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  1. I never got into BSG, but those vehicles look amazing!
  2. I am so glad this set is getting released!
  3. Definitely interested - I love this movie!
  4. We have a winner! My next custom will be a classic Porcupine (orange/brown/yellow costume). 😊
  5. Good guesses, but it has not been guessed yet! Unfortunately most of them did not sell well enough to justify the manufacturing costs, so for now they will only be in the annual Luke Crate.
  6. No one has guessed him yet. 😊 I did him as a cut-out, so I probably wouldn't do him as a custom, not to mention that I don't have the parts. I did make a custom of him a very long time ago before I started using stickers/decals.
  7. No one has guessed it yet. 😊 This custom will require some unconventional materials in order to make it work.
  8. Here is the solicitation image (I added the logo):
  9. My Diamond rep just let me know that the Young Bucks 2-pack is "on the water" and is expected to arrive on either June 14th or 21st.
  10. Let me post the hint so everyone can weigh in: This is a comic version of a classic character who has appeared in the MCU within the last 5 years, and has not had a Minimate yet. So to clarify, this character has never had a Minimate before in any version. You made it with 1 left. 😁
  11. We just got a set in a loose lot of Minimates, and they are a pretty good match. Not as perfect as the recommended parts, but pretty damn close.
  12. Thanks guys! Here is the preorder link: I could not source the parts I wanted, so this was actually modeled and 3D printed by Joe Dumas a.k.a. JPD Customs
  13. He has 2 full sets of Lego tentacles that I combined to make longer arms. They are quite sturdy and can easily hold him up in various poses. He is a limited run of 36 and I will post the public preorder link tomorrow.
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