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  1. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Let's get to the heart of today's review: Kingdom Hearts Vinimates series 2!
  2. Smashmaster12

    Infinity War

    After months of searching for new Minimates, it finally happened. IW wave 2 spotted in Southwest MO
  3. Smashmaster12

    Mega Construx Heroes Single packs

    I've got a few of them: He-Man, Skeletor, Picard, and a couple of the Halo guys. Nice little figures for what they are, and the removable armor on the Halo ones are really cool. From what I remember, I think the sets with the mixed licenses are exclusive to Wal-Mart? My store only had wave 1 for the longest time, then skipped to wave 3 just recently, but was mostly picked clean when I found them.
  4. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    I'm going to need at least...13 of Mickey so I can have an entire Organization XIII. Does Sora come with just the standard Kingdom Key, or will he have some new blades? Can't wait to hear about series 3 as well. 💗
  5. Smashmaster12

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Seeing development stuff like this is always neat. Hope these look great in-hand too 👍
  6. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    Spider-Man heats things up! SDCC 2011 Spider-Man & Fire Chief Max
  7. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    "I fight for the users!" Tron joins the world of Minimates! Kingdom Hearts Series 1 Space Paranoids Donald and Tron
  8. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    "Say fellas, did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?" It's Kingdom Hearts series 1 King Mickey and Goofy!
  9. Smashmaster12

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    My store said today was the last day for them. Cleared them out of the last 10 packs or so of Minimates, mostly Dark Tower. Heard a few older women talking about how they could scoop up some of the stuff still available and sell them for a profit online. The inventory was a shell of its old self, only the rack where you'd find impulse buys was half-full. The rest of the store was blockaded in caution tape, employees taking down the shelving units to get shipped off or sold. Only recognized a few of the faces there, most of the regular staff's been replaced with temporary workers by now. That Toys R Us was the hot spot for a few good years. Whether I was on the hunt for a new set, or I was down and just needed a pick-me-up, my Toys R Us was always there for a weekly visit. Thanks foR the memories, I'll miss you.
  10. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream..." It's Kingdom Hearts series 1's Sora and Donald!
  11. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    DST did a really good job translating the KH2 version of the Light Cycle. Does he truly not come with any accessories? At least having a neon-colored Kingdom Key would go a long way, since any Keyblade equipped while in that world changes color to match the aesthetic. Sora looks good, though. Still blown away that the first wave really drops in a week. I've been dying to have these in my hands for a year now. Any update on if the TRU set found a home?
  12. Smashmaster12

    Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Invader Zim Vinimates are available now at Hot Topic: @@DSTZach, we hadn't heard about this before, I don't think. Are we going to be seeing more Nick cartoons?
  13. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    That mjolnir display is one of the coolest accessories packaged with a Thor. Too bad the figures aren't the best. Great review!
  14. Smashmaster12

    MMC Reviews Discussion

    To kick off a week-long special of MCU reviews, let's roll back the clock with Mark IV Iron Man and Battle-Damaged Whiplash!
  15. Smashmaster12

    Kingdom Hearts

    I asked Zach on Twitter the other day, the response was "in the next month or so." So May, maybe early June it would seem.