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  1. Smashmaster12

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    My store said today was the last day for them. Cleared them out of the last 10 packs or so of Minimates, mostly Dark Tower. Heard a few older women talking about how they could scoop up some of the stuff still available and sell them for a profit online. The inventory was a shell of its old self, only the rack where you'd find impulse buys was half-full. The rest of the store was blockaded in caution tape, employees taking down the shelving units to get shipped off or sold. Only recognized a few of the faces there, most of the regular staff's been replaced with temporary workers by now. That Toys R Us was the hot spot for a few good years. Whether I was on the hunt for a new set, or I was down and just needed a pick-me-up, my Toys R Us was always there for a weekly visit. Thanks foR the memories, I'll miss you.
  2. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream..." It's Kingdom Hearts series 1's Sora and Donald!
  3. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    DST did a really good job translating the KH2 version of the Light Cycle. Does he truly not come with any accessories? At least having a neon-colored Kingdom Key would go a long way, since any Keyblade equipped while in that world changes color to match the aesthetic. Sora looks good, though. Still blown away that the first wave really drops in a week. I've been dying to have these in my hands for a year now. Any update on if the TRU set found a home?
  4. Smashmaster12

    Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Invader Zim Vinimates are available now at Hot Topic: @@DSTZach, we hadn't heard about this before, I don't think. Are we going to be seeing more Nick cartoons?
  5. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    That mjolnir display is one of the coolest accessories packaged with a Thor. Too bad the figures aren't the best. Great review!
  6. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    To kick off a week-long special of MCU reviews, let's roll back the clock with Mark IV Iron Man and Battle-Damaged Whiplash!
  7. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    I asked Zach on Twitter the other day, the response was "in the next month or so." So May, maybe early June it would seem.
  8. Smashmaster12

    DC Vinimates

    Picked up two Nibors and wave 2 (Supes, WW, Joker) at my Toys R Us today. I didn't know that wave would even be shipping out to TRU
  9. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    1, 2, 3, 4, I declare Infinity War!...Box set!
  10. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    A crossover of epic proportions, it's series one of the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates!
  11. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    I think I get it. DST would have to get the license for each of those individual Disney properties if they wanted to produce stuff for them, which would probably be a hefty undertaking. The Timeless River packs are a way of having classic versions of a few characters. I am curious as to why Tron is good to go. Maybe DST had to pay for them, or maybe Disney let them have access to one movie at the start. I won't complain, Space Paranoids is the best world in KH2 by far. Do we have a release ETA on these yet?
  12. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    From The Fanboy Factor. Timeless River Sora and Goofy, guess these were shown behind-the-scenes. Also wow, that select Sora looks spot-on!
  13. Smashmaster12

    John Wick

    From ToyChestnews, DST is apparently producing a line of John Wick Minimates. Nothing shown:
  14. Smashmaster12

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I like 'em. I think my biggest problem is that Sonic's head specifically is obviously a Minimate cylinder that sort of has his quills tackled on. The rest of them have heads that seem to mesh the Minimate form well, especially Tails and Amy. I'm not a fan of the arms-as-legs design as a rule of thumb (But I get why they did it), so that would have to be my only real complaint. I can't wait to see where these go!
  15. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    Looks like this is our series 2? While I think what we have looks great, and I can't wait to army build the Heartless, I'm a bit worried. Only 1 new character? Was really hoping to see Riku and some more original KH characters on the roster. Maybe series 3 will deliver some more heavy hitters. That Light Cycle is absolutely to die for, though, I hope Sora has the Keyblade from Space Paranoids with him!