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  1. We grow stronger by the minute, hour by the hour we'll soon be able to take over the world and.... wait too soon? :biggrin: I would recommend both lukes toy store and buttheadsmate, having purchased from both sellers they get my stamp of approval Enjoy collecting minimates, this is without doubt the best community i've ever joined. (and i've collected alot of toys), add me on facebook too if you want to be friends, as i am on that alot during the days and evenings. Have a good week Rich
  2. I managed to get some free time and take some photos of my newest acquired minimates. :biggrin: I also took this one shot of Jubilee. I think she's an awesome minimate btw. :tongue: I only noticed that Cyclops & Rogue look like they are holding hands behind Jubilee, I'm pretty sure they weren't Some damn fine pictures on this thread of late, i've enjoyed looking at everyones contributions. Rich
  3. I can imagine that happening lol. Noo. Actually i had it stored on a side cupboard and it was knocked off accidentaly I am actually not sure of how i will go about rebuilding it, my initial idea seemed good but due to the height storage was an issue, my next attempt i've decided to go completely from scratch, as I want to make it modular pinned, which means all 3 levels can be seperated and then i can just click them back together when i want to display it, it might take longer for me to rebuild, but i think for long term placement and display (picture oportunities) this would be a better solution to my problem. I'd imagine the 1st level would have those little black technic pins in the top half of the ceiling, then have say the bottom floor of the 2nd with long technic struts so i can just pin/unpin them when i want to remove a level. :biggrin: When I refer to storage issues, the room i'm in is small, I have tons of space under my bed and above my wardrobe for boxes, but not enough height room for a 3story building. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes, I hope to take some photos soon of the latest minimates, had my camera on charge!! :-D Rich
  4. Hey Guys, Just to let you lot know i've dropped by again, i had some free time on Sunday to have a look at that parcel i got from the dude or woman in Canada. I did finally get something from them, but it's been so long since i've looked at my wants list and whatnot that i've forgot the purpose of them LOL! So atm i am just playing catchup, I'll try and drop by here a few hours each night after work and try and be more active again, i'm working part time now to help balance my illness and job role at work (something that is quite a challenge for me). I'll be eager to get back into my projects, i am devastated to report that whilst i am returning in full to minimates, the Batcave was destroyed due to a rather bizarre accident. I will attempt a rebuild at some point though and hopefully my reference pictures and Lego DD will help me speed up that process. :biggrin: It's good to be back. Oh and FYI the Jubilee minimate is kickass!! Rich
  5. My treatment, in what way? Ask away and i will explain everything i've undergone from beginning to end. :biggrin: In the beginning I was admitted to hospital with a Chest Infection when i was 19 or so, through identifying my symptoms they told me i had a chest infection but also that i was suffering from IBS. After two or so years they changed it to Ulcerative Colitis, then from that to eventually settling on Crohns Disease. It was good finally to get a proper diagnosis but i was 24-25 by this point, even then it took a couple of years to actually find a suitable medication, one that wouldnt be too severe for my body but one that would be strong enough to control it. I've been in and out of hospital since i was 18, in my twenties while my friends were out partying and travelling abroad i lost alot of my independence and 20s fun. Don't get me wrong, i did go out, and i did try to have fun, but i didnt have the full benefit of being in complete control of my life. I've found white meats (Chicken, Turkey) in general are more favourable with my illness, in that they seem to digest better, again this isn't something that was explained to me, but something i've benefitted from my own personal experience. Medicational Treatment, I've been on Mesalazine, Azathioprine, CorticoSteroids, Salazyoprin. I'm currently taking Salazyoprin and Azathioprine. They seem to control my Crohns very well, I've been told that the Salazyoprin isnt something thats used all that much anymore, in that its an old meds and not very trendy, to be truthful? I really dont give a damn as long as they work LOL!! :biggrin: Thanks guys, i hope when i'm more settled into my new job (still in training atm) that i'll have enough time and energy to work on my minimates projects as quite rightly pointed out, I need to take one day at a time and make sure i am comfortable in my job, then at wk'ends i'll have time to do whatever i want. :biggrin: Thanks for all the good luck and well wishes guys. I'll try and post up some photos this wk'end. Rich
