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  1. Another positive thing to add - Marvel Series 76 sold out quickly at Diamond and my other suppliers. Now perhaps DST produced less, but a fast sell-out is still a good thing for the health of the line, and also the perceived health of the line by other retailers.
  2. No guesses? It was Vince McMahon! This is the early 90's version of him, and he includes a microphone and classic WWF backdrop. This custom is simpler than my other WWE customs, so he has a lower price. Also he is not part of any custom subscription - right now I am in between WWE custom subscription years so I can offer characters like this. He is a limited edition of 25, and the preorder link is here: Rowdy Roddy Piper shipped recently, and Jerry The King Lawler will be shipping out this week.
  3. Rowdy Roddy Piper just shipped out for those of you who selected separate shipping, and Jerry Lawler will be shipping out next week. Here is a hint for my next custom: This person was with the WWF from the very beginning, but didn't turn heel until late 1997 / early 1998.
  4. luke314pi

    wave 77

    Nope it is tomorrow for us as well. I can't wait!
  5. First place goes to Transforming Super Venom, second place to Flashpoint Batman, third place to Alternate Universe Batman, and fourth place to Thor Laufeyson! And our randomly selected winner was Ghost Spider. Congratulations! I will be contacting the winners soon. Keep an eye out for our next customizing contest at the end of the summer!
  6. By the way, the pegs on the stands in this set are are messed up - the peg is way too small for a Minimate foot hole. Otherwise it is a great looking set. I will post a yay shot tomorrow.
  7. Yeah everyone knocked it out of the park!
  8. It's time to cast your votes in our Alternate Universe Custom Contest! We received some amazing entries that you definitely need to see:
  9. Bastion has sold out - thanks everyone for the support! I don't expect invoices to go out until tomorrow evening, or possibly into Tuesday.
  10. Today starts a new subscription year of custom Marvel Minimates! The subscription is still optional, and I have details below. The first figure is Bastion! He includes a head and torso for his Operation Zero Tolerance look and also his Uncanny X-Force look, including a wired backdrop. The custom Minimate subscription option will run for 12 months, from this month until May of next year. It will only be available this month (you can't sign up next month or any other month). You can choose to pay for the full year now, or half now and half in 6 months. The benefits are a 10% discount, and not having to worry about getting a custom before it sells out. And once again, the subscription is completely optional - each custom will also be available individually each month just as they are now. I am super excited for another year of customs to start! Here is the link: Sorry I didn't see this post until now!
  11. Lawler is the last custom in the first subscription. Next I will have 2-3 months without a subscription, as these customs might not fit into a subscription model.
  12. The King is up for preorder! He includes a microphone and a King's Court backdrop. He is a limited edition of 25, and preorders are available here:
  13. I received other messages through FB and Instagram requesting alternate payment options for the subscription, so I will be adding an option to pay half upfront, and the other half after 6 months. I hope that helps! The next custom with optional subscription will go up on Sunday June 16th.
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