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  1. I'm finding it hard to pull the trigger on this set. I love the zombies. But this Michonne would just be a duplicate for me and don't really have much need for the Rick. Decisions decisions. I might hold off and maybe Amazon will drop it cheaper eventually if they don't sell out.
  2. They may be hard to get now in stores. My store got just one case. I looked it up and the warehouse is empty for the southeast. The send series is showing an order at the warehouse, so hopefully after xmas. I know it's crazy now, the store near me has 5 trucks this coming week.
  3. I'm positive they are the same item number as wave 10
  4. Yes, a thousand times yes. I want the "Anti-Life" to terrorize my AIM Soldiers and defeat Thanos, Doctor Doom and MODOK when he comes.
  5. From TRU so, hopefully. # In stock for shipping # Not eligible for Store Pickup # Sold in stores (details) I see it as unlikely. At least where I am in the Southeast. I had them run the SKU number for the set on the website and it is not on order to the warehouse. The only SDCC item that is showing as on order to the warehouse or pending to the warehouse was the Transformers Rodimus.
  6. the design sheet for MODOK
  7. thanks, forgot about checking them. A lot better coverage than refreshing and twitter. I was hoping for some reveals. Really underwhelmed with the stuff they've shown off.
  8. There will be Avengers Movie Minimates next year, but who didn't see that coming. toynewsi has coverage too
  9. sweet, reading AFIs twitter feed of the Panel. Halo Boxset 4 is going to be an anniversary one based on the original game. Also going to be a Reach Warthog with 3 figures and Scorpion tank is coming. They reconfirmed that MODOK is in MVC wave 3
  10. No interest at all. Only thing I like form this set is you could repaints rogues hood for her old green cloak. Diamond has been saving me money with all these sets lately (no need for Future Foundation, this or the Vampires one.), even the newer waves have me pretty meh.
  11. must fight temptation on the Halo minimates again after seeing the Cortana figure and accessory....
  12. I'm underwhelmed. I'll pick up the Zola set in the TRU assortment. No need for the rest.
  13. I hope some cool stuff is unveiled at the panel. I'm digging the Zola and Balder, but the rest are leaving me very "bleh". Even the Crossbones isn't really impressing me. Granted I already have a custom made by Luke.
  14. I like these, I was able to get the Eternal Dalek and Amy from the Daily Mall ones. I'm still debating on just getting the blind bag box from bbts and keeping what I want and trying to sell off the rest. These are nice and take up a lot less shelf space than the CO figures which I had started to regret selling off.
  15. Sweet, I knew the sale but totally forgot about the Delorean. I bought some the other week. I'll have to bring my receipt in to "return and re-ring" to get that extra money back.
  16. I just got the Daily Mirror Amy and Yellow Dalek and really like them.
  17. I hope this Psylocke has the butterfly effect, that would make it a total buy for me.
  18. The TRU near me ended up doing a store level mark down (the bright orange sticker with price on it) to 2.90 to get rid of the first wave. It was all Wolfman by that point.
  19. It's funny, I ordered 2 halo minimates and they arrived in a giant box. I order a lego set and its in a padded envelope and totally crushed. But the best part though was I emailed about the crushed box and said I wasn't happy and felt bad since it was a gift, they didn't even respond just got an email saying my account was credited for the full amount of that item.
  20. In case anyone is interested, it looks like TRU is getting more shipments of the first wave of vehicles. But this time its a solid case packout of the BTTF Delorean. Plus they are still on clearance when I found them for 9.98.
  21. Thor set is it for me. The P2 colors are pretty lame to me and don't have much interested in the FF set.
  22. Yeah, I think Emile should have come with a shotgun as well. I'm bored with all the plain assault rifles.
  23. It's a crapshoot. When these came in to my closest store they were on a odd shelf in their "True action hero" aisle, near the polic military and generic pirate stuff in boys. The X-men first class minimates were on a random shelf near batman brave and the bold toys.
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