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  1. Our newest WWE release is here - the classic WWF wrestling ring! It features Wrestlemania logos on 2 sides, and removable stairs. We only have 16 of these, and they are available for preorder here: Vince McMahon just shipped, and the Legion of Doom will ship in 2-3 weeks.
  2. It was the villain known as Quicksand! She includes a second set of attack arms and a Hydroman character cut-out. Pics are attached. This custom set is a limited edition of 32 and the preorder link is here:
  3. A villain who first appeared in Thor. A female, but not Titania.
  4. My next custom will go up for preorder on Sunday - this villain originally appeared in Thor comics in the late 80's, and since then has been involved with The Thunderbolts, Dark Reign, Siege, and Fear Itself.
  5. The Legion of Doom (a.k.a. the Road Warriors) are up for preorder! This set of customs is a limited edition of 25, and you can preorder them here:
  6. It could be next Sunday, but I'm not sure yet. If it is, I can hold you a set.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! Here is a sneak preview of my next release:
  8. My next custom release is a set of 2 - William Stryker and Mutant Protester! Stryker includes a pointing hand and a Nimrod gauntlet from his Uncanny X-Force run, while the Mutant Protester includes a protest sign. This custom set is a limited edition of 32. It will ship by the 3rd week of August, and possibly sooner. Reserve yours here: For those of you waiting for Bastion, he will ship in one week. Thanks for your patience!
  9. Another positive thing to add - Marvel Series 76 sold out quickly at Diamond and my other suppliers. Now perhaps DST produced less, but a fast sell-out is still a good thing for the health of the line, and also the perceived health of the line by other retailers.
  10. No guesses? It was Vince McMahon! This is the early 90's version of him, and he includes a microphone and classic WWF backdrop. This custom is simpler than my other WWE customs, so he has a lower price. Also he is not part of any custom subscription - right now I am in between WWE custom subscription years so I can offer characters like this. He is a limited edition of 25, and the preorder link is here: Rowdy Roddy Piper shipped recently, and Jerry The King Lawler will be shipping out this week.
  11. Rowdy Roddy Piper just shipped out for those of you who selected separate shipping, and Jerry Lawler will be shipping out next week. Here is a hint for my next custom: This person was with the WWF from the very beginning, but didn't turn heel until late 1997 / early 1998.
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    Nope it is tomorrow for us as well. I can't wait!
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