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  1. DC Vinimates

    Local Walgreens (Missouri) had the JL set tonight. 2 Battle-Damaged Bats, 1 Wonder Woman, but no regular Batman to be seen.
  2. Predator Minimates

    Picked them up yesterday, here's some in-hand pics:
  3. Kingdom Hearts

    Official solicitation picture: "One of the most popular video game franchises of all time is joining the Minimates family! The 2-inch mini-figure line that brought fans the highly popular Nightmare Before Christmas series will jump back into the world of Disney, with three new two-packs: Sora with , Mickey with Goofy, and Space Paranoids (in his Tron outfit) with the Tron villain Sark!" Is the part about Sark correct? The picture shows Tron himself, and Zach has said Tron before, so is the description just wrong?
  4. NYCC give away

    I've always been into buying toys, but I never was consistent with my purchases. When I started collecting in 2008, though, something about Minimates specifically really struck the right spot. It was like that perfect mix between something customizable, like a LEGO, while retaining a higher level of complexity. It all started with finding a rogue Tony Stark/Iron Monger (A shame that I scrapped Iron Monger for a custom, he was a damn good figure) , then the old Street Fighter set, then a 24 pack from a local store. Even if I didn't know what the license was (I'm looking at you, BSG), the aesthetic was able to capture me in the way other toylines hadn't. The collecting sort of settled in, and back then, it was always the excitement of finding something that was with that brand name, but I had no idea was coming. Of course, now that we're here in 2017 where we can know the exact week a set is coming, my thing keeping me going has sort of evolved from "Hunting for a surprise from that toyline" to "Anticipating what's on the horizon." As my tastes refined, I was fortunate that DST picked licenses I had a previous interest in. Collecting Minimates became something of a part-time hobby to being the sole reason to begin a Youtube channel. Not only was I inspired by other reviewers, but I wanted to show the world what Minimates were like. I kept wanting more new and interesting figures to show off, so I kept buying. As the quality of my videos grew, my appreciation for the brand and where it's taken me grew as well. If it wasn't for my love for reviewing Minimates, I wouldn't have taken video classes in High School that helped me get my career in radio. Am I saying Minimates got me where I am today? Probably not, but it's been a catalyst for much of the decisions in my life. I realize this post was all over the place, but I feel like the reason I collect Minimates to this day is that it's so familiar to me, it's just became a part of my daily routine. Minimates are part of the identity I've shaped, and it's something that makes me feel "safe." There's a certain level of brand loyalty I've had with DST over the years. Throughout the highs and the lows through Middle School, High School, and even well into my college years, I've always had that one constant in my life; and that will always be Minimates.
  5. Kingdom Hearts

    Unfortunately, no. There was a Jungle Book level planned in one of the games, but it was scrapped early into development. No tigers here outside of Tigger
  6. Kingdom Hearts

    I'm not 100% sure on Sora's jacket being painted on, I think a sculpted one would have been far better, but this is still really good. A few nitpicks would have to be that Tron-Donald has a data disc instead of his staff, and KH2 Mickey isn't paired with the Kingdom Key-D. If we get more Drive forms of Sora, he's gonna need some extra keyblades. Does having a BBS Mickey mean that the characters from that game are possible for later waves? I'd die if DST made an Aqua. Fingers crossed that series 2 has Riku!
  7. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    Haven't seen any threads about NYCC's reveals yet, but it looks like Toyark's got the goods now. Marvel (Nothing new it seems) Kingdom Hearts, Predator, NBX, etc. DC Vinimates
  8. Unofficial Vinimates Photo Thread

    I recognize the Batman having the backdrop from one of the TMNT shelves, and Starfire is in front of the one DST used for their My Little Pony banks. (You've gone too deep into a toy company when you know the backdrops they use for cons. ) Lovely pictures as always, Zach. What kind of camera do you use?
  9. Inclusive line

    Minimates will always be my top priority, but I also play Heroclix on the side. It's a tabletop game where the pieces are small figures based on Marvel, DC, TMNT, Star Trek, and sometimes some other pieces of media. Not really a toy line, but it's been pretty inclusive in terms of the Marvel and DC stuff. I also really like Good Smile Company's Nendoroid series, but they're usually more based on anime and video games as opposed to comics. There's some Marvel and DC figures, though.
  10. Where did MAX go?

    For a long time the MAX Swat guys were my favorite army builders. They still probably are, now that I think about it. The sheer number of parts and pieces in those sets was an unprecedented amount. If DST ever did a limited-run, subscriber only sort of line to bring these back I would invest a lot in. I remember in 2011 when there was a MAX Firefighter in a Marvel set, I'd love to see the line somehow make a comeback again like that.
  11. Licenses We Are Developing But Haven't Announced

    It's always good news to hear that Kingdom Hearts is still coming along. Excited for the possible new mystery game, too. My initial hope is something like Overwatch, but I'll save speculation for later
  12. The Dark Tower

    A set was spotted in Springfield, MO by one of my family members a week or so ago. I assumed they were out nation-wide by now
  13. Kingdom Hearts

    Seems like it, looks like DST is more focused on the Select figures and the Vinimates for now. I wonder why there's such hesitation to get the Minimates going
  14. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    Chameleon turns into Mary Jane. That's awesome.
  15. I think the only thing they're giving out are Fidget Spinners with purchases