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  1. Is the exclusive two pack known yet?
  2. I still find it so strange that I found the animated wave 11 at the one store months ago now but never again since. My favorite of the wave is Dr Strange.
  3. I have the set but I haven’t seen the movie. Finally get to see it tomorrow. With that being said I think the minimates are good. If you get two sets it lets you display 7 different characters and if you get the full set of Walgreens you could use that Hulk and use the pieces from the 2nd 4 pack set to make Thor so you wouldn’t have to buy another raccoon set. I think if you like movie minimates it’s a great set with lots of options and they are in very different outfits than the past movie minimates.
  4. The one I got was in an odd store. I don’t remember them ever having anything of note when I hunted the other Walgreen waves but I randomly checked it out and pow they were all there. Never saw them at another store or there again. It was in Northeast Florida not a normal place to find stuff first although I did find Marvel Legends Mystique at a near by Walgreens week’s before she started showing up everywhere.
  5. I will try to make another round looking for wave 10. I only saw it at the one store the one time.
  6. Well I will end up buying the two Pirate 2 packs. Anyway they can get a Swann from Pirates and I’ll take it. Throw Turner and Barbousa in there and I would be thrilled.
  7. Okay. First time trying to post pictures on here and it’s from my cell phone so I guess we will see how well that works out. Never mind it is saying the file is too large. I will have to see if I can download them to my computer and find my password for the forum to upload them.
  8. I will try to get some up today. So far Strange is the only one I have taken out.
  9. I just randomly found the new animated wave. The one with Adam Warlock and Dr Strange. It’s a really neat wave and it was at a random Walgreens so they most be in a warehouse in the States somewhere. They only had the one set there so I was not able to grab any extras for anyone.
  10. They are out in Northeast Florida. I found one complete set and bought it. I hit 3 more Walgreens and saw no signs of the wave though. I will keep on hunting because I need to find one more of each of the Captain Marvel packs so each of my daughters can have one of her and I can have a set for myself. If I find any of the others I can pick them up in anyone in here needs them.
  11. Strider

    WAVE 76

    Lol. I went and read the comic adaptation in anticipation too. I had only been able to read a few of the comics when it first came out. I was still a little kid and could not get to the comic book store by myself back then.
  12. Totally shocked they are out in North Florida. Went in a Walgreens I gave up on months ago and unexpectedly I saw the entire set. Still no new antimatter or IW 2 but a complete set of the BC Minimates and marvel legend Thing. Feels nice to actually find something.
  13. Nice find. I am still in a dead zone besides that one lucky day. I will keep checking when I get a chance for others. Hopefully future resets are not as big of a pain to find
  14. I can make a run of the stores by me this weekend. If I see anything for IW 2 or animated series 8 & 9 I can grab them and mail them at cost plus postage. I stopped checking weeks ago once I finally found Enchantress and Collector sets at one Walgreens. I have been so burnned out I haven’t walked in a Walgreens since.
  15. FYI. I went by one of the many Walgreens I have been searching for the new waves last week and talked to one of the workers there. They only had two packs on the pegs (old peg warmers) and none in the back but they saw that the warehouse had Minimates in stock so they ordered them for me and said they would be in this Friday. I swung by on my way home from work and both wave 8 & 9 were on the pegs so I was finally able to get the two sets I was after and one my kids were after (they just recently caught the minimate bug & I have been guilty of enabling them). I can try to swing by tomorrow and pick up the others to help people out if they are still there. Anyway I just wanted to say it sound like 8 & 9 are in the warehouses you just might need to ask your store to order them. Now if only I could find IW wave 2. I have to hunt down two sets of those one for me and one for my kids. IW is what sucked them in although now they really want more comic versions as well. According to them you can mix and match any of the pieces except mixing movie figures with comic figures. Their biggest beef though is that the good guys outnumber the villains (not just in Minimates it’s across the board with toys).
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