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  1. Mogana, we are pretty much universally infamous for making incoherent and mildly silly jokes on MMMV. If you are to be a member, just get used to it. :biggrin: And Captain Minimate: What he hell is wrong with Archangel now? He's one of the best minimates I've ever seen! I think Captain Minimate means we want an X-Force coloured Archangel and I would like to agree I'd also like a current X-Force Domino. I liked the version in the original X-Force but I have become a big fan of her in the current X-Force title
  2. Thank you I did do a search for Halo but only in this section and the main minimate section. I didn't think it would be in the Lego section Sorry
  3. Does anyone have the Mega Blocks Halo Wars sets? I am interested to know if these vehicles look good with minimates. I personally think the C3 sets were a good idea even if they weren't well recieved. I am hoping the Halo Wars vehicles are in scale with minimates
  4. And thank you Raider from the North I love that Deadpool. I can't wait until mine gets here It is crazy on how cool these things are. Even the concept art is fantastic to look at
  5. Thank you. I didn't even think to look at the official website
  6. I was looking through the pages of discussion and come across a thread that featured the concept art for wave 29 as a reward for "cracking the code" Is there somewhere that all the concept art has been posted? I would like to look at more Yes, its a newbie question. I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything. I will usually try and find the answers myself but sometimes I will fail so expect more newbie questions
  7. They also have the Harley Quinn set. I would like some advice from you, the more experienced collectors. Is the Harley Quinn/Joker and Bullseye/Moonstone set worth buying from toywiz? They seem a bit expensive but I don't know where else to get them from as I haven't had much luck on ebay
  8. Speaking of the British end of the Marvel Universe and slightly off topic, I would most certainly love to see Death's Head 2 in minimate form I would also love to see some of Marvel's horror characters get the minimate treatment. I would be happy with just a Hellstorm/Morbius pack
  9. There, I fixed it. Though I guess you could say that the Fantastic Four has been completed too, though we haven't seen some of the alternates. I'm surprised we haven't seen a box set of the "new" Fantastic Four, since it would net us Spidey and Wolverine in a single box set. I'd be happy if it was the "Old" New Fantastic Four. Spidy, Wolverine, Gray Hulk and Ghost Rider
  10. I am only new to this addiction but isn't the Dark Avengers a team that has been completed? Yeah - but it's pretty much the only one. And it's taken about 6 years to finally get a complete team. Although we do also kind of have the Astonishing X-men to if you count that as a 'team'. I am still trying to work it all out. I have only been collecting for literally 2 days now
  11. Ominously, didn't Chuck say something about not being able to complete every team they've started? Now hopefully, he was talking about teams with monstrous membership roles, like the Avengers, and not a team like Excalibur with it's 5 member core. Or maybe he was just tired of answering the "Where's Songbird and Swordsman?" question he was no doubt being hammered with at the convention. I am only new to this addiction but isn't the Dark Avengers a team that has been completed?
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome @ Bob Harris, I currently have Lobo, Ambush Bug, Ms. Marvel (currently my son's favourite), Ultron, Archangel and Apocolypse. I am waiting on delivery from ebay and BBTS for the 2 Dark Avengers packs, Thunderbolts pack, Red Hulk, Skaar, Captain America, Red Hulk, wave 28 and the Darktide set @ NorthRaider, I hope we can share the raider name. It wasn't until after I registered that I noticed your name. I am from Australia so I could be the SouthRaider
  13. Hello I am very new to minimates. Infact I have only got into them this week. I am a collector of GI Joe, Transformers, MOTUC and Marvel Universe My son is a big fan of Lego Minifigs and loves Marvel and DC characters so after seeing these for the first in a store I decided to pick up a couple of boxes These things are pretty damn good. We are both hooked. I have already spent a nice chunk of change on ebay and BBTS trying to start a collection The only problem is I can't seem to get a Harley Quinn. She is my son's favourite character so hopefully I can be pointed in the right direction to find her (and Joker) Anyway, Hello. I have a lot to learn about minimates so I look forward to conversing with you all
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