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  1. Heating it up worked like a charm. Thank you gentlemen.
  2. I am wondering if any of you have a trick for safely removing "Stretch Punch" Mr. Fantastic's head from his long neck. I am now on my second figure as in trying to remove it the first time it ripped the neck joint clean off the neck. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. To say this is frustrating is a huge understatement.
  4. I would like to know this as well. The most recent Minimates we have are the Spider-man Friends and Foes set. I certainly hope F&F is not what they are basing the popularity of the line on.
  5. You could always write a letter to DST voicing your concern.
  6. I'm liking the previews at this event much more than the ones shown at the SDCC.
  7. Has anyone found these in any of the Canadian Toys R Us' yet?
  8. The new X-Force series isn't out yet is it? Doesn't it start in October?
  9. There is nothing I hate about it really. It would be cool if Fantomex was in it instead of Wolverine. I really like the Archangel figure. The other three are kind of "meh." I already have the best Deadpool so I won't be getting this one.
  10. I enjoyed the "Maybe she's not a sitter?" line. I enjoyed the reviews. It's nice to see reviews from someone who is just entering into collecting... he isn't so jaded.
  11. Good thing there is a new Marvel Legends Deadpool coming out soon... ish.
  12. I can't really comment on the accessibility of Toys R Us mates yet as I am Canadian and the only ones we have received thus far I haven't really been interested in but I was in to check if they had the Iron Man 2 mates and it seemed like they had one of every type in stock. The Spider-Man friends and foes set lasted for a few weeks. Not sure if that was lack of interest in minimates in my area, or just because of the quality of the set itself. Time will tell with the Fantastic Four wave I suppose.
  13. I really like how the entire wave is dedicated around one marvel super group this time around. I was kind of looking forward to getting the bulked out wave 37 Thing, but I suppose I'll be just as happy with this one.
  14. I find it so odd that Halo is the game changer as opposed to Marvel. Are video game figures really such a hot commodity?
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