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  1. minimateman

    minimatemans customs

    It was made from a toothpicks bottom,then repainted
  2. minimateman

    minimatemans customs

    Doctor Richtofen,from COD world at war zombies and COD black ops zombies Please comment.
  3. minimateman

    minimatemans customs

    small update with blackhole trooper and darth emporer palptine and I also made 9th doctor, with a zombie version.
  4. minimateman

    minimatemans customs

    well i have been customizing for a year and I just got a camera so, enjoy.void glasses 10th, normal 10th doctor, quinlan vos, order 66 clone trooper, starkiller , and wesker, sorry about how bad the pics are
  5. So awesome, but your checkov's head reminds me of neville longbottom from harry potter
  6. nice customs!!!,I like that spawn
  7. minimateman

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 minimates

    I was just reading my new issue of gameinformer and apperently they are releasing ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and it will feature new charcters, including frank west, nemisis(resident evil) and more!!!!!! I hope the licensing covers this becuase I need dead rising minimates
  8. minimateman

    PSP or iPod Touch

    I have the chance to get a portable game system,and all ready have Dsi,so should I get PSP Go,PSP 3000 or iPod Touch?
  9. minimateman

    Thor movie minimates

    On the TRU website I seached minimates and a set called Heimdall and Don Blake appeared.No image avalible so I'm not sure if this a mess up or we just got lucky.Can someone order and see what happens.
  10. minimateman

    Lego starwars the clone wars ds help

    I`m talking about the ds version,I am stuck, I just used a clone sharpshooter to shoot a target letting 3 droids come out of a door that door closes and 2 boxes are in place making 2 green lights light up now I`m stuck.
  11. I just got the game and need help with the level duel of the droids,when I searched it on google,it didn't show any walkthroughs for the ds or any cheats,can anybody help me?
  12. Love the Doctor. Did you use a larger head for Laszlo?
  13. minimateman

    Star wars help

    Knights and Masters
  14. minimateman

    Star wars help

    Ok,thanks.What head do you think I should use for him?Should he have a cape?I think a lego lightsaber will work or are there any better options? I want to create a few of my own jedi,so how does a normal jedi look?
  15. minimateman

    Star wars help

    I mean what should I use for obi wan's(revenge of the sith) robe on his chest peice?should I just paint it or is there a peice I can use?