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  1. Anyone else have any extra bats from NYCC?
  2. I still love Kubricks. I dont have to many, but always look for them. Would love to get the LOST chases and some Iron Man 2 and Maschinen Krieger
  3. You guys know they are cancelling the latest cartoon series, right? I believe they are continuing TMNT, just in a different direction then the current incarnation.
  4. so does this mean the upcoming Classic Turtles are not gonna come out anymore?
  5. all I know is my TRU has a ton my minimates on clearance and the new releases are peg warmers. (all licenses)
  6. Thats to bad. I was actually looking forward to helping people out again this year.
  7. it was just announced yesterday. I'm buying 2 or 3 of this bad boy.
  8. I use bags like these. I found them at walmart in the craft section. They make them in a bunch of different sizes.
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