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  1. Really liking the new reviews. Glantern, I hadn't seen much of your stuff before but your reviewing style fits right in!
  2. Nice one Nessex, your review looks good on the site!
  3. Well done everyone! And great to see Nessex get in especially, I'm sure we talked about reviewing years ago!
  4. Best of luck to those who enter - I really had a blast doing it for so long, but was lucky in that it was the early years when there wasn't so much product! Later on I was really lucky to get some superb reviewers, who all came from the Multiverse (so I knew they were all great guys too) so hopefully the same can happen for Luke with this contest.
  5. 1. Purple facemask and hood girl is Tali. She's one of the main companion characters in the trilogy. And totally awesome. 2. The orange things on the arms are melee energy weapons. There are different kinds.
  6. I absolutely adore Mass Effect and think these look really good. I am very excited for these. But we will have to see how the Gamestop-exclusive blind-bagged thing works. It was bad enough chasing people in the USA for actual sets, no idea how it will work if I just wanted a Garrus!
  7. Afraid so, I haven't bought any for well over 4 years now. I think the last stuff I bought was Iron Man 2 and Minimates MAX stuff. I do want to support Luke with his exclusive though, because it's so cool that he/his store finally has one. Plus Carnage is one of my favourite Marvel characters, so it's all good!
  8. Hi Tim, still Earthbound! I tend to check MMC more frequently than here and that's where I saw the exclusive news. Seems like everyone had fun in Chicago, it's really nice seeing all the pictures. Glad everyone is doing fine!
  9. Hi guys, I just wanted to say how awesome I think it is that Luke finally got an exclusive set for the store, well done Luke, so well deserved! Also the MMMV blank rocks. It bugs me just a little that I got out of Minimates and then Zach came along onto the forum and has been so great to us!
  10. It astounds me how professional you get these looking, Myte. Great stuff as always!
  11. Here's my Bomber-mate And also a proto I was given a few years ago now - the original White Queen, given to me due to my love for her fabulous cleavage :biggrin: You can see the paint caked on, obscuring the joints, and also the fact that the base colour was a very fetching purple
  12. This is a great thread. Much love to Rob and all the Minimate peeps that are all really good guys. I'll have to get a pic up of the one proto that I have.
  13. Happy belated birthday Rob. Glad you enjoyed it, and didn't cause a fire with so many candles on the cake.
  14. Agree with most of the sentiments here. Walking Dead is a great license for DST to get. Hopefully the cvilian/zombie ratios are 1:1. Slightly sad that Maximum Zombies are on hold, but sometimes you just have to go with the licenced stuff, especially in these troubled economic times.
  15. Sorry to hear that Miry, you and your family are in my thoughts.
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