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  1. I need to get the full set of these translucent ones once the con is over.
  2. Simply amazing! Another set of top notch figs.
  3. very nice! The outfit reminds me of Jesse in season 4 I was considering attempting to bash some BB 'mates myself. I was looking for a good price on a BTTF Marty so I could modify the hat for a Heisenberg bash.
  4. Those Hellions are sick! All of your customs are sick! Are you god? Side note, I challenge you to make a current Julian with the floating hands.
  5. There should be a ticket resale coming up but the competition for them are fiercer than regular registration. There is plenty to do outside of the con though if you do manage to come int town, but grabbing a downtown hotel for a decent price could be tough to come by.
  6. Looks good. I just voted but there were some tough calls.
  7. the NYCC site has some info on the new set, but no photos
  8. the new box is finally up on the NYCC exclusives page Not much in terms of price & photos but we are now a month away from in-hand pics.
  9. I should be getting my Iron Man Mark I 2.0 in a few days!
  10. I added you. I have been playing this game for a few weeks now. I refuse to spend real money on donuts that then are redeemed to build things faster, but its been fun-ish so far.
  11. Zachary, will the Halloween packs be available for purchase at NYCC?
  12. Probably because the writers and editors are American (I think they mostly are at least) working for an American based company and serving an American driven industry. When I heard he was Arab I was actually hoping he was a terrorist. Hear me out on this; green lanterns are chosen because they overcome fear, right? I think this suicide bombers, deluded as they are through religious belief, have tons of guts to go through with what they set out to do. It would have been a cooler story to take this bad guy and show him through the universe and other planets/species that his beliefs are narrow sighted in terms of the bigger picture.
  13. Last year on the Thursday was the smoothest day for walking around AND there was a booth giving away booze. As for somewhere fun to go afterwards, there is almost nothing near Javits. If you are going to walk to a bar just because it is close you might as well walk to the subway and go somewhere else. I'll be getting blitzed in the village & LES at nights after the con. NYU will be back in session and I might have a few comedy gigs booked.
  14. not bad. I'll be on the look out for sure.
  15. i picked up a MODOK at TRU today. The face tampo was perfect!
  16. I have a feeling that the Marvel Now redesigns might make a major splash in the new minimates releases, but I'd like to see a Winter Soldier or even an updated Nick Fury.
  17. I agree. I read a lot but don't post unless I have something to share or am impressed by something. I understand frustration but some of the guys commenting here are coming off as rude and entitled which is what turns me off from the community aspect of toy collecting. I hope to see everyone get what they really want but please be curteous to others. VIP people get stuff that they don't need all the time. Comic-Con is rife with parties that give away gift bags full of items that real fans would pay for with no question. The Sopranos had an episode that revolved around this.
  18. No problem guys. The Internet on my phone cut back out right after the panel so I couldn't answer anything. Yes, if I recall correctly he did say "Go out with a bang" for Halo.
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