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  1. One person on Instagram said it was the original head that the G1 figure came with, and someone on Facebook said it was Bumblebee in battle mode. I love Transformers, but I am not a super fan, so I'm not sure which is correct. I love how you can see the Matrix of Leadership in Optimus's chest!
  2. 5 out of the 12 are from the X-Men side of Marvel, although not necessarily from the main Uncanny X-Men / X-Men titles. I would say that among those 5 there is a healthy mix of different X-titles and years represented.
  3. I have my next 24 customs planned out. I also keep a spreadsheet for what parts from each set I am able to use, and then I know what parts are available for future customs. For example, at one point I had 35 sets of Patch/Lady Deathstrike. So with my spreadsheet I knew that I could use Patch's upper body for Arcade, lower body for Black Tom, and Lady Deathstrike's hip piece for Jack of Hearts, one arm for In-Betweener, hands for Black Tom, and an upcoming use for her legs. Here are some fun numbers: My customs have used parts from 90 different Minimate base figures so far, and let's assume each Minimate has 8 usable parts (hair, head, torso, set of arms, set of hands, hips/legs, set of feet, one accessory). That is 720 different usable parts available to me. I probably average 30 customs per release, so I am drawing upon a pool of over 21,000 Minimate parts to create these customs.
  4. Unfortunately he was very limited and sold out immediately - sorry! I can make more if you supply the parts I am short on - I would need a Neomorph or Teenage Neomorph from Alien Covenant (the Toddler and Chestburster will NOT work), a Predator Hound, and a Hooded Michonne hood.
  5. Hey guys, I have been unbelievably busy with my other business this summer, and it has left me with no time for customs. Gorr is currently about 30% finished. My workload will lighten up in August, so I expect that is when he will be finished, and then I can get to work on the next custom subscription. I have some of the designs completed already, as I worked on some ahead of time in 2020, and they are some really fun characters. I'm sorry for the delay!
  6. My latest WWE custom is up for preorder - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! He is comes with an alternate torso block with a logo shirt. He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here:
  7. Retailers can order as many as they want, but their orders will be allocated. So for our store if I ordered 100 or 200 or even 1000 sets, I might only get like 50 no matter what my order was. That is how it works with many SDCC exclusives for retailers. So most stores play it safe and assume they won't get their full order, so they only make 50 preorders available. If they happen to get more, they can always put them back in stock. That is what we will have to do for our store.
  8. The first of 2 SDCC 2021 Minimate Exclusives has been revealed - it is called the Marvel Minimates Commemorative Collection Gift Set and includes the 6 founding Avengers. The unique thing about this set is that it will be packaged in a hexagonal display with one character on each side. Retail price is $39.99. We will have it up for preorder, but we are waiting for the 2nd set to be revealed so we can offer both sets at the same time. EDIT: New art below
  9. This pic from a convention set-up seems to show it on the ground as a separate piece. It doesn't look like there is enough room behind Scott's head for a separate cowl piece with the blast attached, like we have seen in the past. But I would also be surprised to see it released this way.
  10. Thanks guys! This custom pre-sold out before I could post the link publicly - I'm sorry that everyone couldn't get one. If anyone else would like to buy one and couldn't preorder, I can make more if you supply the two parts I am short on - I would need a Neomorph or Teenage Neomorph from Alien Covenant (the Toddler and Chestburster will NOT work) and a Hooded Michonne hood. Feel free to hit me up over email or messenger.
  11. If you were a subscriber of my last Marvel custom Minimate subscription "year", or if you purchased all of those customs separately, check your email as you will have first dibs on my newest Marvel custom (or if you are BHM you know you are good to go). I made the decision to let these individuals preorder first due to limited availability, and I apologize in advance if anyone who wants one is not able to get one. This is one of two special releases that fall in between subscription "years" (in quotes because it took me more than a year last time). This release is Gorr the God Butcher, a modern Thor villain. He includes two berserker blades, a fallen god helmet, a mountain backdrop, and a full custom of a Black Berserker. He has a higher price of $35 plus shipping due to the additional time required to make him as opposed to my other customs. I can only make 25 of these due to limited parts. If there are any preorders left after the subscribers / all-in buyers have had a chance to preorder, I will post the preorder link tomorrow as a comment in this post. Thanks everyone, and let me know if you have any questions! Wither is ready to go and everyone who selected individual shipping should have received tracking numbers this morning.
  12. It took a few days for my Diamond rep to get official confirmation, but he just got back to me, and this box set will not be allocated - production numbers have not been set yet, and retailers can preorder as many as they want for the next 30 days or so.
  13. As far as I can see, retailers can order as many of these as they like. But I do have a call with my Diamond sales rep on Monday, so I will clarify with him.
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