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  1. I still haven’t seen anything remotely new. I checked today and it was a complete waste of time. Just movie minimates from Captain Marvel, Thor and Black Panther.
  2. Zero luck and I have been looking since the first sightings of Falcon & Winter Solider were posted. Most recent wave I have found in my searches was released back in 2019 I think.
  3. I like vs box set ideas for the army builders. I know I would be down for a few.
  4. Yup. Would be nice to get new minimates to buy in the store.
  5. Similar to my Walgreens hunting experience. I saw plenty of Thor & Cap Marvel movie mates. Even saw Black Panther movie mates & BC minimates but nothing close to being new. Really want to find the Falcon wave & the animated X-Men
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t been doing that but will start. Hopefully I didn’t screw up and miss them I want those Falcon & Bucky sets.
  7. Really curious about the new movie/tv mates. Oh and I have to say it was real nice seeing the posts about the new Walgreens wave on the boards and then visiting a Walgreens the next day and finding them. First time that has ever happened for me. I didn’t even have to go to a second store. I really, really hope the animated X-Men mates are as easy for me to get.
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