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  1. Series 1 was not on my ship list for next week, so I'm guessing we'll receive it on the 30th.
  2. This time @Nessex nailed it - Leper Queen! And I agree that X-Cutioner would be cool - I'll have to think about that one. 🙂
  3. Ah yes, I forgot it was a 6-pack for a minute there.
  4. Based on the listing details, I believe the packaging will be like the Power Ranger Series 1 packaging, which I think is amazing.
  5. Hey I just remembered about this - the only type of paint remover I currently have is Goof-Off. It did take the stripes off, but it also took the glossy coat off, leaving that area with a matte finish. You could do that on the whole tiger, but that would also take the paint off the eyes. Or you could do it in just the striped areas, and then add a glossy clear coat to those areas afterwards.
  6. I know he has ordered from us recently, so he is definitely still collecting. But I seem to recall that he has a very demanding job, and has trouble finding the time to update the Database.
  7. The NYCC sets are arriving here on the 9th. 🙂
  8. Transformers Series 3 has arrived in the Diamond warehouse - I believe we will be receiving them on the 9th, but I don't have confirmation of that yet. I am pretty pumped for this set - the 3 new characters were all on my want list.
  9. They went out a bit late - you should have it now.
  10. Thanks guys! Here is the preorder link:
  11. Oh and Ka-Zar and Zabu are not finished yet - I expect them to need another 2 weeks.
  12. @Onyx_6 It's definitely been a busy week, but I just finished him! Cardiac Cardiac includes two versions of his Beta Staff - one standard and one with an energy blast. He is a limited run of 36, and I just sent the preorder link to previous subscribers. I will post the public link here tomorrow. 🙂
  13. Solicitation image! And the text from Diamond: Enter the Dragons! Diamond Select Toys' first product from Dungeons & Dragons comes to you from the animated world of the D&D cartoon of the 1980s! This deluxe box set of six 2-inch Minimates includes the entire team of heroes: Bobby the Barbarian, Diana the Acrobat, Eric the Cavalier, Hank the Ranger, Presto the Magician and Sheila the Thief! Plus, get a tiny figurine of Uni the Unicorn! Each Minimate features multiple points or articulation and character-specific accessories, and all parts are fully interchangeable! They come packaged in a full-color, book-styled window box with a fifth-panel cover. Our preorders are here, and other stores should have theirs up soon.
  14. Here's a fun packaging error - the very first TMNT set I grabbed for myself out of the shipment has them packed in the NYCC G.I. JOE inner sleeve. I checked a dozen TMNT sets after that, and they all had the correct inner sleeve.
  15. I am guessing Sunday the 23rd for past subscribers and Monday the 24th for a general preorder.
  16. We have them up for preorder now.
  17. Yep it's Cardiac! @Scorpion nailed it this time, although I suspect this may have been who @Freaqualizer was thinking of and held back so others could guess?
  18. Ours will ship out on October 7th. I'm glad the wait time wasn't very long on these!
  19. I appreciate that, as I 'm curious to see what people will guess. 🙂
  20. I checked, and while both versions have hip risers, the VHS figures have slightly larger hip risers that add a tiny bit more height.
  21. Here are some comparison pics: Personally, I prefer the VHS colors.
  22. Yes 😅 - the planning is part of the fun for me, and also the space that my custom supplies was taking up in my house was starting to becoming a problem. By breaking down all of the sets and sorting them like this, I was able to recycle hundreds of Minimate boxes and dozens of large boxes yesterday. Happy wife, happy life. 🤣
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