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  1. My name is Eric and my favorite marvel minimate is the Richard Rider Nova. I'm a huge New Warriors fan especially Nova and when they made this mate I was so ecstacic. At that point the only founding member of the Warriors they made was Firestar so now she and some company. Hoping beyond hope they do more.
  2. In the current comics DC is bringing back a more classic looking Superman minus the red trunks. Nightwings costume is a bit modified but his colors are black and blue again. I think with the DCAU (Timm-verse) the looks are the classic iconic looks which I'm cool with too. I think we would all be happy just expanding our dc collections with additional characters. With Young Justice there are some characters that veer pretty far from their classic looks but most still have a recognizable look so I'd still be happy with that too. I think I'm so desperate for any new dc mates I've picked up the Gotham mates.
  3. Wolverine in his brown/tan suit will always be my favorite. It's the suit he was wearing when I first saw the Xmen.
  4. I picked up the police officer two pack should have gotten more when they were out. It was just one of the those I wanted to try it.
  5. Thanks Luke now that I think about it they do look familiar. And although Zach didn't give a definite confirmation mates are coming but hinted that they can be then it would just be for the movie based ones not the comic because would that be considered a separate license?
  6. So are the vinimates for Watchmen movie or comic based sorry I didn't see any pics so I'm not sure.
  7. I can't wait for this wave. Looks like another awesome wave. Silver Samurai looks great, as does Mojo, Spyral, and Lady Deathstrike. I was pondering pick up the old Lady Deathstrike on EBay now I don't have to since this one is an improvement over the original.
  8. My son has all the sets from the 1st movie. I think the Mantis set would be cool and the other set with Yondu.
  9. That's a good list. I'm thinking Kamala may come soon since she showed up in Ultimate Spidey and is in Champions and was in one of the recent Avengers teams. Then again they just came out with The Enchantress, Black Knight and Tigra
  10. I picked up a couple of Blind Bags and my son got Robin and Speedy. That would be great if they did some YJ minimates. The designs for most of the heroes and villains are close to the comic designs and there are so many characters in that cartoon it could definitely expand the dc minimate roster.
  11. Im curious to see what Danny's costume will look like.
  12. If they did a dedicated minimate line for the Batman Animated Series/New Adventures/JL/JLU and Batman Beyond that alone would expand the DC minimate roster. I know the initial C3 stuff had some JL and the Batman cartoon mates in them.
  13. On any minimates wishlist, for me my biggest want as a box set would be the New Warriors, the original team. I thought there was a chance to get Speedball/Rage/Justice (Vance Astro) during the Avengers Initiative / Academy run. I mean even during Civil War Namorita/Night Thrasher and Speedball could have been made. this is my number 1 want
  14. I think this would be the time to do it. With how well the 1st GOtG movie did and having subsequent Animated Series on Disney XD they need some love on the comic versions. Of course I'd love a Guardians set with Vance Astro/Martinex/Yondu/Charlie-27 and a two pack of Starhawk and Nikki.
  15. I thought the Mez-Itz were cancelled too and then I see the BvS and SS movie ones. If that's the reason minimates aren't made that sucks. i know the from what I've read on the forums the DST would love to continue doing them. To be honest if they were doing DC and Marvel personally I just make stick solely in collecting these two lines because of the scale, I can use Lego's to build dioramas, and the sheer number of characters that have been made (at least with marvel) DST has done a great job of delving into Eras and completing some groups 90's era X-Force, x-men blue and gold, Alpha Flight. In the animated they just got the 5 major Squadron Supreme Members. i would love to walk into a comic shop and pick up a box set of Speedy, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. Or pick up a JLA wave with: Zauriel/Aztek, Kyle Rayner/Big Barda, Plastic Man/Steel, Darkseid/Orion. At the very least I wish they would adapt the other current slate of dc tv shows like Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.
  16. I like that idea as well. A cosmic wave. there are so many characters to choose from.
  17. The JL/JLU Hawkgirl, Alfred, Lex, and Solomon Grundy would have been great to add to the collection. That Mr Freeze was pretty nice. OMG. Alan Scott, Zatanna, Two-Face, and Orion in the potential 9th wave. That makes me sad. I would have loved Donna Troy, Changeling, and so many others in this line. I hope this comes back. With Young Justice coming back Id love for them to do minimates for that.
  18. I would love a Starjammers set with Corsair, Hepzibah, Ch'od, Raza.
  19. This would be great. They can do the modern Richard Rider design from the new series and instead of the Silver Surfer maybe they can do Ikon the Space Knight.
  20. I remember the 1st Xmen comics I saw and read were the Claremont/Paul Smith issues. And got to collecting the XMen in the 90s with the Jim Lee run. I know with comic characters they have to evolve and change but sometimes the changes aren't for the better.
  21. @DSTZach are there plans to ever do comic styled Guardians of the Galaxy 'mates? I got into the Guardians right after the Annihilation series and their spin off series that followed it and I would to see them in those uniforms. Starlords look in the Bendis comic and the mate in the 1st GOtG are pretty much the same but I'd love to see him in the blue suit as well as the others.
  22. Found Hyperion and the rest of Wave 3 at the Walgreens next to my house, specifically my son found them who was geeking out because he loves Spidey and wanted all the Spidey figures. I love having Hyperion, Power Princess and Nighthawk together (the marvel version of the Trinity) may have them take a pic with Superman, WW and Batman. Definitely want to get the rest of then SS. I'm torn as I may just display Speed Demon with the Thunderbolts. I know he's with the Squad in the show and that he was the SQuad Sinister in the comics too but I'm going to use them as the more heroic squadron supreme.
  23. I'm digging Rocket. I love Mantis and I like the design for Drax's pants. I just don't like the tattoos as they look a bit light colored it's hard to make them out. Then again I don't like the design in the movie either IMO.
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