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    the uk. where minimates can only be obtained using the internet. damn it

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  1. finally, a good transformers game! escalation mode is awsome, way better than expected and i get to play as soundwave i love that guy
  2. maybe he was watching supernanny?
  3. yeah it should be interesting cosidering if you choose the good path you die, then again he's died before. as for gameplay i hope theres more citys that you get to walk around in instead of just constant missions.
  4. hey guys, i was on the lucas arts website a few days ago and ( as the name of the thread suggests) star wars force unleashed 2 has been announced, there's also a tralier. so what do you guys think?
  5. that war machine does look cool, by the way has anyone got whiplash? i was thinking about getting him and i wanted to know whether he is worth getting or not
  6. well it makes sense, shooting supervillians is fun!
  7. oh i thought ultron was dancing with mister fanastic, whoops hang on if ultron really is killing mister fanastic, why is hawkeye just standing there oblivious?
  8. hey guys, one of the pictures at the minimate headquaters shows that a second pilot can be put into the jet, but he's not been menitioned before. do you think they will sell him seperatly?
  9. maybe they should make one generic minimate base that you can customise to be a firestation, swat HQ, army base,ect oh yeah and it should have a garge and helipad to put your vehicles in/on
  10. finally spartans the right size to drive the megabloks warthog
  11. you know guys for a while i thought the i was out of minimates, but now i'm right back in again,
  12. sweet! but why would death eaters need a capult?
  13. well i was sad to see tenant go, but they gave him one hell of a send off! ( the tardis is definatly going to need some work done) on the subject of the new guy , i'm not sure what to think of him yet seeing as we only saw him for three seconds , surronded by explosions, crashing the tardis.
  14. i suppose if you used the wall peg on the broken window in the right way, you could position someone so that look like some one has just smashed them trought it (punisher!). but on topic, these are great. but living in the uk i just wish you had released them sooner (i ordered some last week). i really like that we finaly have something to pose our minimates with and the decal set is a nice surprise.
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