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  1. Anything they end up doing with Otto is going to be far less disappointing to me than most other villain characters that writers have redeemed. I love seeing it but many of the times it's been genuinely earned, it was backpedaled on later. Sandman comes to mind as an early example but my heart broke a little when Constrictor and Taskmaster got to points where they could at least be trying to be better than what they were, only to have that paved over later. At least there were reasons for them to do so, which is more than the weird ongoing saga of Sandman and his never actually good hidden persona. Every time Zemo appears now I'm afraid they're going to make him into pure evil after Fabian Niecieza spent the better part of a decade taking him full circle past being a villain into a unique anti-hero type, something I loved even though Genis-Vell, a character I really liked, was a casualty in the process. Hard to believe the bad guy of 'Under Siege' could be worked into making sense as something of a hero but they pulled it off. For me anyway. I don't think Otto's going to end up being a good guy, even in the Zemo sense, but it's fun to see them try. As a lifelong Spidey fan who walked off the books when 'Chapter One' was happening, the craziness of Superior brought me back full time instead of just keeping tabs on things. I hadn't bought a Spider-Man monthly book in over a decade by that point. The upswing for the people who miss Peter is that they're going to get a TON of him when he has to explain the past few weeks/months/whatever in Marvel time that Ock was in control. I admire Slott's ambition as the book does something huge to the status quo with basically every issue.
  2. I've been enjoying the book quite a bit and they've done some work in addressing how Peter's behavior is different, though I think only Black Widow, Thor, Wolverine and Cap have really said anything about it. Natasha thinks it's because he's feeling guilty over the death of Silver Sable back in Ends of the Earth, Wolverine has, of late, had a majorly antagonistic relationship with him anyway, and Cap has been kind of been shown up by Peter/Ock the two instances I remember it coming up. I can't really remember if Thor thought much about it, other than "whatta jerk". That's all stuff in Superior though. There was a moment in Avengers where Peter ate some of Cannonball's food from the fridge; Sam took it to Tony but it ended up with Peter swinging away and Tony not thinking much about it. Recent stuff at Marvel has kind of rewritten how characters look at Spidey in the grand scheme of things, and though I don't always like it (a moment in an otherwise excellent issue of ASM teaming Peter up with the Avengers Academy had Hank Pym say "you're the example we teach them NOT to be like") it has been... semi-consistent I guess. Peter used to have a ton of respect for Captain America, but recent stories with them have been based around a kind of Odd Couple old fart/young whippersnapper dynamic. I can't really see the pre-New Avengers #1 era Peter ever having been annoyed by Cap but they seem to go in and out of it. Marvel editorial has been a little looser in the character's histories of late, the most dramatic example I can think of being Hawkeye's change from being a boisterous and competitive loudmouth with plenty of talent to a sadsack on the down and out in Fraction's Hawkeye. It's been more about staying true to the individual writer's take on a character in other words. So for now, I think Ock's going to toe the line; I imagine a possible endgame being most of New York's major heroes teaming up to take him down at the Raft when the facade is uncovered, but for now he's going to keep ahead of them in terms of effectiveness and legal maneuvering. I don't know if the government sanctions the Avengers anymore (because who can keep track of all 7 teams or whatever) but Spidey's at least go the approval of the mayor of NYC. I'm loving how drastic Superior can get, even in the space of one issue, and I hope Slott gets to tell the whole story he wants; the only things I haven't been totally into so far is the bizarrely mute impact of the Massacre issue (that is to say, the next issue starts up without really showing a reaction to it from anyone; surely MJ would be FREAKING OUT) and how the Raft story with Smythe could have been an issue shorter. When Peter's back I'll be thrilled but it's fun to see Ock, and Slott as a writer, play with such an outrageous set of circumstances.
