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  1. Strider

    wave 79

    You are probably right. Since I do have a lot more experience with the X-Men through the different ages from the beginning to modern times I am more more familiar with the uniforms and I tend to display them in their time era or team specific groupings.
  2. Strider

    wave 79

    Thanks for the info. Honestly Guardians is one of the Marvel teams I know every little about. Outside of the movie versions or when they may cross over to the other titles. Plus most of that knowledge is from the 90s so I am way out of touch.
  3. Strider

    wave 79

    So I am liking this wave even more than I thought I would but now I feel like I need the rest of the Guardians to match with these. Can someone tell me which Rocket, Drax & Groot match up with this Star Lord and Gamora? Any help would be appreciated. Right now the movie ones are acting as place holders.
  4. Strider

    wave 79

    Great news! I needed a little pick me up and seeing this did the trick.
  5. I was right around 11 when I came out. Which was right around the time my mom finally gave in and started letting me buy comics. Of course one of the ones I started buy was . . . X-Men.
  6. I remember Colossus did for sure. I want to say Iceman did too but I don’t remember Psylocke being in it. I really hope they do make a 90s animated style one of her to fit in with the rest even if she wasn’t in the show.
  7. Wow! I really like the wave 13 in the spoiler. Hopefully they go deep with that cartoon and I can actually find them in the wild.
  8. Well I guess it’s time to start stopping at Walgreens again.
  9. Are those pics from out in the wild? Meaning are these showing up in stores now?!?
  10. Is the exclusive two pack known yet?
  11. I still find it so strange that I found the animated wave 11 at the one store months ago now but never again since. My favorite of the wave is Dr Strange.
  12. I have the set but I haven’t seen the movie. Finally get to see it tomorrow. With that being said I think the minimates are good. If you get two sets it lets you display 7 different characters and if you get the full set of Walgreens you could use that Hulk and use the pieces from the 2nd 4 pack set to make Thor so you wouldn’t have to buy another raccoon set. I think if you like movie minimates it’s a great set with lots of options and they are in very different outfits than the past movie minimates.
  13. The one I got was in an odd store. I don’t remember them ever having anything of note when I hunted the other Walgreen waves but I randomly checked it out and pow they were all there. Never saw them at another store or there again. It was in Northeast Florida not a normal place to find stuff first although I did find Marvel Legends Mystique at a near by Walgreens week’s before she started showing up everywhere.
  14. I will try to make another round looking for wave 10. I only saw it at the one store the one time.
  15. Well I will end up buying the two Pirate 2 packs. Anyway they can get a Swann from Pirates and I’ll take it. Throw Turner and Barbousa in there and I would be thrilled.
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