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  1. Lawler is the last custom in the first subscription. Next I will have 2-3 months without a subscription, as these customs might not fit into a subscription model.
  2. The King is up for preorder! He includes a microphone and a King's Court backdrop. He is a limited edition of 25, and preorders are available here:
  3. I received other messages through FB and Instagram requesting alternate payment options for the subscription, so I will be adding an option to pay half upfront, and the other half after 6 months. I hope that helps! The next custom with optional subscription will go up on Sunday June 16th.
  4. Yep it's Lawler! I forgot he didn't come to the WWF until 1992.
  5. Here is a hint for my next custom (which will go up for preorder on Sunday): This wrestler has held more recognized championships than any professional wrestler in history, though he never won any championships during his time in the WWE.
  6. It has been great! We have pre-sold around 300 of the 500 sets so far. I am told it will match the packaging for the rest of the wave, with a LTS logo at the top. That is a good idea about the bagged sets - I will have to ask about that!
  7. Honestly I am so busy, with very limited time for anything these days, that I need to keep the system as-is. Sorry!
  8. Correct, I don't have the parts to make him, sorry!
  9. Hey guys, just giving you a heads-up that my next Marvel custom subscription will start the 2nd week of June. It will run for 12 months, from June until May of next year. Full payment for the year would be required in June, just like a Loot Crate or similar subscription. The benefits are a 10% discount, and not having to worry about getting a custom before it sells out. I will be keeping the actual characters a surprise, but I thought it would be beneficial to share which corner of the Marvel universe the character comes from, and also which era they are from. Here is what is included in the subscription: June: An X-Men villain who first debuted in the mid 90's July: An X-Men villain who first debuted in the 80's, and goes with June's custom August: A late 80's Thor villain who returned during Fear Itself and Dark Reign September: A hero who first appeared in the late 60's and has been in numerous Avengers/Defenders comics October: This character was a part of Heroes for Hire and the Thunderbolts November: An X-Men villain who first appeared in the late 70's December: Originally this villain appeared in Fantastic Four in the 60's but has fought many other heroes January: A member of the Masters of Evil February: A former Hellion March: A Spider-Man villain from the 90's April: A member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard May: An X-Men villain from the mid 70's, and later the mid 90's They are $25 each, so if you were to purchase them all at the standard price it would be $300. With the subscription you would save $30, which drops it down to $270. When you sign up you would have the option to have the figures shipped each month ($32 for the year), or for us to hold them for shipment with other items as the year goes on. As with last year, in most cases they are well-known characters, but there are a few more obscure villains that I picked because they will look amazing as Minimates, and because they were in the Marvel comics I loved as a kid. Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Yes, and I feel like I should give some context here on how this exclusive happened. We have been wanting to do a new Marvel exclusive for a long time, but the 3000 minimum order quantity was always a stopping point for us - it's just too many for us to sell. We were able to sell 1800 out of the 3000 units of our Deadly Foes exclusive, and had to sell the rest back to Diamond to be offered to comic shops and other specialty stores. I reached out to my Diamond sales rep to see if there was any way for us to get a lower production run. He talked to DST, who said the only way that could work is if it was producing more of the exact same figure that was already set for production in a different set. I asked Zach back in January about any upcoming possibilities, and he told me about Series 78 and that Multiple Man was one of the characters. Zach got Chuck's blessing on an exclusive Multiple Man 2 set for us, and my Diamond sales rep took care of the rest. I really appreciate Zach and Chuck helping to make this set happen for our store. We are hoping to be able to offer this same type of release for future army builders, but no guarantees. We have gotten a lot of requests for a 2-pack like this for past army builders, like AIM agents, but unfortunately that is not a possibility unless DST re-releases them as part of a wave or box set in the future.
  11. Not on my ship list either. Fingers crossed for the next week!
  12. Thanks guys! We are hoping to be able to do this with future army builders.
  13. I'm not sure if he comes with them or not - I am hoping Zach can chime in on that.
  14. No, only the one head. We tried to get alternate expressions for the 2-pack, but we would have had to order 3000 instead of 500, which was too many for us. We are very happy to be able to have gotten these 500.
  15. Those of you who guessed a Madrox 2-pack were correct! We were able to get 500 army builder 2-packs from Diamond.
  16. The next Luke's Custom Squad Contest is here! The rules are simple: create a custom Minimate of an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE VERSION of a character. It can be an existing alternate universe version (like Age of Apocalypse) or your own idea completely. This must both be a new creation from the start of this post. Send me a picture of your custom by Monday, June 17th. The following day I will put up a gallery of the entries on Facebook and people can vote for their favorites. The winning customizer will receive a $30 Luke's Toy Store gift certificate! The 2nd and 3rd place customizers will receive a $10 certificate, and one random entry will also receive a $10 certificate. One entry per person, please. You can do anything from quick customs (no paint) to something with paint, stickers, and/or sculpting. So track down some parts and get those customs started!
  17. Diamond has asked us to not reveal it until tomorrow.
  18. My next WWE custom was supposed to be up for preorder this month, but I have been too busy with Minimate Showcase Day, our store's new exclusive 2-pack (check the Series 78 thread), and other items, so it will be released next month instead. Roddy Piper will ship in 2 weeks.
  19. My 2nd movie custom was supposed to be up for preorder this month, but I have been too busy with Minimate Showcase Day, our store's new exclusive 2-pack (check the Series 78 thread), and other items, so I am putting it on hold for now. Next month will be the start of a new Marvel year of customs with optional subscription. William Wallace will ship in a few days.
  20. Ours will go up for preorder tomorrow along with the exclusive 2-pack that is a companion to this series.
  21. The MvC Stealth Iron Man could also work. But I am torn on Rescue because I want to make sure I am including stickers that everyone will be able to use, and not just the people who have extras of these really old Minimates, or want to spend the money to buy them when they might be expensive...
  22. Good ideas! I never thought of that, but that could look really cool on a Minimate I would make it fit the smaller Minimate torso, and unfortunately people would have to paint the rest. I would make the color match an existing brand of paint color if possible, to make it easier. I had a lot of write-ins for Rescue in the poll, but I'm not sure what the best base figure would be. Thoughts?
  23. I have done that more times than I can count.
  24. I have been forgetting to post updates here! Earlier this year, I announced 2019 as the Year of Minimate Customizing on my Facebook and Instagram pages. This means an entire year of customizing guides, free accessories, and contests. Here is the content I have released so far: Updated Minimate Painting Guide How to Pick Out Minimate Parts Updated Guide to Brushes and Hobby Knives Winners of our February Customizing Contest We have been sending free accessories with store orders as available, and also some customizing recipe cards to create specific characters. Our next customizing contest will be announced soon.
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