  6. Hey Guys, At the start of this year i started rebuying minimates at a ferocious level, i snapped up every good deal i could get my grubby little hands on, as some of you are aware i have suffered with Crohns disease for the last 10 years or so of my life, this has reduced my ability to work, almost to the point where i was house bound and lost my independence. Anyway some time in November i became ill again, and almost spent a full recovery stint in hospital, my GP put me on an alternative medication and it seems to be working wonders for me at the moment. So much so that some time after my birthday this year (In April) I managed to get talking to an old work colleague, he mentioned if i was looking for work he could pass my number and details over to his supervisor and that i could get an interview for work, taking nothing to chance i jumped at it, with the illness under moderate control and me able to use public transport in confidence i successfully applied for the job and i'm now working. Make no mistake about it, whilst this job is something that i'd of probably done at 19 or 20 years of age, it would be considered by most as a step back, but for me it is a great new beginning, it is vital i give this my best shot, as my career cv looks devastatingly blank since 02/03 when i last worked. I am proud to be working again, and see this as a big opportunity, not only to prove to myself and my new employers, but also to so called friends locally that doubted me, Obviously because of this change in circumstance, yes.. Bruce Wayne (The Batcave Project) will have more money to spend, however updates and progress will now only be once a Sunday or sometimes maybe even not at all, the hobby in general will take a massive backseat as i focus on working full time. I have really really enjoyed my time here, and thank everyone who was so friendly to me on the forum, i'm not leaving, its just my sign ins and online social will be limited to evenings and wk'end access. So if i am slow to respond to threads or slow to respond to PM's please be patient, if you're in any doubt at all send me a F/R on facebook, as i can access that on my phone anyway even during lunch breaks etc, part of this decision has been influenced alot from my change in circumstances but i wont BS you, the recent bad deal on ebay took a massive chunk of confidence in my buying ability and because of the time it has taken to process the orders i had with them, i am now past the excitement stage, the new figures i got have gone into storage with my other minimate stuff under my bed, in my own opinion for me to be influenced or inspired to do something with them i have to take a step back again before i take a step forward. I'll still sign into the forums and contribute where i feel i can, i hope everyone gets the minimates they wanted this year for their collections. :biggrin: In friendship Rich
  7. Congratulations Nessex on an awesome Birthday!! I'm sorry this is a late post, but from what i can see you had a great time! All the best Rich
  8. I'm just waiting on seeing some official pictures of the product, I dont want to get my hopes up only for them to be crushed.
  9. I might as well interject some words into this post, first of all, I know alot of my facebook friends who have downloaded programs illegaly, admitting you've done it so blantantly isn't the best or smartest thing to do, just to say you've got the program or are in use of the program is enough/sufficient without mentioning the how or where you acquired it. Next up is your request, as for personal experiences, i've never suffered any form of mass bullying but i do know people that have, as already stated by someone above many of us left school 15-16 yrs ago some even longer than that, even if you could find someone who wanted to share your enthusiasm in the making of your video it is unlikely they will want their names and personal experiences spread all over the video. We're talking about a traumatic childhood experience, some people may simply NOT want to revisit these experiences. As for advice, I know that in certain publications the reproduction of personal names isn't used, for example if Mr.Howard Brant of Florida told of his experience, one way would be to copy the experience word for word but use an alternative name using his same initials So instead of Howard Brant you could name him Harry Brown. At the beginning of the documentary state clearly names have been covered to protect identity but the stories and experiences used are entirely original and real. There are lots of publications worldwide that use a similar disclaimer, it's not that they are fake but more protecting the rights and identity of the person affected by the event. I wish you good luck on your project, and hope that people understand or at least from what i can tell from your original post there does appear to be a language barrier being that you are from Greece some of your chosen words or choices could be mis-interpreted. In friendship Rich
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to post these pictures, i have to say looking at them i like them all. Nathan Spencer, although I don't know anything about him looks really awesome :biggrin: Rich
  11. If you consider anyone in the cast a favorite, and like action movies, SEE EXPENDABLES. My friends and I used to get together all the time for "Manly Movies," but somehow I didn't get to see this one in theaters. SO I FINALLY rented it a few weeks ago, and it's like the manly gods opened up the heavens and rained fire. It's a ballet of death. That's awesome, I really must see it then!!
