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  1. Sounds good, I can make several without jacket and shoes if anyone else wants one, and this might be a good option going forward for newer customs that sell out, and also for older customs that I still have some of the parts for.
  2. I'm sorry but he sold out! I could make another without the jacket (from Eddie Brock) or red shoes (from Sin City Series 3) if that helps at all.
  3. Here is a hint for my next wrestler: He wrestled in WCW (where he lost his only match to Sting), Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) and the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) before joining the WWE in 1995. Outside of the wrestling world, he and his wife own an insurance agency.
  4. Wither is up for preorder! He includes an alternate face and chest, victim Minimate with gun, and Hellions training room backdrop. I only have parts to make 28 of him, so he is a bit more limited than usual. You can preorder him here: He is the last custom in this subscription series. I will have more details on upcoming customs soon.
  5. Thanks guys! And he has the "bullet proof" design with the skull on the back of his vest.
  6. My next WWE custom is up for preorder - Stone Cold Steve Austin! He includes an alternate pair of legs (jeans) and a mini-sticker kit with 4 different shirt designs you can use on any black Minimate torso. He is a limited edition of 25 and you can preorder him here: Triple H is shipping out tomorrow morning for those of you who selected individual shipping.
  7. This is a great idea, and I wish something like this could work. However the first hurdle is that in the past DST has not let us pick the contents of an exclusive, even when we had the full funds available and were willing to buy 3000 sets. We had to accept whatever they offered and had ready, which I can understand as it is their brand. The second hurdle is that if DST did agree to an army builder 2-pack, they likely would not design the sets unless we had the funding available, which we currently do not. And we would not be allowed to design the sets ourselves. So people would have to
  8. For a variant like that we would have to commit to 3000 sets, which is far higher than we could ever sell. For any exclusive nowadays it would have to be 1000 sets or less in order for us to be able to sell through, and DST can't justify a run that low at the factory. We have worked with them on different options, and the numbers just don't work. The only reason we were able to get 500 of the Multiple Man sets is because it was the exact same figure as in the full wave. I wish things were different, but it looks like the only way we are getting another Marvel exclusive is if it was an army bui
  9. Kierrok the Damned is up for preorder! He is a demonic X-Men villain from a hellish dimension called the Cairn. Kierrok includes a rock and fire base, and a fire backdrop. He is a limited edition of 35, and you can preorder him here: For those of you who ordered Warstar this summer, he is finally finished and will ship tomorrow morning to those who selected separate shipping. I do not expect to have a long delay like that again. Next I will turn my attention to finishing Triple H so I can release my next WWE custom. I also
  10. Great introduction, and thanks for the shout out! Welcome to the MMV family!
  11. Warstar is about 90% finished - I just have to paint all of the little yellow eyes on B'nee. I have had zero time for customizing lately, as in addition to all of my usual work I have also been filming almost every day for another videographer who is stuck in another country due to covid restrictions. I expect to be back on a normal schedule after he returns on the first of the year. And I am hoping to finish Warstar very soon!
  12. Series 80 might start showing up as cancelled at some retailers, but don't panic, it is being resolicited under a new item number, and is still in production. I don't have an updated release date.
  13. Wow that was so long ago I don't even know what parts I used, sorry!
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