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  1. My next custom is up for preorder - Arcade! He comes with a Murder World control panel and spiked ball trap. He is a limited edition of 30 and the preorder link is here: For those of you who were subscribers to my customs, this is the first release after that subscription ended. I didn't want to include Arcade in the subscription because I know that several of my subscribers had already made quick custom versions of him, and I didn't want them to have to pay for a character that they already had. The next two months of releases will be non-Marvel (they are characters from some of my favorite movies) and then the next Marvel subscription option will start in June. In-Betweener should be ready to ship in about 5 days.
  2. Hey, looks like I missed you when I first went through the list - I just took care of it.
  3. Here is a hint for my next custom: This wrestler would often insult the men in the audience, calling them things like "fat, out-of-shape sweathogs."
  4. Not sure - my sales rep isn't back from Toy Fair yet.
  5. Big Boss Man is up for preorder! He includes two different faces, a nightstick, and a classic WWF logo Minimate. This custom is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here:
  6. I would want a Cap with Doppelganger parts from Infinity War:
  7. It's time to vote for your favorites! You won't want to miss seeing these, as there are some amazing customs in this batch. Voting is going to be tough! Cast your votes here:
  8. The In-Betweener is up for preorder! He includes a 2nd head with an alternate expression, a cosmic energy blast, and a cosmic backdrop. This custom is a limited edition of 35, and the preorder link is here: Iguana has finished and has started shipping.
  9. Here is a hint for my next custom: Ted DiBiase paid a manager named Slick to have this wrestler retrieve the Million Dollar Championship belt from Jake Roberts, who had stolen it. This wrestler retrieved a bag containing both the belt and Roberts' pet python, Damien. On The Brother Love Show, he refused to accept DiBiase's money for the bag, and returned it to Roberts.
  10. Yep! After the In-Betweener there will be one Marvel custom that I did not include in the subscription year because I know that some of my subscribers already have a quick custom version of this character, so I didn't want them to have to pay for a character that they already had. Then there will be two non-Marvel customs from movies that I like, just for fun. Then the next year of Marvel customs (with optional subscription) will start in June.
  11. This month's custom will be the In-Betweener! He will feature two different heads (calm expression and angry expression) and a cosmic backdrop. He will go up for preorder this Sunday, February 10th.
  12. Hey guys, I posted this about a month ago on the MMV Facebook group, but I forgot to post it here: Our next Luke's Custom Squad Contest is here! The rules are simple: create TWO new custom Minimates that go together, either as friends, lovers, enemies, or twins. These must both be new creations from the start of this post. Email me one picture or a collage pic of your customs ( by Monday, February 11th. The following day I will put up a gallery of the entries and people can vote for their favorites. The winning customizer will receive a $30 Luke's Toy Store gift certificate! The 2nd and 3rd place customizers will receive a $10 certificate, and one random entry will also receive a $10 certificate. One entry per person, please. You can do anything from quick customs (no paint) to something with paint, stickers, and/or sculpting. So track down some parts and get those customs started!
  13. Surprise release! I always wanted a different face for the Infinity War Thanos, so I made one, along with extras for you guys. You can order the face sticker by itself, or order it already applied to a Thanos Minimate:
  14. The villains are The Elementals, and there are 4 of them (air, rock, fire, water). I am hoping that DST keeps the box set completely different like they did with Captain Marvel. So I am going to guess: Walgreens: Spider-Man / Air Elemental, Mysterio / Water Elemental, Nick Fury / Fire Elemental, Peter Parker / Rock Elemental Box set: Black Suit Spider-Man, Alternate version of Mysterio, Ned, Maria Hill (not in the trailer but confirmed for the movie)
  15. The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, is finished! He includes two different faces, a stack of cash, and the Million Dollar Belt. This custom is a limited edition of 25, and the preorder link is here:
  16. For those of you who didn't get the Nuclear Man shipped directly, here is the hint that shipped with him for the next custom: This cosmic character carried the Soul Gem for a while.
  17. Iguana is up for preorder! He includes a broken restraint and the Enervator machine that created him, with a broken front where he escaped from it. This custom is a limited edition of 30, and the preorder link is here: Mahkzimo the Nuclear Man shipped a few days ago for those of you who selected individual shipping.
  18. January's custom will be the Spider-Man villain Iguana! He will go up for preorder on Sunday, January 6th. He will come with the Enervator machine that created him. Mahkzimo the Nuclear Man is coming along very well, and should be shipping out around the same time.
  19. The NYCC Battle Beast is in stock - if you order in-stock and preorder items together, we wait to ship them until all preorder items arrive.
  20. Here is a hint for my next custom: This wrestler was billed as the WWF World Heavyweight Champion in 3 shows despite the fact that he never won the title in a match - it was handed to him by Andre the Giant. However, WWF later refused to acknowledge this wrestler as the champion (since titles could not be handed to someone else) and declared the title vacant.
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