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  1. Thanks everyone! I made another Dr. Strange minimate, and I thought I would add a little bit of flair to the photo this time around:
  2. I collect Sideshow's Marvel statues. Expensive, I know...
  3. You might want to see your doctor about that...
  4. Our plan for world domination has just come one step further...
  5. I used to buy them from my local comic shop. But I stopped shopping there, as the mark-ups became outrageous ($60 for one-per-case Marvel Legends figures). So now I usually get them from AFX when they are having one of their "buy this and get all of this free" sales.
  6. Are the Max Spider-Man and Wolverine statues shipping too? I didn't order them, but I would be curious to see some new pics of them.
  7. Welcome! Are you a fan of all minimates, or just comic minimates?
  8. Nice work! (adds this to list of things I must copy from TBT someday)
  9. This is a cool idea! Definitely post more pics as you get further along!
  10. Fujis, on eBay you can search for mini*mate* and it will use the stars as 'wild cards' for a space or an 's' or anything else. It makes searching quicker. But I agree about the lack of selection!
  11. With a series like Street Fighter or Darkstalkers, I don't think wave 1 would have been sufficient by itself no matter who was in it. There is such a strong cast of main characters that only having 6 of them would always feel like something is missing. I really hope we get 5 waves of these figures at least!
  12. A few new ones: Namor: Black Panther: Namor's hair and Black Panther's ears are milliput. Namor's ankle wings are cut from sheet plastic.
  13. Awesome work! I love that Mega Man!
  14. Its the employees of AA and DCD lurking about...
  15. Of course, a little palm greasing doesn't hurt either.
  16. I am most looking forward to Lex Luthor. I love the way his battle armor looks! The one I really hope they make someday is Mr. Freeze.
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