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  1. Okay, I gotta ask because I don’t understand wrestling at all but I’m also incredibly nosy— Who is CM Punk and what did he do
  2. I've been able to mature past my name like twice now, it's about becoming your truest self 😜 I don't know if it says anything, but I do believe there's an untapped market in the Youtube space for Minimates. Covid caused a huge explosion of new collectors for a lot of lines I noticed. If it says anything back when I did Youtube, I'd get dozens of (What I assume were children) comments asking more about Minimates, where to find them, etc. I'd say reaching the following I did based on a single toyline alone was impressive. There's some very dedicated collectors on Instagram too, and they're all chill from the ones I've talked to. I don't know if you could replicate it again though, usually toy reviewers have a niche and if you go outside of it that video tends to perform poorly.
  3. DST had posted the winners the other day: Hey, thanks so much DST for picking my Halo shot!! I was really proud of that one, that means *so* much to me to be selected! 😭💜
  4. Without any word on shipping or any responses to my inquiries, I got an email from DST this morning saying a package was out for delivery. I guess they do exist
  5. I've tried to get word from the customer service email to no avail (First I needed to cancel and change address because I'm moving, then no revisions, and now I just want an ETA). I reached out to the DST Twitter like a Karen and all I got was "If you don't have any updates by the end of the week try emailing us :)" Anyway, I'd love that promo. Thanks for being cool!
  6. No email yet, but I haven't gotten any word from them since I placed my order
  7. I've never had a website give me this kind of error. No matter what shipping type I pick, I can't order two Minimates because they're different products?
  8. I see the NYCC sets have been put up for pre-order, but they don’t list an arrival ETA. Any idea of when they should ship out?
  9. Oooh, this is really neat. I love the packaging to bits, inspiring them off the old Playmates figures is a fun choice. Can't wait.
  10. I wanted the Guardians of the Multiverse. This is neat but it’s not blowing my socks off, why is Scott counted as a figure? ?
  11. Hasbro just released some Lightning Collection figures of the Turtles in Power Rangers gear, part of me suspects that may be what DST is working on. Regardless, Turtle merch is big right now, I hope whatever we get does well.
  12. I don’t care for Wrestling, but if the accessories are good then I’d be easily persuaded. I’d be even more persuaded by a translucent “you can’t see me” John Cena…
  13. 2 Joes and 2 Cobras (Or 1 Joe and 3 cobra army builders ?) is the ideal way to go. Helps fill up the ranks for both teams, and it means you can pose them fighting out of the box. Now gimme Flint and Beachhead and I’m all good
  14. I will happily pay whatever the cost to get these in my hands. I'd ideally like to be down for two copies of each (To pose Logan and Wade in their alternate looks) but if we want to be even I'll take what I can get. I just wanted to preemptively thank everyone for banding together to get these in homes. It needs to be said, though...DST's handling of these releases is very frustrating. I know Minimates are a low-margin product, but they're based on two highly-popular movies that DST originally skipped despite the fan demand. I won't even begin to understand how distribution works (Especially with Covid and everything), but it just feels like there could have been more open communication through the supply chain. I don't want to dismiss Zach because he does great work and is super chatty with the community, but the messaging of "Even if I knew where they were I wouldn't tell so people won't blow up the store" to "You'll likely need to import these" hurts a little. People want to buy these, people want the product. Even if it's a small community people still *want* them. With Minimates slowing down month by month, it's getting harder to find them and thus people are going to be more desperate to know. Maybe I'm just rambling, but I just wish things were more open between DST and the community. I know nothing about business stuff nor will I ever pretend to (I’m just a depressed 26-year old with too much time on her hands). I understand we're a niche of a niche, I guess I just wish things were better. Even just DST knowing who bought the product for online sale would be something.
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