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  1. This was a response on the ART ASYLUM blog: "Cameron Hernandez Hello there, big Minimate fan since the very beginning, I see you are making Minimates of “The Spirit”. Now I can understand the movie line but you are doing a comic book box-set too. I thought Spirit was owned by DC, does this mean you have gotten the go-ahead on any more DC minimates, if so we need some Watchmen badly. DSTChuck: All the Spirit licensing both comic and movie were handled by the movie studio, so they have nothing to do with DC, sorry."
  2. I was just thinking about this too. They could do a Pyro/Avalanche 2-pack like someone mentioned. Also the Blob / Mystique (her modern look since they've already released a classic look. A Hellfire club 4-pack with Donald Pierce, Red Queen, Jason Wyngarde (Mastermind) and Sebastian Shaw. On the topic of the X-men. I think they should do a Banshee / Sunfire set since those are the only two missing from the Giant Size X-men team.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I don't remember the Vault Guardsmen being armored up like War Machine? Does that look ever show up in the comic?
  4. I would love for Art Asylum and DST to do GIJOE minimates. With the live action movie coming out this year and Hasbro just recently celebrating the 3-3/4 line's 25th anniversary. Now would be a great time to do Joe mates. What do you guys think? Snake Eyes / Storm Shadow 2-pack Duke / Cobra Commander 2-pack Scarlett / Baroness Gung Ho / Destro so many possibilities.
  5. I like that Corsair look also. Like I said any Nightcrawler Minimate would be cool. How about an Excalibur wave. Captain Britain/Megan Nightcrawler/Shadowcat Phoenix/?
  6. You know of the X-men Nightcrawler is the only one I'm missing as well. I had to go on Ebay to pick up Thunderbird and Classic Storm. Now they are coming out with the Jim Lee storm and for the Secret Wars voting I can't remember if Storm is in the lead for that too. I would love a new Nightcrawler too.
  7. I'm glad they are doing more of the classic spidey villains. I just recently picked up the Spidey/Green Goblin set from ToysRUs and he is way better than the original. I never purchased the original cause I came in late but the detail on the new Gobby is cool. A few months back i picked up the Shocker, Tarantula, Venom and Kraven. The fact that they are doing Scorpion and Electro is awesome. Now I just have to pick up Chameleon, Rhino, Doc Ock, and Mysterio and I'm set with my Spidey Rogues Gallery.
  8. Its funny someone mentioned earlier that they got into minimates due to the DC mates. It was the same with me. Once they made Blue Beetle and Booster Gold I was ecstatic. But when they stopped producing them I was pretty bummed but I think its what really got me into the Marvel mates and I've been really loving a lot of their latest offerings. And its great that the Marvel Mates have returned to ToysRus.
  9. Favorite DC Minimate is the Blue Beetle Favorite Marvel Minimate is Nova Can't really think of a least favorite. Most wanted DC minimate is Kyle Rayner. Most wanted Marvel minimate is Speedball. I'm a big New Warriors fan and from the founding members we only have Firestar and Nova (although i'm hoping for a classic Nova mate)
  10. Hi all I'm new here just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Eric. Got in the minimates game a little late but I have really grown to love these guys. I'm looking forward to some good discussions about these little guys.
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