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  1. Ditto, although I'm not sure which Kaine I want. The causal dressed one from Lost Years, the healing suit from the Clone Saga or the snarky one from Spider-Girl.
  2. Just wanted to thank vbpanizzi for the awesome care package I got today. I didn't even think I'd get mail this week given how horrible the snow has been. I got a DCC Blue Beetle, Spider-Girl, Gina (the one with the glasses), some of the accessories I asked for in trade, a mixed mashed mate figure and a nice card. I loved it!
  3. Are you kidding? This is my number one pick for needing an update. The web shooters are painted on sloppy, the ankle packs are brown smudges, his hoodie is flat and no removable mask. Mary Jane is the second on my list. I'd like any MJ but her wedding dress is her other iconic look. And really I'd think it would be hilarious. "No, Mary Jane never got married!" Nightcrawler: Just because he's impossible to find but he has a lot of looks to choose from. Professor X: Hover chair and with the 90s X-Men out he could wear the "action" outfit he wore on the cartoon.
  4. Nope, didn't receive anything from a Santa.
  5. Booster Gold. The figure captures the character well and has some nice detail. His smirk, the wavy hair, the wrist bands/shooters and even a little flight ring. With the bonus of a little Skeets to fly around his shoulder.
  6. Here are some of the baddies that have shown up in Booster Gold. From the Time Stealers an early version of Despero. I wanted to use Havoks' weird head piece for something but I wasn't sure if I should sculpt the fin. The jewel works as his third eye. Rick Remender used Lady Chronos to fight Booster in his series as well as the All New Atom. She teams up with the original Chronos, as his partner and lover. Sharing his interesting fashion sense.
  7. For Fire I went over different hair styles but decided to go with the biggest hair next to Starfires' that I could. And just for comparison sake I have Fire and Ice together for the shot. Along with the guys of JLI. ...Which wouldn't end well if Booster leaves Ted alone with Guy.
  8. Thanks! Chubby Ted. "Fat" makes him grouchy and hit Green Lanterns.
  9. At least this way I get to have the figures I wanted that would likely not get made or not for a long time anyway if the line continued. With Marvel most of the characters I want are already made while the rest are likely to get done. I am fond of Chubby Beetle maybe because I love that era so much. Thank you so much! I do have a fair amount planned, many of which aren't big names, a few "newbies", and much older characters.
  10. Yeah, I wanted to start on something simple. And I suspect that if I ever get around to doing a comic with these figures that I'll have much fun with chubby Ted. I'm almost done on Fire. I thought about her flamed look but it was too simple to work on, and the new look isn't iconic. So it's the 80's duds. I actually haven't thought about doing a Miracle yet but I have thought about a Max Lord.
  11. I've been working on getting the characters I wanted made into customs. Since DC gave up on minimates it doesn't seem likely that we'll see them get made anyway. Being a big JLI/Booster Gold fan my interest tends to lean directly towards characters from those books. The first one I finished was Ice, and while Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) is not finished and already has a figure I wanted to see how he looked in his chubby stage.
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