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  1. Vera Cantor and Zelda Kurtzburg Beast's girlfriend and Iceman's girlfriend
  2. I'm in Illinois and I just want the Deadpool pack if you want to split.
  3. I'm also intrested but only in the Deadpool set. If anyone is able to help, thanks.
  4. I see the Logan Movie Minimates two-pack for pre order online at Sonner Toys.
  5. Didn't know where else to put this. Anyone have a quick custom for Mister Hyde specifically the Marvel Thunderbolts version? I was thinking Mr. FIxit body, Bashee's screaming face and Harvey Bullock's Hat/Hair.
  6. Accepted your friend request and sent you a gift, thank you.
  7. Can someone please send me a gift. I am trying to hatch Munchlax and Chingling before the Pokemon GO Sinnoh Throwback Challenge 2020 ends in 2 days. My friend code is 8398 2543 9879.
  8. I think that VRV works with crunchyroll. There is also this anime site you can download anime from as well. Hope that helps a little.
  9. After reading the hint that came with Stingray I think the next custom after Paladin and Shadow king is .
  10. Checked 7 Walgreens in Illinois western suburbs last and found nothing. Checked 8 different Walgreens today in western suburbs like Yorkville and also found nothing.
  11. I also still have not gotten a response either.
  12. I also contacted DST customer service with no response as well. So I emailed them again earlier today.
  13. What hair piece did you use for Legion?
  14. Besides Hunter x Hunter, and My Hero Academia, I think Yu Yu Hakusho and Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure would both be awesome to see as minimates.
  15. I remember I got that box set unopened and the powerhouse sandman's right leg if you have the figure facing towards you like in this picture was already broken in the box. I have yet to find a replacement leg. However I have not had problems with the Hydro-Man.
  16. Scorpion

    WAVE 76

    Yes, Firestar was in her 90s red and black costume. The Team Venom members we haven’t specifically gotten in this wave are Classic Iron Fist, 90s Morbius, Deadlok and Captain America. For Team Carnage we got everyone if you include Carrion from the toys r us. The 90s Avengers also appear in this comic with Classic Vision, Grey suit Black Widow, Black Knight with jacket, Thunderstrike, Sersi 90s Avengers red and black costume, and beardless Hercules.
  17. I also like to see Minimates of other Marvel movie characters we missed. Not just for their cool design but also in the hopes that we would eventually get comic book characters. Faundral (Thor) Hogun (Thor) Kurse (Thor: The Dark World) Justin Hammer (Iron Man 2) (redo) Coldblood (Iron Man 3) Cosmo (Guardians of the Galaxy) Celestials (Guardians of the Galaxy) Original Human Torch (Captain America: the first Avenger)
  18. I don't see the UPC number and I don't have a Instagram account. Is that what you need to see the UPC numbers?
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