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  1. I just picked up a set of singles online. I'm glad the mates come with the clear stands now
  2. Great looking Dios. I've been checking out the stuff on Lukes store and I may pick a few items up.
  3. EricM

    Wave 60

    That would be a great wave and I'd pick it up.
  4. That's cool Hellpop. I hope to find these soon. Taking my daughter out later so I'll stop by a tru
  5. I hope so too Hellpop. I wish they would did an image set too with Savage Dragon, Spawn, Dane from Wetworks and Shadowhawk.
  6. I still have to pick up the two or three I'm missing. God there are so many characters I would to see. With Batman vs Superman JL and Suicide Squad coming out I wouldn't mind seeing these dc movie mates.
  7. After picking up all 4 - 2 packs this week I rewatched Aliens for the first time in a while.
  8. I would be interested if they do some of the other dc shows like Flash and Arrow. I miss the dc mates too and may pick these Gotham ones.
  9. Will definitely try. I like the vibe here everyone seems nice.
  10. With the Guardians 3000 series out right now an original Guardians of the Galaxy set would be cool with Vance Astro, Starhawk, Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27 and Nikki.
  11. I would love Kang to be offered again. Wrecking Crew would be great Superior foes of spidey
  12. Id love some more sets. None of my comic shops had it so had to resort to EBay. Ive been finding the ultimate edition hardcovers here and there at half price books and I really like the book. I'd love to see the Guardians of the Globe be represented.
  13. Didn't go anywhere I have two kids so they take priority over anything just havent had as much time to log in. So much good stuff coming out and this is the best place to talk mates so just decided to jump back in.
  14. EricM

    TRU 19

    The movie Starlord looks pretty close to now Starlord looks in the comic now and they did release Agent Venom too who is in the book now as well. Personally I like the post Annihilation Guardian uniforms.
  15. I wish they could reuse that Max police vehicle they had and re-purpose it as the colonial marine apc just add a cannon on top. I know its not exactly the same but it could work.
  16. Thanks for the info JeffBohn and Kostisfire. I may just order the sets instead of wasting time driving by my local TRUs.
  17. Thanks Kostisfire. I'll have to check it out.
  18. I picked up the Hicks/Ripley and Apone/Alien sets yesterday. Had to hold off on the other two sets due to lack of funds. We definitely get the other two sets soon. I was not able to find the single figures at any of the comic shops in my area so will probably have to resort to EBay,
  19. Some great lists and I'd probably buy all of them. My top 10 Marvel Mates are Justice Speedball Namorita Night Thrasher Gladiator Quasar Comic Versions of Starlord, Drax and Groot they can do a mini Rocket like the Size of the Berbils of Snarf from the Thundercats mates not like the one that came with movie Groot.
  20. EricM

    TRU 19

    I've found all 4 sets now at different TRU locations and was finally able to get the Quicksilver/Vision set at the TRU in Dublin, CA. Last week. Ronan is my personal favorite and I've been waiting for a comic version for awhile ever since the Annihilation storyline. Now they just need to make a Gladiator and Quasar to finish up the Annihilators.
  21. Hi Everyone Has the X-O set been found at retail or is it just offered at sorry I came on this thread late.
  22. It's been awhile since I first joined this site and just wanted to re-introduce myself. I'm Eric I'm from northern California glad to be back on the forum
  23. Well I went today and picked up 1 Cannonball / Shatterstar and 2 Magik / Warlock sets so I can make a Doug Ramsey mate. They had two more sets of the Magik and 3 of the Cannonball at the TRU in Pinole, Ca.
  24. This gives me hope that Elk Grove, Modesto or Stockton will get these this weekend. I went to Pleasant Hill yesterday and was able to pick up a Lizard/Spidey set. Hope they get some more stock in. I really want that Cannonball / Shatterstar and Warlock / Magik sets
  25. I will definitely be picking up the Professor X / X-Force Warpath and Spidey and Lizard sets. I'll pass on the Thing and Doombot. Since I'll be picking up that updated Thing / Human Torch at TRU I have no need to pick up the other Thing / Doombot set.
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