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  1. I wanted an in-scale trailer for Optimus - this is the closest I could find. It's called Prime Commander by Dr. Wu and it runs around $30. The trailer opens, and the roller can go inside.
  2. WandaVision was my favorite Disney+ show so far, but yeah it did seem like Multiverse of Madness reversed and straight up forgot all of the excellent character work they did with Wanda.
  3. I do have Shang-Chi as #13 on my full list lol, but I did not really enjoy Love and Thunder or Multiverse of Madness. And I haven't really thought about where Wakanda Forever fits in yet.
  4. You nailed exactly what I love about the first Thor and Cap movies. And although I did limit my list to MCU movies, I do think Spider-Man 2 is one of the best superhero movies of all time. Although now is it technically part of the MCU after No Way Home? 🤔
  5. I love making top 10 lists. Here are my favorite MCU movies in order. What are yours? Avengers: Infinity War Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man Captain America: The First Avenger Avengers: Endgame Avengers Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man: No Way Home Thor: Ragnarok Captain America: Winter Soldier
  6. Preorders from our old store shipped on Thursday, but since the old store system no longer exists, shipping confirmations were not sent. They should be arriving very soon.
  7. I'm sorry but the two systems wouldn't allow previous order history to be transferred - only reward points. We do have all old preorders saved, and a bunch of G.I. JOE 2 ones will be shipping out tomorrow morning.
  8. You know what? I have an Elixir face decal that I made 12 years ago. I don't have the parts to release a full Elixir custom, but I am willing to include this face sticker for free with Vanisher. 2 copies in 2 different shades of gold to make sure it can match whatever gold arms people can find. Here is the preorder link:
  9. I had a request for a pic of him with X-Force, so here you go! 😁
  10. Here is Vanisher! As I mentioned earlier, Vanisher features his modern X-Force appearance and he includes an alternate tattooed torso. He is a limited edition of 32, and the preorder link was just emailed to past subscribers. I will post the public link here tomorrow.
  11. That is a great idea - I would have to wait and see what sales were like on this first box set. I LOVE this series and I want it to be a massive success, but an exclusive is a huge financial investment for us, and the previous TMNT series didn't sell well enough to warrant an exclusive, even though this new series is obviously cooler.
  12. What a cool set! I love the blimp display too. 😁
  13. Series 2 is on my ship list for next week. 😁
  14. I guess I made it too easy! Yep it's Vanisher, who shares the same last name as me. @NerdyTrev guessed it first! Vanisher has a modern look based on his Uncanny X-Force appearances, and includes an alternate torso with his fully tattooed chest and back. I expect him to go up for preorder this weekend. 🤣🤣🤣
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