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  1. I have read read only one comic with the dark avengers in it and i am not very familar with the charaters, but i like Daken in this set.
  2. I wonder when Bigbadtoystore is putting wave 30,and 29 on pre order.
  3. It be cool if they made Fafnir, one of Thor’s enemies here is a picture of him if you don’t no who I am talking about.
  4. See i am not the only one who spells things wrong. I think he ment judgment.
  5. Now all we need is lizard and vulture. They could have a helmet with a snout attached to it and under the helmet a curt Connors head .And for vulture the wings attached to the arm like Captain Marvel but shaped like feathers.
  6. I guess you mean the lightning effect......not actually doing the bhm cleverass ....just couldn't get my head round what you meant. Yes that would be a good acc. ! I changed it now, and thanks for telling me.
  7. They put they line up for wave 29 on the description.
  8. I wish they would of put the lightning effect on storm's hand so we could see what that looked like.
  9. Hi am scorpion My current favirote marvel minimate is carnage (until scorpion comes out) Current top five marvel minimate wants:Lizard,Vulture,Banshee,Sunfire,Swarm
  10. Can't they make a 3-inch Sentinel? I don't think they can bacause of 2 inch restriction ,but I am not sure.
  11. I hope the line up is Mocule Man ,Beyonder , Captian Marvel (photon),and storm.
  12. I think we need some villians that they actually fought, maybe as a toy r us exclusive, like rampage , with angry face bobby drake,darkstar and iceman, and spiderman and swarm that would be awesome but we will probably never see this happen.
  13. I wish I was here to decode the waves .Mabye the next toyus waves should be in code like mabye , maybe not .
  14. I *think* they'll be made available on the AFX web site too . . . at least, the AFX exclusives will be. Thanks for that infomation
  15. Do you have to be at the san diego comic con to buy the thunderbolts,dark avengers and champion minimate boxset.
  16. Sadly I think he will stay in the top four.
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