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  1. Thanks guys! Here is the preorder link:
  2. Emails just went out. This release is Doppelganger Captain America and Reed Richards! They were created by The Magus (Adam Warlock's evil side) during the original Infinity War event to replace or kill their real versions (Doppelganger Spider-Man from Marvel Minimates Series 76 was created at the same time). Reed's base is made up of orange tentacles because that is how these creatures form (see Iron Man pic below). This custom set is a limited edition of 40. Public preorder link will be posted tomorrow.
  3. It has not been guessed yet, but I didn't really expect this one to be guessed. Sometimes I go a bit more obscure, and this release is definitely a passion project for me, as the characters are from my favorite comic storyline when I was a kid.
  4. I am changing things up this time. These last 2 years have taught me how unpredictable everything can be, and I don't want to commit to a subscription just in case I am not able to finish all of the customs, or drag it out over multiple years if I get behind. But I do want to still give my previous subscribers first dibs on new customs to make sure they can reserve the ones they want before they sell out. So starting with this custom I will be emailing my past subscribers and anyone else who bought the majority of my Marvel customs with the opportunity to reserve it 24 hours before it goes up for public preorder. If anyone would like me to use a different email address than the one I have on file for you, send me a message wherever we usually chat.
  5. Good question - they are from a comic that an MCU Marvel movie is named after.
  6. New Marvel custom going up for preorder this Saturday! Actually it's really 2 customs, although the 2nd figure has a unique base instead of legs. I always try to make new characters that have not been made in Minimate form, so while these characters kind of look like existing characters in a way, they are not. They are from a comic that a Marvel movie is named after.
  7. Typically the minimum production number is 3000 sets, but it may be higher if they need special tooling. I do agree that these could do well for us, but not 3000 sets well. We just don't have that kind of reach.
  8. I meant to get this up for preorder yesterday, but the day got away from me. X-Pac is my next WWE custom, and he is up for preorder! He comes with an alternate torso block with an NWO logo. He is a limited edition of 25, and he will ship in 6-8 weeks. You can preorder him here: For those of you who ordered The Rock, he is now shipping for anyone who selected individual shipping. After X-Pac there is only one WWE custom left in this set. That cracked me up 😄
  9. I almost always use Adobe Illustrator, but I have designed some in Photoshop as well. Here are 2 tutorials you can use: Designing Minimate Decals in Illustrator Designing Minimate Decals in Photoshop
  10. The Rock is now shipping, and on Sunday I will be putting a new WWE custom up for preorder. Here is a hint: This wrestler the only person to have been an active member of both the DX and the nWo in the 90s.
  11. If it was a situation like our Multiple Man sets, where since Diamond was already making an army builder, they were able to let us order a lower quantity (500) of an exclusive set, provided that it was produced at the same time as another release, then yes we definitely would. However if we had to meet their usual order requirements for an exclusive set (3000) we would have to pass, as I am not confident we could sell that many sets.
  12. I can chime in on the sales question - this set sold out at the retailer level before the factory even produced it. The last time that happened with a non-SDCC exclusive solicited through Diamond was the Spider-Man Friends and Foes 4-pack from 2010. It might be related to the quantities that Diamond chooses to produce certain sets at, but I would say it is a good indication of this line's popularity.
  13. Yeah I was on vacation when they were made available for retailers, and they were all sold before I could place an order.
  14. I shot a quick video showing all sides of the packaging. We started shipping these yesterday, and we have a small amount left in stock.
  15. He is now sold out - thanks everyone! Next I will turn my attention back to Marvel and WWE.
  16. I have a special custom release for you before my next Marvel customs begin again. This is a custom I have been planning on releasing for 3 years now - Jason Voorhees! He is based on his appearance in Friday the 13th Part 4 (he doesn't even get the hockey mask until Part 3!) and he includes a machete, axe, bloody knife, and gravestone. I only have parts to make 15 of him, so he is more limited than usual. My apologies in advance if you miss out - I wish I could make more! He will ship the 1st week of December, and the preorder link is here:
  17. Our site is back up and they are ready for preorder.
  18. I need to create 60 of the Luke Crate custom first, which is an alternate look for a classic Spidey villain from the 70s. As of this writing I only have 3 crates left for preorder. Then I will either create the non-Marvel custom that I was planning, or move right into the next run of Marvel customs. I haven't decided yet.
  19. From what I understand, yes, you are correct. I am excited to see the new packaging for these, even though it will probably be several months until the packaging itself is revealed.
  20. I thought of you as soon as the Joe mates were announced.
  21. Now that these are official, I am moving this topic out of possible future licenses, and into TV, Movie, & Video Game Minimates 😁
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