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  1. I was very impressed with Chronicle so I have full faith in Josh Tranks direction. After seeing "Whiplash", Miles alone sells the movie for me. This movie from what we have seen is more "Sci-Fi" then "Comic" which I can definately get behind. I never was the biggest fan of the original F4 films so I appreciate this different take. I think the main problem here is that most can't seem to separate the 616 universe from the movie universes. They are similar in some ways, but very different in others. That what directing is all about, creating your own vision, and since I have faith in Josh Trank, I have faith in his vision. (There is an Interstellar stellar and F4 trailer mix up that is going around and the similarities in those are pretty creepy.) I keep seeing people say this, and just don't get it. Why do you equate the two? Because...same director? Yes, the fact that alongside Josh Trank directing; both films are gritty, rooted sci-fi esque comic book movies that features a young group of protagonists.
  2. (Hail Ivan) Purchased this pack when my local Walmart opened back in 2004; Played with them until they broke. Canada stopped selling Minimates shortly after and that was it until 2009 which is when I purchased the enchantment under the sea BTTF set which is when the addiction started.
  3. Yeah, In Canada we have this thing called "Kijiji" and it's basically the same thing as craigslist. I usually like it more than eBay because almost all the time everything can be found cheaper than on eBay (Shipping rates are killer on eBay); But every time I make a deal with someone I always have the fear the exact situation mentioned in your story would happen.
  4. On a slightly related note, have we heard yet if Gotham is connected to Arrow/Flash? As MisterPL said, they have hinted at the merge of Wayne industries and Queen consolidated. All the shows do appear to be on good terms together, at comic con all the shows; Arrow, Flash, Constantine, and Gotham all shared a 5 hour panel together. The time period of Gotham seems to be early 2000's with the flip phones and TV's shown; So they could bring in somewhat aged versions of James Gordon and Co.
  5. Im usually open to crazy casting, and I do think Ezra is a great actor; but after seeing Grant as The Flash, there is no way I can imagine someone else donning the suit. At this point I cant trust DC and their dates; they confirmed a Flash movie to be released in 2014/2015 at Comic-con 2013 {Look what happened there}, They also have shifted the dates on Batman V. Supes a couple of times now. Also, why wait 6 years for the Cyborg movie? That is quite a ways off....
  6. I've been to 3 TRU's during my vacation in Florida and the sets have been somewhat hard to find. In West Palm Beach I found nothing (albeit it was July 25th). I visited the Millennium mall Plaza location twice; the first day they said the sets were coming in very soon so I revisited early in the morning 2 days later and all they had was one Star Lord pack which I picked up. I was really surprised the case was gone in a day (made sure by asking a worker to check). I just came back from the Florida mall location and they had 2 or 3 starlord and 2 or 3 Yondu packs. While glad to find the yondu pack, I was genuinely surprised that there was no Groot and drax packs. Glad to see that these are selling like hot cakes though!
  7. Mass Effect 2 was one of the best games I have ever played and I did really get to like some of the characters in the series; Specifically Thane, Tali, and Mordin. So I will definitely purchase some packs of those (Unless it has to do with the upcoming trilogy) As for the Classic Horror Icons, I would definitely be down for that! Especially if it included Norman Bates. Luke did some Psycho customs a while back and ever since I saw those I have been itching for a legitimate release for a mini Norman (That sounds wrong...).
  8. Also can you ask about Canada, Please?
  9. I love blindbag figures and since I am not a completionist, the news is actually pretty great. As long as the price for the figure is reasonable I can see myself buying multiple packs, no matter what the line.
  10. I've watched the entirety of AOS season 1 and I am definitely glad I stayed with it because the second half of the season was great. Please don't mind my unorganized thoughts below. This isn't a spoiler, I was just curious if you guys think if they should introduced an A or B list villain as next season's villain, or if they should just stick with C/D tier for the show.
  11. I found this Mega Bloks mechsuit that can be an easy QC into Rhino {Maybe a bit too small}; It is somewhat expensive though. By the way, BrobotC those are some spectacular customs!
  12. Sorry for the necro, but I haven't visited Toys R Us in a while; Does anyone know if Marvel TRU Wave 18 came to Canada? I'm curious if mates are still coming or not.
  13. Ah ok thanks, Im glad mates are coming back to Walmart and target, hopefully my local stores stock up!
  14. Do we know of these chains yet? If so can you give us some hints?
  15. My local theater had a early showing and I just loved it. Yes I am a huge Spider-Man fan so I may be biased, but I felt like a kid on Christmas. My thoughts pretty much mirror yours. The soundtrack was so creatively used, like during the Electro fight scenes where it was saying his thoughts and also what they did with the music during the final fight scene. Speaking of fight scenes, all of them were exhilarating and each moment felt ripped from a comic panel. Dane Dehaan is an incredible actor and I loved him in this, the relationship Andrew Garfield had with him in the movie felt so genuine. Also, Dane's laugh? Perfectly done. I can only really think of one complaint and that is that the ending felt a tad rushed, but i'll get into that a bit later. From the reviews I have read, most of the reviewers seem to be giving the film a mediocre rating due to the marketing, and while they went way over board with how much they released, you can't really say the film itself is bad because of it. The other complaint i've heard is below which is spoilers. Out of spoilers. The film is slightly choppy, but all in all, even my friend who hated Amazing Spider-Man liked it, it's definitely worth a shot.
  16. So the Marvel TV special just Aired. The last 5 minutes had a quick look at Age Of Ultron. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were shown (concept art). They were modern, but they weren't all black as some would come to expect. Scarlet Witch has a Pinkish red jacket and quicksilver has an aqua blue long sleeve shirt with the sleeves also being gloves. There was one huge surprise concept art for AOU though; The hulk will be facing off against a comic accurate HULKBUSTER!! Scarlet Witch: Quick Silver: Hulkbuster Vs Hulk:
  17. Oh, when I posted I wasn't referring to Sony not letting us know, I was just curious if you could give any details as to how it shows up.
  18. After being kidnapped by the green Goblin and multiple freaks wearing green; This is the only "Green" J.Jonah Jameson ever wants to see.
  19. I was planning on getting this issue either way, but Luke if you do order them you have my puchase! Awesome cover!
  20. That's interesting! Can you say if the footage is new footage or just re-use from ASM1?
  21. Oh wow, I can't believe that until yesterday, this thread has not been touched since September. Well I received Crysis 2 in a humble bundle {You donate how much you want to charity and publishers give you steam keys}. I finally got around to playing it and I'm still divided. First, I find it kind of stupid how the lowest graphic option is "High", I know it can argued that that's low but it still looks really good on that setting, it would of definitely helped to have a "Medium". As for the game itself; I love the guns and engine but the stupid invisible mode is really killing it for me, the thermal vision barely helps with spotting enemies. There is a game mode called "Classic" with no invisible mode, but when you try to sprint you loose all the stamina in second so it becomes a camp fest. I'm still giving it a shot, hopefully I can warm up to the invisible mode, or maybe even the single player. I also finally got around to downloading "The Witcher 2: Assassin of kings enhanced edition". I've heard nothing but great thing about it and I love that the decisions you make in game really shape up the story and completely change it without the game letting you know what's the good or bad option {At least that's what the reviews said}. But I still haven't really gotten around to playing it, I'm scared my computer won't be able to run it {Which I know is a poor excuse}
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