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  1. You aren't the only one. I still see the FF wave and Iron Man wave on the pegs. Still nothing new.
  2. I wasn't sure I wanted this set until I saw some better pictures and I can't wait to pick it up. Sorry haven't been on the board in a while, when is the set supposed to hit?
  3. Now that I finally got the SDCC X-Force and 90's X-Men sets, I've got to catch up on the NYCC sets. Definitely want this set. Glad more X-characters are getting made.
  4. Since I came on the 'Mates scene a couple of years ago, I missed out on Nightcrawler so I'm glad he is being included in this set. Not sure about getting Captain Britain again just after getting the Cap from the two pack with Shadowcat pretty recently but it makes sense. Glad Meggan is in the set cause the original team wouldn't be complete without her. Glad the Juggernaut is in the set too cause he looks way better than the original, and I missed out on the original too so this update is much appreciated.
  5. I wasn't planning on buying these but I was at a TRU in Sacramento this weekend and saw the Sue / Mole Man set, and thought she looked way better than the original Sue that came out a few years ago so I picked her up. Now I'll have to get the rest of the team.
  6. Since last year they did the entire Dark Avengers team in two box sets. YOu think they can do a 2nd X-Force box set with Cannonball/Shatterstar/Boom Boom and maybe Rictor? or someone
  7. For me the one minimate that needs an update is Nightcrawler.
  8. The TRU I go to only has a couple of Ghostbuster sets and the BSG Sets and mini-flyers. Like I mentioned earlier they had two Bucky Cap sets yesterday and a Moonstone set which I picked up.
  9. The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday as I was looking for DC Classic figures at TRU yesterday. I saw two Bucky Captain America/AIM Agent sets and 1 - Bullseye - Moonstone set. Didn't find any DC so I went ahead and got the Moonstone set.
  10. Its cool that they put Variant on the packaging so we'll know which one is the variant. I was a little confused at which Angel was the Variant.
  11. I'll have to check the other TRU in my area but I just checked the Dublin, CA. TRU and no Secret Wars set yet.
  12. My favorite Marvel Minimate is NOVA and my favorite DC is the Nightwing one from Wave 7.
  13. Just came back from the Dublin, CA. TRU and picked up a 1 - Silver Surfer / Swordsman set and 1 - Captain Marvell and Black Bolt set. Will hold off on the others for now. the Swordsman is cool. He is the main one I wanted. Glad for the Cap and Black Bolt set. More space characters. Still no sign of the Secret Wars set.
  14. I can't wait to get this set. I just picked up a Guardians of the Galaxy trade and although this isn't the current Adam Warlock or Drax looks they will have to do for now. I've already got Gamorra so I'm hoping they do a Starlord and Rocket Racoon soon.
  15. I haven't seen this with minimates but I've seen this with other toylines. There was a DC Universe Classics two pack which was supposed to have Orion and Lightray but it had a DC Direct Alex Ross Justice figure and a Marvel LEgends Black Knight figure. Really? The idiot taking that toy back didn't even look at the package to see what was on there.
  16. Checked out a TRU today and found 1 Ultimate Iron Man/Hulk set and 1 Electro and Spidey set. Picked up the Electro set.
  17. May have to go and get an extra X-Force wolverine for that hydra goon. Still need one of those REd Skull mates.
  18. Stopped by another comic shop yesterday so they can put one DD/Moon Knight and Storm/Black Panther set aside for me. Can't wait to pick it up after work today.
  19. Decided to check out this comic shop out in Livermore, CA. today during my lunch break to see what minimates he had. I walk in and see the blue box with Spiderman on top of it and I shook my head thinking no. I haven't seen this set in a while and I skipped on it the first time I saw cause I wasn't collecting minimates at the time. This guy had 3 boxes for 17.99 a piece. So I picked it up since I drove all that way. Pretty cool. Finally got Hydro-Man and a very cool looking Sandman. Glad I can add two more Spidey Rogues to my modest spidey display.
  20. Anyone know if there are any new Batman Lego sets coming out?
  21. Thanks blacksun. I still want to pick up Electro.
  22. Pretty cool these are coming out at this time since they've finally started releasing the 90's X-Men cartoon on DVD. This was the time I really got into X-Men.
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