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  1. Well, if we're opening the spoiler-gate... I'm just now realizing that the team suits we got aren't even accurate to the ones in the movie. The Minimates have a dark, greyish-silver print while the movie has them wearing super bright almost white costumes. I'm not sure if anybody is going to have luck finding the Walgreens wave, but I suppose adding hair from Thor 2/AOU and the powerhouse chest from this Hulk is the closest we can get to an easy "Lebowski" Thor. I really wanted to see more from this movie, but it hurts knowing it's not going to happen. Even if we got a box set or something near the DVD release, it wouldn't be the Final Cap/Thor/Rescue/Valkyrie/etc. that people are begging for. I'm imagining Battle Damaged Thanos, Battle Damaged Iron Man, Tony in SHIELD soldier disguise, and a re-release of the same Captain Marvel. Am I the only one who just gets depressed thinking about Minimate releases instead of excitement for the future? 😣
  2. I was just about to pre-order both of those from Luke, too. 😖
  3. Somebody in Indiana is selling a full set on eBay for $125, so I think it’s safe to say the hunt has started
  4. You've posted 100 times on this website, you should by now have a grasp on how the Spoiler system works, which is literally there to black out text. You even just reinforced what you spoiled again, but this time in tiny text. You're clearly just doing it to get a knee-jerk reaction from others. Some people read posts pretty rapidly, I often find myself just scrolling and grazing text, so sometimes I'll see text before I see an "alert"
  5. Please don't spoil parts of the movie for others, seriously. Getting some kind of satisfaction for upsetting others is not cool.
  6. I think DST has just been dealt a bad hand in the last few years, and it feels like everyone is giving them a bad rep more and more. For what it's worth, I feel they're trying their best with what they have going on. Sure, I want things to be better, but I'm also grateful for any kind of release we get, because it shows that this is a line that DST wants to keep going. Back on the Endgame stuff, I quite like the uniform look of the quantum suits, I just think it's awkward to see someone like Cap or Iron Man with their regular blue or red helmets on top of the relatively drab silver bodies.
  7. Toy News International has their gallery up, but there’s no Endgame in sight. Actually, I don’t see a single Minimate on display. Maybe it’s because they’re having to share booth space with their new Gentle Giant stuff, but that’s not reassuring.
  8. C2E2 started today, and DST had a panel at about 1:45 this afternoon. Did anybody go, was there anything shown off?
  9. Was this person just blindly messaging people? I got a PM from him asking if I was an admin, and then he started complaining about Shane again
  10. Light Cycle came in today! Disappointed that for a $15 "Deluxe" set, all it has is Sora and the Light Cycle. No accessories, not even a repainted Kingdom Key or display stand. I think having the Photon Debugger Keyblade, some alternate faces, or maybe a jumping stand for the Light Cycle would have been really cool. Maybe if it were Sora, a heartless, and the Light Cycle it would have been great. As it is though, it is satisfying to have the entirety of Sora's team in the Tron style, since it's by far the best world variant from 2
  11. Looks like we got series 4 and some more Vinis at Toyfair: Oof. Regular KH3 Sora and Baymax look awesome, and I'm happy we finally got a new keyblade, but this is disappointing to me still. Mike's going to feel incomplete without a Sully, we should have gotten one of the Toy Story characters to go with Toy Sora. Did we really need an Elizabeth Swan though? Please DST, what do I gotta do for you guys to produce characters originally from KH?
  12. Just the Kingdom Key. I'm considering looking into how hard it would be to 3D print some other keyblades, since the models from KH2 are easily floating around online. I have no clue where to start with getting them printed or rescaled for Minimates
  13. Surprised nobody is talking about these, I just got mine from Luke today: I had a lot of mixed feelings going into this box set, but I think DST did really well with what they gave us. Seeing Sonic with a printed face was awkward at first, but having him in hand is a lot better. DST must have improved whatever design they were doing for the arm-legs, because these feel a lot more solid and aren't flopping around like most Minimates that use arms as legs. The 4 extra rings are a nice bonus, but I wish there was a Chao or a Badnik accessory too, or Amy's hammer would have been a stellar addition. Also, alongside Ryu and Ken, Sonic makes the third character from Super Smash Bros to appear as a Minimate! I'm hoping these do really well, because I want this line to have the legs it deserves. Bring on Knuckles and Shadow!
