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  1. Happy birthday, minibarkeep. Hopefully your day has been an awesome kind of thing.
  2. Happy birthday, sir. May it be an amazing one.
  3. Just finished the campaign of Fall of Cybertron and man is that a good game. It's not only awesome on it's own, but it really makes me want more games in the series and to go back and watch G1 which I haven't cared to do since I was like 9 years old. Hooray to you, High Moon, you have made me care about Transformers again.
  4. Just finished this game a couple days ago and I really enjoyed it. The multiplayer is kind of fun, but a bit sluggish. But I don't really care about multiplayer. The main game is easily my favorite tomb raider ever, but I haven't played most of them and I'm not really a big fan of the series. But I liked this game a lot. Plus now I'm looking forward to the minimates, which I wasn't before.
  5. So... No fight today. My camera broke a bit over the weekend and is taking longer to fix than I hoped. But it should be up nd going again soon, so I'll probably put up two next week (don't hold me to that)
  6. More Johnny Storm. I think my favorite Johnny Storm of all time. Easily.
  7. I have stuff going on until next week, so I have no idea. Are you in Central time as I am or is texas big enough to spread across all the timezones yet?
  8. Is War's co-op 3 player? If so we could all do that stuff as I haven't done hard mode either, and I expect it to be a little less of a pain in the ass without the crappy AI. Also, I don't have you on my friends list Dino so throw me a friend request. gamertag: The Geohound
  9. Awesome. Fall is on sale for half off this week, so I'm probably going to end up picking it up.
  10. Just borrowed this from a friend of mine tonight, so I'll get started on it soon. Never really been a big fan of tomb raider really, but I'm kind of looking forward to this. So we'll see what happens.
  11. Not Johnny Storm, but I did an Invaders Torch/Iceman fight a while back.
  12. This is my desk currently. The open space tends to stay clear as that's generally where fight club happens. And if you're clever (read as: not blind) there's probably a big clue to next tuesday right there. The comic books there stack another row behind the one you can see and it's all various unread issues of stuff from who knows how long ago at this point. And the loot chest is still full of candy from halloween.
  13. This week, TTFC becomes TTDC because sometimes, you need a break from the violence. This is best viewed if listening to "Bust A Move" by Young M.C.
  14. Still a little sick, but I don't get dizzy standing up anymore, so we can have some fight now. This is for St. Patrick's Day which is coming up on sunday.
  15. War is the first one, Fall of Cybertron is the newer one. I need to look out for it now that I care, but who knows when I'll actually get around to grabbing it being that Bioshock Infinite is out soon and God of War is out tomorrow.
  16. So I just finished Transformers War for Cybertron today. Old game, I know, but I never managed to get to it until now. I dare say I enjoyed it rather a lot. Anybody else manage to still have this game for the Xbox and want to do the co-op achievements with me at any point? I would love to play it co-op but all of my friends ether never got the game in the first place or sold it off. So if anyone wants to do that let me know. In other news I started Dishonored the other day and it's shaping up to be a crazy fun time. I'm not too far into it, but I love stealth games, so it should work out fine for me.
  17. Am sick. Drinked all the nyquills. No fight today.
  18. I've thought we should have a podcast here. It would be great when there's new stuff coming out or being announced, but might be a bit dull in the lulls when everything is talked to death but still so far away. Also, I recommend the Rooster Teeth podcast. It's pretty fun times.
  19. I'm going to tease this thread a bit until I get time enough to do something proper.
  20. Or play the game with guys like us. I dare say we are awesome. And if you need stuff ask and you shall receive. I have 6 characters and four of them are pretty much delegated to being extra loot mules, so I have stuff lying around.
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