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  1. All of these names being thrown around sound great to me! You could get an entire wave out of Venomverse/Edge of Venomverse characters like Gwenom, Gwenompool, etc.
  2. Ok, but...if he said he was leaving back on January 19th and is still on here as of February 4th...I think that's a good sign he's not actually going anywhere. I like the guy and I hope he does stick around.
  3. C'mon...get with the times, man! Even my almost 90 year old grandmother has a Facebook! p.s. Looks like Luke has a lot of good stuff that went up for sale today.
  4. My girlfriend's cousin sent me a message complaining about how awful these new TMNT designs are. You know it's bad when even the kids don't like it.
  5. There are plenty of other people that can help out in the two Facebook Minimates groups.
  6. Bleh! That version looks even worse! And Raph has nightsticks instead of sais?
  7. I'm a big TMNT fan but I would not buy any new Minimates that were based off of that new show.
  8. Looks like the sale started yesterday which is great because there are A LOT of minimates on the pegs that haven't been moving.
  9. Wait...was the BOGO sale supposed to be this week or next week? I thought you meant there was going to be a BOGO sale when Series 8 eventually hits down the road. The best of wave was a joke based on the April 1 release of Series 8 and you previously telling us that you would reveal the line-up for Series 9 when Series 8 hits.
  10. Didn't Zach say they would announce the next wave when that other wave gets released. Just in time to show off the next wave of the Best of Animated wave with Hawkeye and Black Widow, Hulk and Red Hulk, Captain America and Thor & Spider-Man and Iron Man.
  11. I'm still bummed TMNT got axed. I gave up on Predator after all of the difficulty of trying to track down the Minimates I wanted. I only buy the cool looking Xeno's from the Aliens waves. I'm pretty much just strictly Marvel comics at this point. My wallet is enjoying the reduced work schedule but I'm hoping there are some announcements of new licenses for movies or video games.
  12. You can enter a number in the quantity box to figure it out.
  13. Shockingly mine is not closing but they never stock any new Minimates so...
  14. My only complaint above this wave is the Chameleon slip-over mask. I have always HATED the slip-over masks. The proportions just look slightly off to me with the bigger head. I really think it should've been a regular Chameleon head and an alternate MJ head. p.s. That original Chameleon head from like 10 years ago is super outdated. I don't that would look good at all on the new body.
  15. So...does it help our chances at all if we base it off of the X-Men 92 comic instead of the cartoon?
  16. I think Beast and Gambit could definitely benefit from being redone. I've been wanting an updated Bishop since that Walking Dead French Sailor zombie with his red scarf! Zut alors!
  17. Maybe they can work him into a set like they did with Angela.
  18. I'm still waiting on those Minimates skinned bodies and skull/spine accessories!
  19. I'm still trying to track down Poncho and Anna.
  20. Thanks for all of the pics! I am loving these old school Spidey mates! Can we talk about how awesome the spider on the hand is for Peter Parker?!
  21. I think I have one of the few remaining functioning cell phones that look like that!
  22. Zemo seems to be the ONLY set that is selling with the latest wave. I have seen a few different Walgreens now that are all missing just the Zemo set.
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