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  1. I guessed Arcade back on Tuesday based off of Zach's clues and he never said no like he has shot down some of the others so...I think we've got 1 so far.
  2. Is anyone still looking for any of the newer or older Walgreens sets? I can help out anyone that hasn't been able to track these down.
  3. Other than a Marvel Legend figure a year or two ago I haven't seen much as far as figures for Boomerang. Is he prominent in comics now somehow?
  4. Arcade was just in Gwenpool recently and that would also fit the from the X-Men universe clue.
  5. Classic? Modern? Little bit of both? Was there already a line-up for TRU 25?
  6. I've seen the writing on the wall at my local TRU for a few months now. New Minimates just are not coming in anymore and I used to be able to get EVERYTHING which how I was able to help out so many on here over the years. It would be much easier if had these listed when they hit stores. I normally don't order stuff online but I would definitely order new Minimates online versus consistently being let down every trip to my local TRU.
  7. Have they shown any more Superman stuff or dipped into Justice League/Justice League Unlimited yet?
  8. I wasn't a huge fan of these animated waves to begin with and I find myself buying less and less of them. I'm down to 1 out of every 8 that I have liked since wave 4.
  9. I've never had any issues tracking down the TRU waves but I'm not too hopeful about finding this wave in my area. Normally they show up around the same time as when everyone else first starts to find them but the fact that wave 23 still hanging around on the pegs isn't a good sign. :/
  10. I personally went to two different Toys R Us stores last month that said they had the Marvel Legends Cyclops/Phoenix 2-pack. Each store was showing 3 in stock. They could not find them. They called 3 other stores in neighboring cities that also showed stock online. Those stores were also unable to find them. 5 Toys R Us stores...each of them showing that they had this item...none of them able to locate it. I LOVE Toys R Us but they can be down right aggravating from time to time.
  11. I completely missed out that whole JLU convo. I still have a complete JLU collection but boy was it difficult to try and find everything! I also have the extra SDCC set with the headcast. It looks just as good as the real thing.
  12. You're not anymore! They're definitely similar.
  13. Thanks but I'm all set. It just makes it hard to help out the people on here like I normally do. I pretty much just buy strictly classic comic waves of Marvel at this point.
  14. My local TRU hasn't been stocking any newer Minimates lately (no Watchmen, no Aliens, no Predator, no Dark Tower, no X-Files, no NBX) BUT they did get the POTC 3 cases of them...and they didn't all. They finally knocked them down to $5.99 and that cleared out the Ghost Sharks and Sparrow sets. There's still an entire peg full of that damn Henry/Carina set. Those damn TMNT space waves aren't going anywhere either.
  15. Meh, I was never able to track down a Poncho or Anna and those weren't blind bagged. The cast from the original Predator movie (which are really the only ones I wanted from these lines) have always been veeeery difficult to obtain which is slowly but surely souring me on this line now too. Hasn't wave 4 of TRU Predator been out for a month or two already?
  16. You wouldn't happen to have one stashed away in a back packet or a shirt pocket or a hot pocket, would you???
  17. Ugh! I was hoping at least one person on here would have some extras. I don't know, the past year or so it just seems like it's getting harder and harder to track down the Minimates that I want between some of the TMNT stuff, Predator stuff and Marvel blind bag stuff.
  18. these 2017 SDCC translucent Donatello minimates actually exist? I've been trying to track one down since I found out about them and I'm not seeing anything anywhere.
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