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  1. That is awesome, thanks PM sent
  2. I dont think that is an offical Lego set. Lego has never made a official Blob figure. I think this is a Sheng Yuan set which is a Chinese Lego knockoff.
  3. On February 1st there was a leak of upcoming sets for 2024. Two of these were comic related. DC had the Gotham skyline. Marvel has the X-man Mansion.
  4. Vera Cantor and Zelda Kurtzburg Beast's girlfriend and Iceman's girlfriend
  5. I'm in Illinois and I just want the Deadpool pack if you want to split.
  6. I'm also intrested but only in the Deadpool set. If anyone is able to help, thanks.
  7. I see the Logan Movie Minimates two-pack for pre order online at Sonner Toys.
  8. Didn't know where else to put this. Anyone have a quick custom for Mister Hyde specifically the Marvel Thunderbolts version? I was thinking Mr. FIxit body, Bashee's screaming face and Harvey Bullock's Hat/Hair.
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