  12. To me they look kind of generic, but i guess thats what happens when you dont watch a film? lol I take it this film is out on dvd already? I'll need to watch it before i consider getting these minimates, i do like action films and alot of those actors listed are some of my favourites, so theres a strong possibility if i watch the film and enjoy it, i'll end up getting the expendables minimates too.
  13. Part Minimate Part Lego this one. I recently acquired Pink Chun Li to complete my original Street Fighter Mates as well as Ultimate Wolverine :biggrin: And whilst it's not Minimate but i'll be using it for such my Nephew has grown all up now and decided he likes Girls more than Lego.. so I'm the beneficiary of his Lego/Toys. :biggrin: From his box I got a multiple amount of random toys mixed in as well as Mega Bloks and Lego. I'm not sure what i'm doing with the actual Mega Bloks yet, so i've just left them in a box on one side. From the sort I had, I've acquired an extra 1.2 Kilograms of Lego. See picture here: There is also some lovely pieces of grey from this lot, which will help with my batcave build as well as brown pieces which will help with the Bruce Wayne Study. I'll probably still need to order some of the missing pieces from Bricklink but every little helps towards costs. I picked up some unusual pieces from the toybox too, they appear to be some sort of temple, i've got an idea what i want to use them for but for now I'm keeping it hush-hush :biggrin: I've got to go round to my sisters at some point and rummage and scavenge through the rest of his toyboxes.. Awesome!! :biggrin: Rich
  14. to both Luke & Boyd :biggrin: I hope you both have an awesome birthday!
  15. Hi Guys, So I've started a MLB Fantasy Sports Game on ESPN Games. I've been in an NHL one this year with my friends from Facebook, and because I kicked my friends ass in the NHL game he knows more than me about Baseball so we started a MLB Game. The actual season doesn't start i'm told until April 4th (my birthday) and the draft i for players i haven't decided yet. However the teams and league stipulations state we must fill our team/manager slots. Right now from the 10 slots (minimum) we have 6 filled, so we actually need 4 managers, who will geniunely be interested in playing, if the game is anything like the NHL one the interface is really slick and easy to play, once you've set your side up all you do is sign in each day and spend 5 minutes or so deciding who is going to be active in those days games. I'll take anyone into the league who is geniunely a fan of the sport and wants to play and signups are first come first served basis. If you want to take one of the 4 slots all you have to do is send me a PM letting me know and leave me your email address so I can send the game invite over to you. I'm hoping between now and April i'll find 4 suitable managers so that we'll then be good to go. In case there is more than 4 submissions at this early stage the game allows me to add teams/owners so get in touch if you're interested. Rich. Team so Far: Manchester Metros (Richard Wyatt) Phillies Nation (Rob Caplan) Broad St Slammers (Meghan Post)
  16. Nice Gallery The use of setbuildings such as the Mega Bloks ones is really neat. I've added your blog to my list and i'm following you now on blogspot. :biggrin: (just so you're sure my username on that is superiorraw). I love the last picture (referencing Skyrim). Rich
