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  1. Just saw two sets of them yesterday at my toysrus
  2. I was able to meet Zach and I bought the staypuff marshmallow vinimate and got silk and space knight venom
  3. Dang i can only be there Saturday, really wanted to hear the panel
  4. Anyone have a extra set that they would trade or sell?
  5. Marvel doesnt know what its doing anymore, all they do is giant crossovers, number ones, and kill a character and bring them back a year later.
  6. Id love ur help for this wave
  7. Does anyone have a extra set ? Ill pay for shipping and whatever you paid for it at the store. Ive not been able to find these at all
  8. Has anyone seen these in Illinois?
  9. Found the entire wave at several Chicago Walgreens
  10. Wow 26 already and still looking for 24 in my area....
  11. So these are bare bones it looks like.
  12. Agree completely with you, scalpers are just a plague on the collector community.
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