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    marvel minimates, c3 sets
  1. jaysus999

    New SDCC Set - 90's X-Men!

    this set is awfull, i made a custom bishop from the new cyclops and a black panther head that looks bettter than that, and the jubilee is awfull, i love the character but c'mon... ever hear of detailing? the glasses BETTER come off, the magneto is cool, but theres so many other characters that could have filled that spot. wow another battle damaged wolverine....
  2. jaysus999

    Collecting habits

    you got any more of them mates from those early cases?
  3. jaysus999

    Favorite Minimate that you own

    a custom forge figure i made is great, but the more recent cable figure is lookin mighty fine in my collection; and that comic deadpool? mmhmm