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  1. That's probably what I should have done, but I didn't. 2 chapters of AC3 left and I'm going to have to force myself to play them.
  2. An old friend and I were playing Halo 4 last night and we came up with an idea for a shirt. He's a huge fan of Halo and How I Met Your Mother so we put a bit of a crossover on it. Results below. And for me it would be: ODST, 4, Reach, 1, 2, 3, and never played Wars but it didn't look like my kind of game.
  3. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day.
  4. I too am playing Halo 4 and it's quite spectacular. Cortana's new design doesn't sit right with me either, but the biggest gripe I have I with the grunts. Since Bungie is no longer on halo and the guy who voiced the grunts is a bungie employee, whose name I can't remember for the life of me, there is now this new odd robot bug noise thing instead of the amusement of grunts. But otherwise it's a stunning game. A lot of welcome changes have been made. The multiplayer, while it is a bit more like call of duty than before, I feel is still halo at it's core. And it's awesome. I wait anxiously for the grifball playlist to be active because the new changes to that mode are amazing and make it way more fun.
  5. Pollitically speaking Republicans are red and Democrats are blue, but this isn't really a representation of anyone, per se. It's just some silliness.
  6. Today, in a special late-breaking Election day edition of TTFC, minimadman brings you the Translucent Tuesday Presidential Candidate Debate Nonsense Fight Club, or TTPCDNFC for short. I'm not going to put words in anyone's mouth, so your own political views can write all the dialogue you'll ever need. Remember to vote, everyone. NOTE: This is not meant as a serious political commentary. This is satire. Half-assed satire at that. Halo 4. Happy Election Day everyone.
  7. That's exactly what I was thinking of.
  8. Congrats, jcastick. It what a lot of fun just trying to figure out what the hell was even going on in this thread.
  9. Thie week, TM2 Dinobot picks a girl to fight. Is anyone surprised?
  10. I agree with you completely Punisher. I love that Gouf. I should go find my other gundam toys now...
  11. Yes, yes it is. I have a black version too, but it's in a box someplace. One of my favorite shows way back when. Probably still is, I just haven't watched it in years.
  12. I had both of those sets of lions. My fancy ones were sold by my parents without my consent when I went to college. Lost more of the plastic ones. Still have the black and blue lions of those though, but that's the extent of it. I wanted those Matty Collecter ones, but there was just far too many other things that needed to consume my money.
  13. This week Twisted Two-Face has chosen the subjects of slaughter. A lot of flips today.
  14. Great shots Zach. Love the Dazzler one. And Norman in the Happy Van is absolutely hilarious. Brilliant. And if everyone had to fight Rhino on a weekly basis I can tell you this: Rhino would never lose a single fight. But if you want to see it happen and you feel like sending fighter minimates my way, I will make it happen. And thanks Hellpop. Though sometimes I find the opposite to be true because while the faces look weird, they can at lost show a better direction of view for the character and what they're looking at. I do have a lot more fun with the blanks though. You can do some truly horrible things as long as you don't have a face to put to the beatings.
  15. I try not to limit myself that way. I've just been focused on it as of late. Lack of new minimates, or inspiration or whatever, but hopefully that stops now. I need to get back into things, but perhaps a second fight club thread is in order, one where there are no rules for eligibility, just plain old mayhem. Someone should do that.
  16. Thanks everyone. I noticed earlier today that I haven't done a non-TTFC photo in two months. That is going to change. I've thought about making it just Minimate Fight Club on numerous occasions for a lot of reasons, not least of which being that I would have an enormous amount of fighters to choose from, but I've come this far. Why stop now? Or are you trying to tell me that you hate TTFC and want it to go away because it's "too gimmicky" or something?
  17. I like the new leg sculpt at lot actually, and I really like his new feet. What bothers me is the gap between the legs (Shut up, I know what I said) They're just so spaced apart that it looks off to me. That said, that extra space allows him to do a few poses other Iron Men can't. My legs stay on fine, just look weird. But man oh man, Rhino is a dream come true.
  18. So I'm bringing this thread back for a very important reason. Rhino. First minimate I ever bought and I love him dearly, but the new one is just so amazing. Also, I like this thread and it went away too fast.
  19. What's going on General Pics thread? Got a new teaser for you. Come and get it. And in real words, great pics everyone. I've been absent from this thread for too long. But there may be some new stuff coming in oh, a little while...
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