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  1. Yep it's Cardiac! @Scorpion nailed it this time, although I suspect this may have been who @Freaqualizer was thinking of and held back so others could guess?
  2. Ours will ship out on October 7th. I'm glad the wait time wasn't very long on these!
  3. I appreciate that, as I 'm curious to see what people will guess. 🙂
  4. I checked, and while both versions have hip risers, the VHS figures have slightly larger hip risers that add a tiny bit more height.
  5. Here are some comparison pics: Personally, I prefer the VHS colors.
  6. Yes 😅 - the planning is part of the fun for me, and also the space that my custom supplies was taking up in my house was starting to becoming a problem. By breaking down all of the sets and sorting them like this, I was able to recycle hundreds of Minimate boxes and dozens of large boxes yesterday. Happy wife, happy life. 🤣
  7. I spent the entire day today sorting through thousands of Minimate parts for my upcoming customs. It was a labor of love, and a huge relief to have the next phase of my customs all planned out. I keep all of the parts for each character in their own white box, so that when I am ready to create the next release, I can just pull that box and everything is ready for me. Minimate on top for scale.
  8. The full set with Ka-Zar is now sold out, but I do have some Zabu accessory sets left. Yep that's exactly right!
  9. Thanks guys! Here is the preorder link:
  10. No one got it this time - it was Ka-Zar and Zabu! Ka-Zar includes parts to make both his modern and classic looks, as well as a knife, torch, and baby dinosaur. The full set with Ka-Zar and Zabu is a limited edition of 22. And then I have an additional 20 of the Zabu accessory set, which includes Zabu and a baby dinosaur. The preorder link was sent out to previous subscribers / binge purchasers, and I will post the link publicly here tomorrow.
  11. No. 😊 And I will say, this is not one of my obscure characters.
  12. One of them will be a full custom Minimate. The other is more of an accessory, and will also be sold separately in case someone has already made a quick custom of the other character.
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