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  1. Hail Ivan! Anything we can look forward to at NYCC? 😉
  2. This and the original sighting should (hopefully) indicate they’re ideally dropping sooner rather than later. I’m definitely in for two sets of both
  3. Am I okay to enter the drawing even though I’ve already got something from Zach? If so, yes please!
  4. SDCC 2012 was my first (and only) 'con, the DST panel was the highlight of it all. Didn't meet anyone from the forum but it was so cool to see new reveals in-person. I must have missed this pin, though. I'd love to throw my hat in if you don't mind. Thank you!!
  5. That's disappointing. Hasbro and Funko are both jumping on the train for the movie, Bandai just showed off their Figuarts for him, kind of lame that DST would skip out on it. Maybe Walgreens didn't want to and DST didn't see any luck for a comic shop set. I know Disney's own store does the occasional Marvel Select (They had Sam Cap, FFH Spidey, I'm sure they'll do one for Shang-Chi), I don't see why at least 2-pack would be out of the realm of possibility.
  6. That’s a neat little box, but I think the more pressing matter would be: Did DST just leak X-23 and Wolverine from the Logan movie with that left picture?
  7. I don’t really do wrestling, but The Rock is awesome and I’ve always wanted to get one of these customs. Thanks, Luke!
  8. Matt, please, I'm worried about you. You've gotten really heated at almost anything these days, and I think this level of anger towards everything is really dangerous for your mental health. I know you're frustrated over a lot of how Minimates have been, but yelling at Zach and dropping f-bombs over a box set meant for casual buyers isn't the best way to cope. You don't like when there's no new Minimates, but you also get furious when there's new Minimates that aren't specifically what you want. I know you're passionate about the line, but they're still just toys in the end. I think you need to step away for a bit, it really worries me that you get this angry over stuff
  9. Hm...BBTS is already sold out of theirs. Guess DST really didn’t make a whole lot. Luke might want to limit these to 1-per if these things are going fast.
  10. Glad they’re confirmed to be new prints. The first promo shot was literally the same as the prototype pics from the 2012 figures. I still would have preferred a big Endgame final battle set, but I’m just happy to see Minimates at a convention again.
  11. It'd be great to have *anything* to the Hasbro license, maybe a Gi Joe/Transformers box set with variants of Duke, Cobra Commander, Optimus, and Megatron? I just think DST needs to do something to show off their new product.
  12. Starting a box set with some big characters is good, but I think what most people are looking for is confidence in the brand instead of a "wait and see" approach to Minimates. I think some folk would be more likely to pre-order one set knowing that it'll be a full range instead of a one-off set. Even just a few sneak peaks here and there at an upcoming figure would be cool. Hasbro does that from time to time, releasing a pic of a figure that's part of an upcoming wave and then later revealing what the full wave is.
  13. Netting Hasbro as a distributor for these would be huge, and I think they could really help push the line into a greater spotlight. Would getting these up on Hasbro Pulse be an option? Obviously I got mine from Luke but I think there’s a lot of Joe fans who would probably pick these up with the rest of their Pulse orders.
  14. I like the idea of a 4-pack of 2 or 3 troopers and a named character that could become a generic character using extra parts. Like, having a Duke undercover in Cobra disguise (idk I don't know Joe very well) with an alternate generic trooper head, or something like that. That way DST could still sell the set on an anchor character while still appealing to army building fanatics
  15. Happy birthday, Luke! You’re a shining beacon of hope in this hobby.
  16. It’s gotta have Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander or Storm Shadow in series one. Maybe... Snake Eyes/Scarlet/Storm Shadow/Destro? And then we get a con exclusive box set of GI Joe VS Transformers with Duke/Cobra Commander (with Megatron as a gun)/Megatron/Another Transformer, even an Optimus variant idk
  17. Wow, that’s rad as hell. Some excellent new sculpting, maybe this is a good sign for the future of Minimates. Then again...Zach said this is an umbrella license... Is it Hasbro general or just Transformers???
  18. I guess it depends on what the implications are. Zach said in the interview that “lots of people have been asking for a long time,” does he mean the Minimates collector market or general audiences? It’s not gonna happen, but I really hope for a general Nintendo license. I think the Lego Mario sets might get in the way of that. But I do think it’s gonna be a big license, the way Zach has been hyping it up and keeping secrets (or maybe it’s my blind optimism, who knows)
  19. I’d genuinely kill for a job at DST (I think my skillset would totally fit that job) but I’m sure they want someone local so they don’t have to deal with someone from the other side of the country moving out there. Then again, moving to the east coast means I’d be closer to my fiancé. Plus a job at DST means I wouldn’t be able to complain about Minimate releases on YouTube anymore 😔
  20. I haven't been out of my house in weeks, so if it's okay I'd like to ask: If anyone could help me out with the Falcon & Winter Soldier packs, I would be eternally in your debt.
  21. Hey Walgreens, long time no see. These look alright I suppose, kind of plain really. Shoulda swapped out someone for Ms. Marvel, she's only got one variant and there's already a very similar Widow hanging around Walgreens. If DST has rights to the GamerVerse branding, can I start petitioning for a PS4 Spidey? Maybe a 2-pack of him and Miles for around when Miles' game comes out? Well, I can dream.
  22. Wick and Bruce Lee both got Selects and statues that made it to retail, and I believe the fourth variant of Wick was just recently solicited. I guess "Guy in suit with guns" sells better at that scale.
  23. Perhaps MAX could be shoved in one of DST's current lines, such as everyone's favorite superhero, Fire Chief Max. Marvel may not let DST do vehicles, but perhaps a Spider-Man colored helicopter is just what the licensees want to see 😂
  24. I'm not sure why DST has to use silhouettes for these kinds of things, especially when we already know the design. Hasbro was able to put up images over a month ago? I dunno, DST would really have to blow me away if they did Minimates for this movie, and aside from a white-suit Widow and Tasky 2-pack, I probably wouldn't be too interested. What I *am* interested in is the deluxe Legends set coming out: Customizable display stand, tons of effect parts, more hand options than usual
  25. Maybe they'll put something out around the time of the panel, but it's really just the Godzilla Vinimates, a few Select figures, and then all statues. I got so excited when there was an article for the Disney/KH stuff, and it ends up being 4 Sora figures. 😞
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