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  1. Nobody has figured out what IF2 is. Is it possible that it was a typo?
  2. They're all older properties. Apparently one is coming back and a few people on here were told what it was. We know it's not Meat Lighter.
  3. Does it happen to rhyme with Meat Lighter?
  4. Was the returning license announced there or we still have no idea what it is?
  5. Street Fighter por favor. Hopefully the third time would be the charm for Blanka, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Vega and Balrog. 80's TMNT back from the dead would be nice too!
  6. What if...Walgreens started getting the stuff originally meant to be TRU exclusives? I would be very ok with that.
  7. I was able to place one last order before they closed. Normally the turnaround from placing an order to receiving the shipping confirmation is pretty quick but this last took almost two weeks. I thought for sure it was going to get cancelled eventually but everything has been shipped. It's really sad to see this all play out. I'm going to miss my TRU
  8. I am a current comic fan and collect mostly Marvel Minimates but I just don't feel like these need to be in my collection. Out of wave 74 and 75, the only two that I really wanted were the Spencer Captain America and Spider-Girl. The other ones look great (except for maybe Moon Knight) though.
  9. I haven't seen these in person yet but I thought they looked cool from the pictures that I have seen so far. With that said though, I feel like I don't need any of them in my collection.
  10. Yeah, A LOT of those packages have plastic bubbles that just completely fall right off the package. I've seen it with NBX, Predator, Alien, Beetlejuice and Watchmen so far.
  11. I don't know...I see an awful lot of Retro 80's TMNT merch around still. Even the kid's clothing section at most stores has the older versions. I feel like these would have definitely sold had they gone through with them. And how many more sets would have been accounted for had the people on here that wanted them preordered them? 100ish maybe? I don't think it would have made a difference anyways.
  12. You could ask on here or ask in the two Facebook Minimates groups. I'm sure someone could've helped you out.
  13. Wow! I guess I am not going to be buying those Sonic Minimates after all! What the hell happened? I was scrolling through the DST pics and I didn't even realize these were the Minimates at first. This is the first time where I feel like the Minimate body just did not translate at all to a property. Yikes!
  14. They all look cool but I feel like I don't need any of them.
  15. Now that's another awesome wave! I am really liking that Black Cat and Doppelganger! Who is the character in the middle of the display?
  16. Found this over in one of the FB groups: I am REALLY liking this wave so far!
  17. I would pick up a basic Sonic but that's about it (unless there are some crazy accessories that I'm unable to think of at the moment). Hopefully this will bring even more Minimates fans into the fold though.
  18. I agree with Yellow Daredevil and red/yellow Spider-Woman. I would also add Abomination, Astonishing X-Men Beast & Cyclops. I'd still like to see a prefect Classic Punisher and Classic Thor.
  19. Haha, can a mod just move all of the 75 posts to the 75 thread?
  20. Maybe symbiotes are not quite as "family unfriendly" as zombies? I feel like Venom has been all over the places the last few years. There have been quite a few different versions.
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