  3. After scarce supplies of the past few waves, these hit my TRU a few week ago... and are already on clearance somehow. Admittedly they're only $.50 off but I find it unusual for such a new product to have a price reduction; there were still G.I. Joes from 2010 hanging around a few weeks ago, with the benefit of the new pricing to keep poor Arctic Destro on the shelves forever... But this is a great wave, even Silver Surfer who DST keeps finding cool ways to keep fresh. Love the extra effect parts, though I've currently skipped out on the Fear Itself set. I actually promptly lost the extra torso piece for Ben Grimm so I now have two of that Surfer. It's gone up to the great toy heaven in the sky that contains the single bullet Pursuit of Cobra Low-Light included If anyone needs help with these still, we've got plenty; I'd love to give them a good home. My TRU's been good, not great, about most minimate stuff but these hit here pretty hard. After not seeing TWD wave 2, getting SFxTekken wave 1 5 months after everyone else, and never seeing things like KITT, it's always in doubt what's going to end up appearing around here.
  4. I got this set on Wednesday, and two days later I'm still messing around with it! Excellent work with nary a QC problem in sight! What arms are these again? I don't have it, thus... no package to view. I'll admit that my packaging is also long gone, but are they the ones she's sporting here? I think "Agent" Venom is probably the standout of the set for me. I haven't read any of the comic (and kind of get the impression I wouldn't really dig it too much) but Tony Moore designed a look that translates really well into toy form. The mystery of what color Flash's hair is supposed to be still mystifies me, as I have a long-entrenched impression of it being red. At least, that's how I remember it looking in old comics, though a quick Google image search reveals that it kind of waffles between being red and blonde. Sites list it as "reddish-blonde" so there ya go. The armored chest cap is really neat and so clean looking; the emblem just looks great in a way that seemed missing from the Gargan iteration of Venom. Venom Unleashed is also great, as we have a version that can stand next to the new Juggernaut, Rhino, etc... without looking shrimpy. The two heads are also pretty marvelous, though I may end up kidnapping a standard Venom head from someone else. Maybe. The semi-bulked up version is great as well and doesn't feel like a retread at all. Much appreciated are the two different Eddie Brock heads and the hairpieces. I like She-Venom alright. She's an easy candidate for most obscure minimate of the year, though the cover of Sinner Takes All #3 is pretty well remembered. Love the little "collar" attachment she has; in fact, I wish I had more of them, to give one to any unmasked Venom I have. I do wish she had a head minus the black ooze though, as I'm one of those insane people who'd like to make a standard version of Anne Weying. Heck, if they'd included her glasses look, I might have gotten another to make a Debbie Whitman with! Overall, a great pack. I haven't had the chance to pick up either Alpha Flight set, or any of the other con exclusives yet, but this one appearing at my LCS proved too much to resist. I can't wait to get the Hulk set soon, and see what Through the Ages box might appear after that!
  5. Instant way to make this Doc a little different: give him the "superhero" mask he wore for a time! Other possibilities are a blue cape, to mimic the look from his early appearances, or blue leggings, to help carry forth the eternal conflict of "blue vs. comic book black"! Great set Zach and thanks for the tease on here! I arrived a little late to notice but it's that kind of effort that makes this board a great place to be. I'm most excited for Morbius but a full-on 70's style Blade gives me hope we can see a Hypno Hustler someday. Morbius' collar also looks like it could go with another pass at Iron Fist's original v-neck look!
  6. Is that Dormammu/Trish set rare? My local comic shops still have lots of them. Dies anyone need TRU Series 3 of the Marvel vs. Capcom Minimates? My local TRU just got some in. I know it was the shortpack of that wave, I had more trouble finding the Storm and Jill Valentine set. It wasn't 'rare' in any real sense other than the shortpacking; some LCS's didn't order the MvC3 waves around here so they were relatively scarce for a little while. More of a distribution thing really, like how my TRU is swimming in wave 13 and ASM exclusives but received maybe 3 cases of Avengers movie and no sign of 14 for the foreseeable future.