  14. Like Zach said, they simply don't have the license for it. It was separate from the rest of the MCU stuff, and their year is probably already stacked with a lot of Endgame-heavy merch. Couple that with trying to curb back on expenses probably due to their #1 buyer disappearing, maybe they just couldn't afford it. I'm sure they wanted to make Spidey stuff, but it's not that they don't want to, it's that they can't at all. I don't think our outcry will make Chuck rethink a licensing deal, Zach's just trying to put a positive spin on it.
  15. This is the perfect wave to go with Luke's box set from awhile back. Is the Spider-Slayer supposed to be Jameson or something? Looks an awful lot like him
  16. Ah jeez... I really don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, because I'm eternally grateful that DST gave us any Kingdom Hearts Minimates, but this wave is...really disappointing to me. Positives: Maleficent looks great. She's been in the games from the very start, so it's awesome to have her to go with Pete. Ralph looks great too, they really nailed the look Negatives: Ralph isn't even technically a character in the game. He's a summon that the player can use during certain moments of a fight, he has no bearing on plot. Everything else feels really...not good. That Donald pack is just bad. I know it's a cost saving measure, but there was no need to make a Jack Sparrow in the KH line when we already had one, even if he is a different color. If they wanted to pair up Jack with someone, it should have been a pirate Sora. Sora himself by all means I should adore, but I don't think the Toy Story form translates well to Minimates. Why are we getting a variant of KH3 sora before a regular KH3 sora? They could have at least included a new Keyblade, but it's still the Kingdom Key. Mickey looks alright, but...Why isn't it Riku? Or anybody else new? I get that DST is trying to appeal to casual fans of the characters, but fans of the games aren't going to want to buy variants of Donald alone. Fans of Kingdom Hearts care more about the characters made for the game: Sora's friends, Organization 13, the BBS trio, etc. All I ever wanted when I heard we were getting these were a Riku and an Aqua, because they are my absolute favorite characters in the games. They're both major characters with multiple starring roles under their belts. This should have been series 2, not 3. I don't mean to post a text wall immediately after a series is announced, but like...Minimates and Kingdom Hearts are by far both my favorite toyline and my favorite video game franchise. I've not really ever been touched by a piece of media like I have with Kingdom Hearts. To see one of my favorite things ever to be handled with what feels like a "1 step forward, 2 steps back" approach is really upsetting to me.
  17. Maybe the real wave 77 was the friends we made along the way, a lesson in pateience and perseverance through hardships. 🤔 Then again, if this were the KH thread, I’d be crying for news too.
  18. These are really nice, somehow DST makes a box set of the same guy four times interesting. Super stoked for the jumpsuit!
  19. I’ll submit soon! This should be fun
  20. It's good that the future will move onto KH3, and since Donald and Goofy wear their normal outfit it means we don't have to focus on getting more of them. I guess KH merch is a tough sell. Some people just want them for the Disney characters, but don't like the Nomura redesigns or the original characters. Other people probably just want nothing but the original characters, but that then alienates any kind of casual buyer who only recognizes Sora and has no idea who anyone else is. Having only 3 packs in a wave (And no more TRU around to supplement) makes it feel like the line is being drip-fed. I'm ecstatic that we even have KH Mini's in the first place, but I guess I'm jealous that companies like Funko were able to get characters like Riku, Kairi, even really obscure choices like Vanitas out. Then again, we're only into the first year of the line being around, so hopefully the future is bright.
  21. I have always wondered how "influencers" even go about getting contacts in the industry. It can't really be as simple as "I want to talk about your product, please." I do know there is a market for the young, since I'm like 80% sure that the main demographic of my channel is under 18.
  22. Looks like we're getting a DST Gallery statue for this bad boy. I'd love a 4 pack with Spidey and some of the rouges, or even a Through The Ages-style set with the suits you can unlock
  23. Here's my entry! If the language is a little inappropriate, I have a 'clean' one I can trade it for:
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