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  1. 38 minutes ago, NerdyTrev said:

    Just give us comic fans a nice, new classic Thor wave with a TRU wave accompanying it.









    This sounds like a great idea. I want more comic accurate Thor characters especially since they just did Enchantress.

  2. 20 hours ago, MiniFiend UK said:

    Don't want to go really obscure. I don't think Razorback has ever had an official figure.

    That's the name of the game though is to pick a character no matter how obscure he or she is.

    ok so my pick is Turbo/Torpedo who was also a a New Warrior

  3. 1 hour ago, Chigarillo said:

    (Reads above post. Thinks for a second and remembers the extra Pyro sitting in parts bin. Dashes off towards said parts bin!)

    Could work. This is what EricM was referencing I'm figuring?


    We're already getting SG. An update of Cloak and Dagger would be awesome as well.

    You are correct my friend. That is exactly it. Triton would be cool to get another Inhuman to go with Black Bolt and Lockjaw. Surprisingly enough with all the Inhuman love from Agents of Shield and in comic books recently they haven't made a set with the Remaining royal family members Medusa, Karnak, and Gorgon

  4. I wish they would have introduced the real New Warriors on Ultimate Spidey. If I remember they did use the name and had Kazar, iron spider, Agent Venom and Zabu. They showed a picture of Speedball with some other young heroes. That would have been a great opportunity to at least include one of the founding NW members on the animated team. And then maybe they would have made a mate of him. 

  5. I went to the Walgreens across the street from my house early this morning a girl was doing the reset and I saw the shelf and tag where the minimates were going. I asked if they got any and she said oh sorry sir I just started this morning and I'm just stocking everything right now. They might be in one of the boxes I haven't stocked. And she apologized again. I said no problem didn't mean to rush you. She only had 3 small boxes left so I just went back about 10 minutes ago they were all stocked. I picked up a Starlord set and the two Spidey Venom sets. Love then Venom. Held off on the Electro Spidey and Cap hulk sets

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