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  1. I will have to find a way to pick up one of the B&W Turtle boxed sets after the convention.
  2. Depending on what's being released as con exclusives, I may need help tracking down one or two sets if anyone would be able to help me. I will be leaving for Africa around July 9th, and will be in Africa without internet for about a month and a half.
  3. I got mine in from Luke yesterday. I picked up one of each turtle, Splinter and Bradford. The paint on my Splinter is just fine, with the obvious exception that his fur is pink but that doesn't really bother me. Someone asked how the colors between the series 1 and series 2 turtles matched up. It appears to me that the green skin between the two series is pretty much spot on. The shells on their chests are close, but a perhaps just a touch off. I noticed that my series 2 Raphael's yellow chest is a bit more vibrant than the series 1 Raphael. I can take some pictures if people want them. For reference, I purchased my series 1 turtles from Kmart.
  4. The couple comic shops around me didn't get them in, so I just ordered the specific figures that I wanted from Luke. Just got a shipping order this afternoon, so I am excited! I got one of each new turtle (those accessories really made me want another set of four) as well as one Splinter and one Bradford.
  5. Not quite First, I want to ensure I get the exclusive black versions of series 2 and Goliath from Mystical Warriors of the Ring, this is also what I would buy for whoever helps me out. Second, I would love to get my hands on the Boba Fett homage Kabuto Mushi from The Godbeast. Whywing, I may be able to help you out. I'm friends with the Godbeast, and spend quite a bit of time at the booth. I'll be picking up a few of his items for myself as well. Let me know if you will still need the help.
  6. No. Mutagen Donnie and Anton Zeck at TRU, and Bradford and Karai at specialty. But Bradford and MutaDonnie are the only rares. Series 3 will have new outfits for the Turtles, plus a bunch more mutants. More mutants!?!? YEEESSSSSS!!!!! Very exciting news. The mutants are the main reason I collect this line.
  7. Awww, thats a shame. I will only be at C2E2 on Saturday. You guys will have to keep good notes for us. I am most interested to see what they talk about with the TMNT line
  8. The TRU I frequently go to (Aurora, IL) sold out of these very quickly! I never did find a clear Leo. Not a single peg warming pack at all. I was lucky when I found a Kmart with them, or else I was going to be stuck ordering them online. Glad to see they did so well. I will have to be a bit more vigilant with wave 2!
  9. I have to disagree with you a little bit. Just because a show is a network television show doesnt mean it has to be handicapped from really showing the villains doing really horrific, evil things. Look at Hannibal, that show is quite shocking and to me shows serial killers at their most terrifying out of any show, network or cable, and it's on a network (nbc). If anything, Hannibal is clearly demonstrating that network dramas can indeed keep pace with the best of what cable has to offer. Certainly a bigger budget show set in the Batman universe, with a child version of Bruce, isn't going to be able to depict the vicious nature of many Batman villains, at least not on camera. But if they wanted to make the stories more serious and focused, they could. I didnt care for the first few episodes, but its gotten better. Not up to the level of quality that I prefer, but its better than I thought it would be as well. This particular set of minimates doesnt interest me too much, although I am pretty hyper-focused into the minimates that I want (Animal warriors, stuff with battle armor, aliens,, but I do think its a huge win for the minimates brand. Between this, Ninja Turtles, Aliens and Predator over the past year, I think DST is doing a great job of getting some high exposure lines to get minimates to a wider range. Ha can only mean more success for the brand, and ultimately more leverage when negotiating for other licenses.
  10. I am super excited by these Mirage comics Turtles. One of the things I have really wanted from the minimates once they were announced were different versions of the turtles across comics, cartoons, movies, etc... I think they look incredible. And I actually prefer them in color. While the interior pages were in black and white to save costs initially, most of the covers were in full color. And they always depicted the turtles as all being in the same green with the same red masks on, just with different weapons and expressions. Now, if they decide to make a variant boxed set in Black and White, that would be incredible. However, if I am only going to have one version of the original comics turtles, I would prefer they are in color. I grew up on the original 80's cartoon and movies, so those are always nearest and dearest to my nostalgic heart, however the original comics were the first things I found with the turtles once I started to get a little older and was looking for a little bit more of a mature ninja turtles. Now, with these made, hopefully this opens up the possibilities to get more versions of the turtles made. Now, I would love to see an original cartoon series and 80's/90's movie turtles. For the movie turtles, they could probably just do another boxed set like this, and I would be super happy (Super shredder would be nice to have, but he would be an easy enough custom to make). However, for the original 80's cartoon, I would prefer more than a boxed set of just the turtles. An entire wave with Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang (either robot body or little walker body), Splinter, April and a Foot Soldier would be incredible. Hopefully this is just the beginning of turtles minimates beyond the Nick cartoon.