  17. What are the UK numbers like on this forum? Is there many of us?
  18. Guile & Zangief were part of the old cancelled Series 2 right? I take it they'll be using those as the base models?
  19. On the back of making that Weapons & Storage crate, I also was looking at grated/mesh flooring, the sort you see in Sci-Fi spaceships or research facilities? After many trial and errors, and some discussion with my dad, he suggested i use 'Plasterboard Mesh Tape' which was found in his shed, :biggrin: You can actually get this in a roll from ebay UK for cheap and although I used this on Lego Tiles and painted it grey, I'd imagine this would be just as effective on any surface be it foamboard or cardboard if you're making a scene with your minimates. I'd imagined something like Bucky & Captain America, trying to work their way through an AIM Research Factory, or something to that effect, the grated flooring you'd find in a place such as this is hard to replicate if you dont have the right materials, it should also be noted that although you can buy tiles in lego, they are usually unprinted/undecorated, and the grated/mesh metal design stickers that come in lego sets are so few and far between they'd be expensive if you was making this on a larger scale. This small section of floor I made is from Lego Tiles, i then used the Plasterboard Mesh Tape on top of it and painted it grey, I think this will look great as part of an AIM Research Facility or as the floor to a starship if you was doing something from Battle Star Galactica. I just thought i'd share this with you, I think the process is fairly easy to replicate and even if you didn't go the Lego Tile route, you could use it on any available surface you had, be it cardboard box or cheap foam board. Rich
  20. Are we expecting any more pics or reveals today/tonight? I'm quite happy with what i've seen already, assuming the SF/Tekken thing goes ahead I can cross a few more SF Minimates off my custom list. :biggrin:
  21. Actually, "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" was a side Tomb Raider game released in 2010. Though I have yet to play it, the game was only available via download (as far as I can recall) which is why you haven't heard of it. As mentioned, characters from other Crystal Dynamic games were available as skins (though they had their own voices and dialogue). I'm afraid your a little mistaken there. Darkstalkers and Street Fighter are both franchises own by Capcom and the Sony line consisted of characters belonging to Sony. Though Street Fighter and Tekken are owned by Capcom and Namco, as it's a crossover game DST has rights to characters from both franchises but I suspect only the ones from that game (so characters like Blanka and Jun won't be available to them). Lara and other Crystal Dynamic characters would be possible but Lara and three random characters may not be. Then again the Femme Fatal line has allowed some mixtures so it could be possible. Easy up fella, haha. I'm not that much of a newb. I'm well aware Darkstalkers is a different fighting game LoLoL. I probably should of worded my post better :tongue: What I meant was, despite them being seperate beat em up video games it would appear that because they've paired SF with Darkstalkers in the past and now with the recent news of SF being paired with Tekken, it would appear the SF license isn't strong enough to stand on it's own, certainly not in terms of Minimate Sales.(that's just what i'm seeing from releases and recent news) I'd also say that SF is a niche collectable, you only have to look at the collecting of Action Figures in previous lines to see that. Examples: G.I.Joe SF figures weren't that popular, i particularly remember some of them pegwarming at Woolworths for a few months. SF by Sota. Started great, and then fizzled out, they then lost the license. SF by Neca, well i had my own reasons for not buying them, the fact they were a full 1" out of scale from Sota's previous release meant I was never going to buy in, i can go on ebay now and find the NECA releases pretty quickly as long as i'm prepared to pay the money for them. So back to my original point, that being any particular way DST and I do mean ANY way, they can put videogame characters out for purchase, especially popular ones like Lara Croft, i'd be happy to buy into. I was completely dumbfounded with the 'Guardian of Light' game though, had no idea at all it was a Tomb Raider game, even standing on its own I'll refer back to what i said earlier, she doesnt have a host of characters to draw on from the game, not like Snake in Metal Gear Solid, or say Mario with Luigi and Yoshi. I'd imagine if we were to see Mortal Kombat characters it would be through a videogame license similar to the SFvsTekken one, they had a game out a few years ago MK vs DC and having played that it had some of the MK characters in that were more well known, obviously with these two merged games you're always going to get characters that are left behind. Particularly in the case of more headline characters that will sell the product.
  22. I left out Solid Snake from MGS mostly because even though he's a videogame Icon, if he were to be made as a Minimate it's easier to have other characters from the MGS license paired with him or made into a MGS 4 Pack. The same can't be said for Lara Croft, Altair or Kratos.
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