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  1. I just did some research and found out there are two laws in tekken Forest and Marshall (Forest is his son) sooo... I think we should get a variant pack.Problem = solved
  2. Doesn't look like he's in the game. oh I haven't got the game yet I just assumed he would be in the game. *sigh* that's a shame because law's facial hair stops him from being the perfect Bruce Lee clone.
  3. Is Fei Long from Street Fighter going to be in this line? I realy hope so because having him and Forest Law from Tekken would be great
  4. Pretty sure boxed set 4 is coming out any week now. [begin rant] I gotta say, overall, I'm really sad how this line was handled. I was ecstatic when it was announced, but only have a warthog and about 4 or so figs in my collection. Halo has such a huge universe and has more to it than Spartan armor variants which is all I see in this line besides the occasional alien. I would have been able to bear the variants if they would have been packed with unique guns but there's only been 8 weapons made and repacked so far. I really wish they would have made another vehicle rather than 6 warthogs as well. Ghost, wraith, banshee, mongoose, scorpion all would have been amazing. [End of rant] Would have? Is the line over !?
  5. When does the new series actually come out?
  6. Series 3 should be out this summer. June or July. And I THINK at this point 3 will be the last wave. But Street Fighter x Tekken is next! I can't wait for Street Fighter x Tekken Minimates! Also hoping sometime in the near future that another good game gets its own line(Resident Evil) I second this.
  7. When does series 3 come out b/c I have all of them so far and really want Wesker and Akuma. p.s. will there be more waves after 3 or does 3 end the line?
  8. i need a iron patriot minimate

  9. Darn I was really hoping to get a Vergil mate.
  10. I just went out and grabbed the chief Tyrol / Mortar pack cylon ,Athena / cylon centurion ,and Tory / Anders 2 packs. I'll be getting the miniflyers tomorrow.
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