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  1. And their MOON KNIGHT IS SELLING OUT EVERYWHERE. Just saying. As did their Darkhawk.
  2. Yeah and your Walgreens mates are exciting because of all the different characters we're getting. But I am lucky enough to live in a town with three comic shops all who refuse to order minimates anymore unless I buy a full case. It's not because of competition either. To quote one owner "we can't justify filling our shelves with different versions of Spiderman . I love the character, my customers do to, but how many times will they buy him?" I know this is a different topic and so I apologize for continuing it, it just gets frustrating when Marvel Legends which is such a more mainstream line releases new characters every wave and gets rare characters for SdCC and we get Spidey with food in his hands. It is what it is. I'll keep ordering from Luke for packs with new mates or whole series like the avengers one a while back and hunting Walgreens for the man things of the world.
  3. Line is slowly dying. And so is my interest. I have a full detolf of Marvel mates as is so I guess I have plenty.
  4. I never found a man thing if anyone has an extra.
  5. i assume this is the end of any more chances for Minimates.
  6. Spent the weekend updating my man cave. Here are the results My collection.
  7. I tried my hand at talking about the Black Knight two pack on my blog if anyone's interested. Black Knight and Enchantress
  8. if anyone can snag me a red ralph ill pay shipping. thanks!
  9. Wow. I really love this line. Cant wait for my order from lukes to come. I do wish larger quanities of the crazy 88's didnt sell so I could buy bunches on discount somewhere but Im glad they arent as well since its good for minimates.
  10. Zach can you confirm will this be the end of the line?
  11. Not thrilled with the look of a few of them it ill buy a whole series from Luke when they hit. Got to have Gonzo. What is the small frog with Kermit?
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