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  1. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Will the real Gwen Stacy please stand up? It's Gwenpool and Black Cat!
  2. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Is Mickey short for Micholas? It's Black Coat Mickey and Soldier Heartless!
  3. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    It's time for a boss battle. Kingdom Hearts Master Form Sora and Pete!
  4. Smashmaster12

    Bruce Lee

    DST's new license, they must have announced it at the panel? I remember Zach saying there was an older license that was coming back. Guess this is the one
  5. Smashmaster12

    NYCC 2018

    I'm a little disappointed, KH series 3 and Sonic series 2 seem to consist of figures that were designed when they were first protoyping the lines at shows. I'm hoping the panel has something new, as I'm getting pretty fatigued with each wave just being variants of the same characters.
  6. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Thor's gone evil! Can we snap him out of it? Dark Avengers Thor and Thanos
  7. Smashmaster12


    More video games are good for me! Hopefully they'll be on display at NYCC
  8. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    How about some Animated Minimates people actually can find? Dark Avengers Iron Man and Black Widow!
  9. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Let's get to the heart of today's review: Kingdom Hearts Vinimates series 2!
  10. Smashmaster12

    Infinity War

    After months of searching for new Minimates, it finally happened. IW wave 2 spotted in Southwest MO
  11. Smashmaster12

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    I've got a few of them: He-Man, Skeletor, Picard, and a couple of the Halo guys. Nice little figures for what they are, and the removable armor on the Halo ones are really cool. From what I remember, I think the sets with the mixed licenses are exclusive to Wal-Mart? My store only had wave 1 for the longest time, then skipped to wave 3 just recently, but was mostly picked clean when I found them.
  12. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    I'm going to need at least...13 of Mickey so I can have an entire Organization XIII. Does Sora come with just the standard Kingdom Key, or will he have some new blades? Can't wait to hear about series 3 as well. 💗
  13. Smashmaster12

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Seeing development stuff like this is always neat. Hope these look great in-hand too 👍
  14. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Spider-Man heats things up! SDCC 2011 Spider-Man & Fire Chief Max
  15. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    "I fight for the users!" Tron joins the world of Minimates! Kingdom Hearts Series 1 Space Paranoids Donald and Tron