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  1. Thats to bad. I was actually looking forward to helping people out again this year.
  2. it was just announced yesterday. I'm buying 2 or 3 of this bad boy.
  3. It's Monday. Skate or Die!
  4. I use bags like these. I found them at walmart in the craft section. They make them in a bunch of different sizes.
  5. Hey Nessex! I used to be in the same boat. A few years ago I used to keep everything MIB. Then, as you have, ran out of room. Didnt want to get rid of the collection, so to lose the packaging was the only way. I'm not gonna lie, I didnt want to do it. I decided on a few sets that I still wanted MIB. and left those. Once I ripped open a few packages, the rest was a cakewalk. I decided that the vast majority of minimates there isnt much markup on resale and I wasnt planning on selling anyways, so that made it slightly easier. for the most part, I unbox everything now as I get it, or have time. dont leave much MIB anymore. and I havent looked back.Actually made me feel much healthier about my collection since it didnt take up as much room. I dont know the exact count of packages I opened...but it was enough to fill up 2 very large black trash backs. Good luck!
  6. Any one have an 8bit mario to trade? I wasnt able to find one. I have a Jiggly Puff or Charizard MIB.
  7. Wasnt going to get these (even though they are awesome). but this makes it really hard to say no.
  8. yeah are these still scheduled for Sept. 30?
  9. welp. guess that answers my question! lol
  10. I'm not typically a Star Wars toy collector (although I love Star Wars) but I wanted to get a new Stormtrooper. what are my chances of walking into TRU and finding one? ample stock?
  11. I watched that one for a while....then when it came down to it, I forgot to bid. doh! Congrats. On a side note, I saw a MIB Sentinal Max at a toy show this past weekend. I wanted to punch the owner in the face. $300. rediculous.
  12. nope. skipping Infinity this year. getting Skylanders Super Chargers and Lego Dimensions. My kids probably only played Infinity 2.0 a couple of times. They did like 1.0 a lot though.
  13. Hot Topic sells a ton of pop culture collectables, nowadays. I'm not surprised minimates are there now. HT gets exclusive POPS and probably more stuff that I dont know about. I would assume that most of the toy/collectable stuff they sell in there is spur of the moment purchases. TNBC isnt a mainstream Minimates line (compared to Marvel, Walking Dead, TMNT...) and they dont fit in much at a LCS. So I say it would work for the crowd they are marketing to.