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  1. Wow Wave 4 is out already. Definitely want that Angel/Warpath set and the Spiderwoman set since I never got the original Julie Carpenter Spider-Woman. I'll probably get most of the wave except that IM and Hulk set.

  2. Went to TRU yesterday looking for any new GIJOE's and stumbled upon the Viper mini-flyer. Only one there so I just snapped it up without hesitating. Haven't opened it yet but I plan on using it for Apollo. Its cool that there are stickers so I don't have to put the hot dog sticker on it.

    Just opened it yesterday. Pretty neat that they have stickers for Apollo, Starbuck and Hotdog so you can choose. Nice.

  3. If I remember correctly, the DA set with Iron Patriot is the online-only TRU exclusive. The set with Ares and company was a Diamond(?) exclusive, meaning you might probably be able to find these at comic shops or something.

    In theory I guess this makes the second set the easier-to-find one? I guess it's a good compromise seeing as a lot of members here wanted characters from the second set more, but it still sucks having to pay through the nose just to get Iron Patriot and Noh-Varr... and maaaybe a cool mohawk hairpiece. (Mind you the Dark Avengers "Wolverine" and "Black Spidey" minimates still underwhelm me; I guess I can hypothetically appreciate the face detailing on Gargan and the new sculpts that Daken came with once I actually have the set on hand, but I really just can't bring myself to get excited over getting Spidey and Wolvie 'mates again.)

    Thanks for the info.

  4. So Series 28 is out next week? Nice I've been waiting for a Gambit minimate ever since I picked up the Rogue mini a few years back. I guess I can put away my Gambit Kubrick now as he was standing in till a minimate was made. And even though I've seen the Sabretooth/Wolverine set at TRU today I'll just get the ones at the comic shop since I want that Skrull and Deadpool.

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