  11. I am almost to the end of the first season, and it seems to get better with every episode. I am really enjoying this show, and I keep seeing new characters that I am hoping to see as Minimates someday. Agreed! I have been so incredibly impressed by the show. I love how it takes some of the best elements from the variety of different Ninja Turtles releases (comics, original cartoon, etc...) and combines it into a near perfect interpretation of the turtles. It kind of reminds me of Batman the Animated Series from the early 90's. That show took some of the best elements of multiple eras of the comics, the movies, etc... and created a near perfect iteration of Batman and his world. This ninja turtles show is fun, fast, funny at moments, serious with some good character drama in others. And I love the way they talk about and demonstrate martial arts as well. Brings up a lot of the best moments of classic kung fu movies. There are so many characters I want from this show. So many. Newtralizer is top on my list. I would love to see a minimate made of him. Of all the "new" characters created for this show, he is my favorite. Leatherhead would also be fantastic.They have shown already that they can make some really nice, bulked up minimates that end up a bit larger than normal minimates. I feel like Leatherhead could be the same way. And Fishface, I don't know how exactly they would do him, but Fishface would be a lot of fun. Slash/Spike is a character that needs to be made at some point. Tiger Claw seems like he could easily be made into minimate without too much trouble. I also think Metalhead would work really nicely. The turtle shell slip on works really well for the regular turtles, so I could imagine something similar for Metalhead, but a metal/manhole cover shell for him. And I know that people have asked for classic turtles or comic turtles or anything like that quite a bit. And I don't want to beat a dead horse or anything, but....the classic 80's cartoon turtles are in one episode of this series... So excited about this line. Really hope it goes well so that we can get more figures. I like series 2, but for my own personal tastes, I would prefer a couple more mutants per wave. I know the mutants are going to be the most expensive to make since they require larger sculpted pieces, but I often feel that the mutants are the real draw of the Ninja Turtles franchise anyways. On the note about Kraang. When I went and visited my wife out of state and went to a K-mart and found the blind packs, I did come across two Kraangs. (He's really easy to spot with the seperate Kraang head with tentacles) However, I didn't get him. I didn't know how hard he was to get, and to be honest, I am really only going to pick up figures of the mutants in the series. I am going back this coming weekend, so I will take a look at those two Kmarts and see if they still have them. If they do, I will pick them up for the people here on the board. Delta I have been really liking the Half Shell Heroes line of minifigures as well from Playmates. For the longest time, I have wanted a really fun, durable ninja turtles mini-figure line. And this line has fit that bill for me. Having a lot of fun with both the Half Shell Heroes and the Minimates. Those are going to be my two go-to ninja turtles lines as long as they both prove to be successful.
  12. My first minimate was the Toy Fair promo silver armor Gator Guard battle beast. I know that's not that old of a minimate, but it was my first. The original green and yellow Gator Guard that they showed at SDCC several years ago was the first time I really took note of minimates. I had seen them before, but didn't pay much attention to them. But when a battle beast minimate popped up in a single, slightly blurry photo from sdcc, I immediately became more interested. That got me to look more into minimates and what they were about. I put in a pre-order for that playset that the guard was originally going to come out with but never did. And then I heard that a silver armored version of the gator would be handed out as a promo at Toy Fair. So I used whatever contacts I had to be able to pick one up. He's still my favorite minimate to this day.
  13. I know i am a bit late to the game here, but I was able to come across some turtles. The Toys R Us by me sold out of them very quickly. The TRU I frequent (Aurora, IL near the Westfield Mall) seems to be a very busy store, and usually sells out very quickly if the toy has some excitement around it. We don't have any K-Marts right in my area, but I went to visit my wife in Virginia, and came across three K-Marts. So I stopped in, thinking what they heck? This far after their release, I didn't think that there would actually be any left. But between the three stores, I was able to find a few packs. I was able to find one of each turtle, a mutagen Michelangelo and a Shredder. These mates are incredible! Easily my favorite minimates since the Gator Guard promo figure a couple years ago. Of course I am partial to any mates of animal-human warriors, but these are especially well done. The paint apps on my are all solid. I feel like there is a great blend between the minimate minimalistic style and the additional sculpted parts. The non-sculpted head never bothered me. I got to see these in hand last year at C2E2, and I knew already that I liked the design. (I am hoping that future mutants have sculpted heads, such as Dog Pound, Newtralizer, etc....) The accessories are really nice as well. The real, miniature chain on Mikey's nunchuks is a really nice touch. Looking through Series 2, I am very excited to see Splinter. He looks really nice, and the sculpt on the head is close to perfection. I do wish there were one or two more new mutants in series 2, but that is a small complaint. I am just happy to see that these have been successful enough to warrant further waves. So many toy lines that I get excited about get cancelled really quickly and easily, so I am hoping these have some staying power. And I am already having some ideas about getting the series 2 turtles at doing a touch of sculpting then painting them into original black and white comic versions of the turtles. I know this is coming late and most people have probably traded or sold away all of their extras, but does anyone have an extra TRU exclusive Mutagen Leonardo? Like I said, the TRU by me sold very very quickly and never got a restock. All I have been able to find are some of the mates in Kmarts. If someone does have an extra, let me know! Thank you so much guys! I haven't been too incredibly active collecting any new toylines in stores since I started my Master's last spring, but these turtle mates have be extremely excited for the line and new figures in general. I can't wait to see what else we get down the line. Crossing my fingers for a Newtralizer at some point, and if we don't get him, I may have to take a Punisher figure and some bits and make my own.
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