  7. That's the problem I've been having with mine so far; she just doesn't want to stay together at all. Still, I think the TRU figures in this wave might be the best 'mates we've gotten in the whole lineup! MODOK and Amaterasu are so nice I'm surprised DST let them go as exclusives, and the new modern Thor looks great. I wasn't really expecting to like the new Doom so much but he's pretty impressive, even managing to outdo Wesker, who was my most anticipated 'mate in the whole line. Something about Albert's hair looks odd though I could just be channeling a little disappointment into that instead of copping to wanting him to have had more guns. Love the shininess of his coat though I wish we had a non-flared option for him; looks great if he's running though! My Akuma has the two left feet issue but it doesn't bug me nearly as much as I thought it would. Interesting he got toe details when Ryu didn't! Either way, his doubled feet don't bother me nearly as much as the two right feet my Sentinel had; poor guy couldn't even stand up and I actually had to return him. Always feel bad doing that. Fortunately, this wave seems to have hit very heavily in my area and there's been plenty for all who want them! One TRU in a nearby city probably had 6 of each pack from wave 3, giving everyone a number to pick through. No LCS around here seems to have ordered this wave so I may head to other cities to pursue She Hulk & friends. Apparently the Felicia/X-23 pack is highly desired from what I can tell but I don't think they'll be as hard to get ahold of as Dormammu/Trish was. So far, this wave has been a beautiful capper to a great little subline. I love that we're getting more Capcom characters in the XTekken series and almost every Marvel figure was a grand slam. I even like the deceptively basic looking Spidey, even if I thought his eyes were kind of funny. I hope Capcom fastlanes a MvC4 so we can take another turn at some crazy characters!
  8. I second this. As a new reader, I've only gotten past 50 or so issues. After all the depressing stuff that happened up to that point, I had to take a break and read something uplifting, so I read Preacher. Now I have to get back to WD to catch up, and I've been avoiding potential spoilers up to this point. I love that Preacher is the uplifting book in this case.
  9. Is Peter's backpack removable? I just got him and I can't tell if the strap is permanently attached or just stuck through paint. I have no doubt it can be removed, I'm just worried about what sort of markings may be left over, if any. Side note: Peter's head with the glasses makes for a pretty good Jasper Sitwell on the SHIELD agent body!
  10. Wow, that's about 3 different kinds of weird in one package!
  11. AFX has a preorder for the 2nd series up with a small image. Lori's shown but isn't mentioned in the solicit, whereas Michonne's mentioned but unseen. Andrea's in there with Amy as the variant which is pretty genius. Can't wait to see what the rest of this assortment's going to look like, though if Lori, Michonne, and Andrea are all in, kudos on a solid wave of female characters!
  12. While that black costume is cool and I would be totally okay with that, allow me to point out that much more recent mini mates have also lacked any leg detail whatsoever. Yeah, it's annoying, but it hasn't gone away. Yikes, I had never noticed before! You my friend have made one killer case, though it's come at the cost of reducing my fondness for the otherwise great 'Best of' Spidey Oh well, guess that's just how it is then. The look the old one has is the closest there is to a 'definitive' one so we're probably cool on Firestars for now. Anyone picking up the Expendables pack in anticipation of arming Agent Venom out the wazoo? Punisher and him will definitely have no lack of gear now!
  13. Well, they just announced Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, which uses the roster of the first two MvC games. Maybe there's hope to open that door and maybe get us Shuma-Gorath, Captain Commando, Mega Man, and some others?
  14. That's about the limit they could go with on a new version of that look; I will cop to how the lack of detail on her legs being my main problem with her, besides... this. Always seemed like an old flub to me though it could stem from there being versions of her costume that have no open collar and that getting confused somehow on the way to production. Firestar's a character that's had a ridiculous number of minor changes to her costume whether it's the boots, gloves, mask, or the amount of skin shown and it kind of slips by because they're so minor. I'm not sure if that's a commentary on the skill of a subtle alteration or how Firestar isn't really high on the Marvel Q ratings but she's never had a terrible costume either. The 90's look isn't even really bad despite some cliche elements of the era (like the jacket). Perez made it look great for the time he drew it in Avengers V.3 before giving her this number Which is yet another look with a minor variation; in this case, he gave her an alteration where the black space from the 'fire' in the suit's center opened up to show skin.
  15. No joke, huh? Awesome! Churchill's one of the best Turner imitators, which is probably why he did so much work on Batman/Superman. Makes perfect sense! Churchill's 'Marineman' series at Image showed off that he was a lot more versatile than just aping someone else's style. Really cartoony and drastically different looking stuff in that book. Also, thanks for reminding about Austen, I'd kind of forgotten why I drifted away from X-books so drastically after New X-men wrapped up; I definitely remember now!
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