates *Tony Stark/Iron Man (battle damage) *Peter Venkman (Slimed) *Slimer *Ray Stantz (Gooey) The T.V. and Movie Minimates I want to see *The Rookie ( Ghostbusters: Video Game) *Ivo Shandor (original form) *The Real Ghostbusters *George Lopez
  15. Dude your creations are awesome but Hitler really I just cant believe you would make a Hitler matebut still the other creations are really cool