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  1. I am changing things up again - the next custom was going to be Wither, along with extra stickers and one of his victims. However, with the current pandemic, I can't release a character whose power is to spread death through touch, leaving withered up corpses. So here is a hint for the next release (taken from next year's line-up): this X-Men villain is worshiped as a god by his followers.
  2. Solicitation image from Diamond! Our preorders are here.
  3. Mankind is up for preorder! He comes with Mr. Socko and he is a limited edition of 25. You can reserve him here: On the production side of things, I just shipped Lex Luger, and next I will be turning my attention to my Marvel line and finishing Quasimodo, along with some older customs.
  4. I do have the parts to make one more of her. If you are interested you can submit the Google form still. I don't normally check the old forms, but in this case I will keep an eye out.
  5. Here is a hint for my next WWE custom: When this person first signed with the WWF, Vince McMahon wanted to name him Mason the Mutilator. But this wrestler hated the name, and came up with a new one, which McMahon liked and approved.
  6. We hope so too - but it would have to be a 2-pack of a figure that is already in production, and unfortunately there are not any army builders in Series 79, 80 or 81.
  7. We have 40 sets left out of the 500.
  8. For those of you who haven't received Shadow King yet, the hint was a Hellion that was also involved with Selene the Black Queen. And I actually will have a Starjammer coming later in this subscription year, but it isn't one of the 4 most well known ones.
  9. These are amazing insights. And don't look too closely at what I have been doing the past year - I have been slacking compared to years past! I have had to devote more and more time to my other business, partially because of the drop in Minimate releases. But Zach has been very supportive of my marketing efforts, and I will always appreciate that.
  10. A little bird told me about the upcoming Constrictor release after I posted my hint, so I changed my plans accordingly.
  11. Spider-X is up for preorder! \He comes with a spider web accessory and backdrop. This custom is a limited edition of 36, and you can preorder him here: For those of you show selected separate shipping for Shadow King, you should have received tracking numbers this morning. For those of you who have customs shipped with orders, make sure to leave me a note on your next order.
  12. It is Spider-X and he will go up for preorder this Sunday. Shadow King is nearly finished - I forgot to make his human Amahl Farouk heads, so I am working on those now.
  13. Correct - it was Diesel! He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here: I am currently finishing up Shadow King on the Marvel side of things, and some past customs for some older orders.
  14. Razor Ramon is 95% finished and will ship on Monday morning. Here is a hint for my next WWE custom: Prior to his time with the WWF, this wrestler first had a mohawk, and then a fake gray beard.
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