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  1. Some great looking figures for the upcoming waves. I wasn't sure I needed or wanted another Punisher till I saw this one. I'm happy to add Quake to my SHIELD display. I would love more of the Secret Warriors but i doubt the others will make the cut. 

  2. On 7/15/2017 at 2:12 PM, BuffaloDelorean said:

    I've never read a New Warriors comic, but I'd get Justice and Firestar for the Avengers and X-Men.

    I know they did release on omnibus which collects the first 20 something issues and an annual 

    this was one of the first Marvel series I collected and I still love the concept to this day. I love the fact that they've done box sets of Alpha Flight and have completed the New Mutants, 90s X Force, Excalibur, etc but I would  it if they did a box set of the Warriors. 

  3. Since the announcement of a New Warriors tv show on Freeform, would this help in getting more minimate representation for the team? I would hope for comic versions as well as the tv versions.

  4. In regards to 2009 Speedball was Penance at that point maybe an actual Speedball minimate this time?

    I'm always down for comic accurate Guardians too.

  5. Every now and then I go to Ross to check out the toy section to look for GI Joe's or Marvel universe figures that get spotted on other forums. 

    I remember a few years back I spotted an X-Men first class minimate set which I thought was kind of random.

    Over the last week and a half I've spotted a few more. I picked up the Through the Ages Hulk set with Joe Fixit, Maestro and a couple of other Hulk mates and yesterday I picked up the Howard the Duck/Disco Dazzler sets. Yesterday I also spotted a Villains Zombie box set.

    Has anyone else who go to Ross see any random marvel mates?

  6. 57 minutes ago, DSTZach said:

    Not sure I gave any clues!

    Series 5:

    One new Spider-Verser (female) ?

    One new Symbiote (male) ?

    One never-made hero (female) Darkstar

    One never-made villain (female) Thundra

    Two rarely made villains (male, one a highly requested re-do) Grim Reaper or Kang 

    Two Iron Man variants (male, one with removable armor) ?



  7. 10 hours ago, SCW said:

    They probably don't/can't be bothered to tell the difference.

    That particular store has probably had an issue with "collectors" and has chosen to impose some sort of rule. Probably some Hot Wheels guy who ransacked the place or something. That's usually how it goes.

    Along the lines of what Zach says i think like with Target and their JLU line there is only one number for the packs. Besides I don't think that the workers don't even look at each individual sets.

  8. On 1/22/2017 at 7:01 PM, Nessex said:

    Current editorial (costumes) are often a bit tricky. It might not be the case so much in the DC universe, but Marvel seems to upgrade it's characters costumes almost too regularly to have toys keep up with them. The upcoming Magneto minimate is awesome, and i'm glad we're getting him, but he hasn't worn that costume for a year or two now. 
    DC's idea of doing looks associated with specific stories or by particular artists isn't a bad one, except that you end up getting dozens of Batmen, Wonder Women, Supermen, etc..

    I know like Wolverine, Spidey, etc.,Batman and Superman can get multiple looks. I wouldn't mind this as long as we can expand the dc minimate shelf with more characters.

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