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  1. Put me down for Deathlok although I would also buy Machine Man and Shang-Chi.
  2. Ahhhhh, that makes sense then!
  3. I LOVE this wave. Two things that immediately stand out: 1. While I am not a fan of the masks that go over the heads, that half Peter Parker/half Spider-Man mask is brilliant! 2. Why does Spider-Man have the cuffed boots?
  4. TRU Marvel 25 is already out. There were pics posted earlier today in the FB group.
  5. I would also agree that we haven't gotten that definitive Classic Thor yet either. I have tried piecing one together based off of what's already out there and it's close...I just think we still need a perfect one. Same with Classic Punisher!
  6. Does anyone else need the Walgreens and TRU Ragnarok exclusives?
  7. Wow! So...these are pretty awful. I thought Modok was the character from the Gwenpool comic at first:
  8. Surprisingly, the Gwenpool set is the only one that is in stock. I never saw them in the store.
  9. I am seeing more and more of this problem. Are they using a cheaper glue to attach the plastic bubble to the card???
  10. Yeah, I was talking about the current Spider-Man 2099 that looks completely different. Marvel Legends just made that one recently.
  11. If only two of these are right: Boomerang / Spider-man 2099 Iron Doom / Superior Octopus Modern Rogue / Modern Cyclops ...I'm hoping it's the new Spider-Man 2099 (or an updated old version) and Iron Doom.
  12. With the quantities that he has, I wouldn't put it past him to drive the extra 30 minutes and clear out that TRU as well. I refuse to buy anything from him. There are plenty of helpful people on here and in the Facebook groups.
  13. I am torn between Prowler and Jackal. I can live without any Spider-Slayers.
  14. These are out! I'm glad I didn't have to buy that 4-pack just to get the 1 Beetle Juice I wanted.
  15. No, you can't tell us...or no, none of the villains are from the X-Men Universe?
  16. So...are there a lot of people that like the Glow In The Dark stuff? There seems to be a lot of GITD figures in this line.
  17. Whatever the most recent purple translucent Donnie was. That's the one piece that I'm missing for my TMNT collection. I've asked on here, in two Facebook groups and on a TMNT forum with zero luck. The other ones weren't nearly this hard to track down.
  18. I was most certainly going to buy them but I never preordered them. I have never preordered any Minimate purchase that I have made.
  19. No thanks. I still can't track down the most recent con exclusive.
  20. No way! If the sales from the first set or two weren't enough to keep it going then you're left with incomplete teams. I think you need to get the big names out first. #1 = Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael #2 = Shredder, Splinter, Casey, April #3 = Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Kraang #4 = Foot Soldiers x4
  21. Well...that sucks. Arcade has been on my wants list for quite a few years now. Zach, can you tell us if the villain is from the X-Men Universe?
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