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  1. Ah yes the hint was a lesser known demonic X-Men villain that looks more like a Thor villain. Garokk is nearly finished - I am expecting him to ship on Saturday. Thanks! I have to follow my passions here, or I wouldn't be able to sustain this project.
  2. @OvenproofBug6 nailed it - Warstar! Warstar was a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard during the Phoenix Saga and many other events. He is composed of two aliens: B'nee and C'cll. This custom is based on his War of Kings / Realm of Kings appearance. This custom includes a space station backdrop and is a limited edition of 40. Here is the preorder link: If you are currently suffering financial hardships due to the pandemic, but would still like to reserve this custom, please contact me privately. I shipped out Spider-X this morning for those of you who selected individual shipping. We are receiving Marvel Minimates Series 79 this Wednesday - if you have Spider-X or any other customs held, and would like them to ship with a Series 79 order, please contact me.
  3. luke314pi

    wave 79

    I can confirm we are getting these on Wednesday.
  4. Not Smasher - although he is a possibility for the future, as I might actually have the parts for him. Not Fang or Starbolt - I don't have the right parts for them. Think green.
  5. The Heartbreak Kid is ready for preorder! He comes with a microphone and a Heartbreak Hotel backdrop. He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here:
  6. I have a hint for you for my next Marvel custom. I made a mistake before and remembered this character's affiliation wrong. He is not a member of the Starjammers - he is a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Currently Spider-X is about 50% finished (drilling all of these arms is a bigger job than I was expecting!), and then I will start on Garokk.
  7. Hey guys, these last few weeks I have gotten bogged down with my other business (web design and social media), and I have not had any time to spare for customs. I am pushing April's Marvel and WWE customs ahead to May. Subscriptions will not change - they are still based on 12 customs released. The next custom to be released will be Shawn Michaels on the WWE side. The next customs to be produced and shipped will be Spider-X on the Marvel side and Mankind on the WWE side. I am sorry about these delays! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe during these crazy times.
  8. Diesel shipped today for those of you who selected individual shipping. Here is a hint for my next custom, who will be released this Sunday: This wrestler was the first man to ever win a Royal Rumble as the number 1 entrant.
  9. During these difficult times, I think some new Minimate reviews and photos might help cheer people up. Would anyone like to write reviews for Minimates Central? We are looking for people who are good writers, can take and edit photos, and would be comfortable learning how to post reviews on Wordpress. Feel free to ask questions here, or send me a PM if you are interested.
  10. Yes but sometimes Paypal does strange things, and doesn't actually email an invoice unless I have them send reminders. I will do that now.
  11. I like the tone of Ragnarok, but I do wish it had more emotional moments. They had a lot to work with, and there could have been some really heartfelt moments and gut punches, while still being a comedy.
  12. My timelines always seem to be a little off, but this is the version I had the parts to make, which is always the challenge.
  13. It was Garokk! This X-Men villain can rearrange the very fabric of the Savage Land. He includes a backdrop of his death cult shrine. He is a limited run of 40 and you can preorder him here: On the production side of things, I just finished Quasimodo, and next I will return to my WWE line to finish Diesel.
  14. I am changing things up again - the next custom was going to be Wither, along with one of his victims. However, with the current pandemic, I can't release a character whose power is to spread death through touch, leaving withered up corpses. So here is a hint for the next release (taken from next year's line-up): this X-Men villain is worshiped as a god by his followers.
  15. Solicitation image from Diamond! Our preorders are here.
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