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    Huge sci-fi nerd,of course a fanatic about these little figures.Im a movie and tv show freak.I love to custimize minimates it is my release for sure but of course My biggest intrest Is my family.Wife daughter and son.Im very happily Married.My wife also loves seeing all the new creations I make and collects toys with me.My boy also collects legos and other toys minimates included.I lucked out big time for sure.Theres a little about me!!

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  1. Wow each year just gets better and better.Amazing work and Awesome Show thank you Mini_Myte for doing this every year.You knocked it out of the park this year!!
  2. Happy Birthday Doc.wherever you are i hope its a good one.I know you are missed around here!
  3. Thanks guys And happy birthday to you Trekker I hope its been a good one.I'm with Nessex they are brilliant it gives me a great laugh after working all day.Shane its a perfect birthday gift!
  4. WoW this place Looks fantastic.Shane and everyone else who helped make this happen thank you for all your hard work it shows for sure
  5. I aim super excited to see Star Trek back and these look awesome and i love the fact we are getting figures from all over the spectrum.The Borg Queen and Khan are a absilute must have for me.
  6. Oh its good to be back I realy felt homeless there, what a long week.Thank you for the Email Shane letting me know what was going on and of course everyone who put in all the hard work getting us back up and running.Oh today is a good day .Thank you
  7. They sure is a pic of all 4 box sets :biggrin:
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