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  1. I have to swap around some customs, so scratch that last hint. New hint, new character: A lesser known Spider-Man and Midnight Sons villain who also appeared in the Spider-Man Unlimited game.
  2. For those of you who didn't receive it, the clue was something like "an ex-SHIELD agent who was also in the Masters of Evil."
  3. Now that is one scary dream. I feel like I would at least try to craft myself some sort of underwear using minimate packaging and mailing tape.
  4. luke314pi

    wave 79

    I just got word from my Diamond rep - Series 79 is NOT cancelled. They had to change item codes due to an internal code error, so the old code shows up on the cancellation list. But it has a new code and is on track for production!
  5. Oh my bad - yes I see @Scorpion guessed him originally.
  6. @elhonez guessed this one right - my next custom is Quasimodo! Quasimodo is featured in his physical form and also includes his super intelligent computer form from his first appearance. This custom set is a limited edition of 36 and you can preorder him here: This week I will be finishing up Razor Ramon on the WWE side of things, and then I will turn my attention to Shadow King.
  7. Lex Luger is up for preorder! He is a limited edition of 25 and you can reserve him here: I am currently finishing up Paladin on the Marvel side of things - he will ship this week. Then I will start on Razor Ramon.
  8. Separate the pieces, then put a tiny but of super glue or clear nail polish on the peg. Then put the pieces together and twist them around for 5 seconds. Then separate them again, and let them dry separately for 2 hours. Afterwards it will be a tighter fit. If it is still too loose, rinse and repeat.
  9. I got absolutely buried with other work over the holidays, so I didn't get him released yet. He will go up for preorder this Sunday instead.
  10. I would like him to have a larger chest piece, like I did for Andre the Giant. Something like Gabe from Walking Dead. I don't think Vader would look right with a normal chest block. The problem is that I don't have 25 chest blocks like that, and even if I did, it would take too much time to hand paint them all, especially because of the red on his outfit. Painting red over any color needs at least 3 coats if not more. So I don't think he is an option for these releases.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! The trouble with a lot of costumes is that I simply don't have the parts to make a run of them. I wish I did! My new custom will be going up for preorder tomorrow instead of today. It isn't Vader (I don't have the parts for him) or Sid (he might be coming later!).
  12. Undertaker will be shipping on Saturday, and my next custom will go up for preorder on Sunday. Here is a hint: Although this wrestler won heavyweight championship titles in other organizations, he never won any championship title in the WWF, despite the fact that he fought in matches for every single title available. During his time in the WWF he spent time as both a face and a heel.
  13. All of my customizing time last week was dedicated to the custom included in our Luke Crates, which are shipping out tomorrow. Now that those are finished, I will be turning my attention to The Undertaker first, and then to Paladin. I am also finishing up some older customs for some of you. Shadow King is up for preorder!
  14. Here are the winners of our 4th Luke's Custom Squad Contest! First place is Darth Vader, second place is Hush, third place is Sindel, fourth place is Catwoman, and our random winner is Namor. Congratulations to all of the winners! I will be contacting you about your gift certificates soon. I will be announcing our next customizing contest in the Spring.
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