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  1. They look cool but I've never been a fan of X-Factor, Generation X, etc. I might pick up Beast.
  2. I have the Mega Blox Daily Bugle and Bank playsets if anyone wants them. The scale is perfect for Minimates.
  3. So you finally got the green light on the Zoo Animals Minimates line?
  4. Was that one in a blind bag or 2-pack? I have a few unopened blind bags that I haven't touched. I kinda gave up on buying Minimates for myself after having issues tracking stuff down with the Predator and TMNT lines.
  5. Interesting. Normally there a coupon prints out of a completely different printer near the register. I will have to start looking at my receipts!
  6. Just got this message from a friend of mine: "I found a new set of mini mates at Walgreens this morn. Already sold 2 for more than double i paid Starlord/collector spider/kraven enchantress/skurge hobgoblin/black spider" Why are people paying so much for these? Now we have people that aren't even Minimates collectors scalping these things. 😕
  7. Hi guys, I've helped out A LOT of people on here over the years and I was hoping some of you guys get help me out. One of my good friends is trying to get his very first comic off the ground. I'm a comic guy and I'm very picky when it comes to picking up comics but the artwork looks amazing and the story sounds intriguing. He started a Kickstarter at the beginning of the month and it runs until the end of July and he's slowly been approaching his goal but I'm worried he is going to fall short. There is one week left to help him accomplish his dream! "This is the FINAL WEEK of our #kickstarter campaign. 7 days are left to help us achieve our goal. We will NEED everyone's help to make this happen. Remember, Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING. Please support and share!"
  8. I'm not really interested in any of the animated or Avengers BC stuff. I wanted a Hammerhead but that one doesn't look like Hammerhead to me without the oddly shaped head.
  9. Nothing at all. Must be the same guy that posted it on the SDCC post in the Facebook group, haha.
  10. Anyone need the Dr. Strange/Thor set from Infinity War? I used to be able to find the Walgreens Minimates with no issues at all but these have become more and more frustrating to track down with either no minimates at all, a few old animated sets or 15-20 movie sets that aren't going to sell anytime in the near future. I don't even care to guess what's in the next wave. I've got one foot out the door with Minimates at this point.
  11. sounds like Gamestops won't be around much longer.
  12. Wouldn't it be a little awkward to return 20 or so sets of Minimates though? I still haven't seen the second wave of Infinity War stuff yet and I've never any issues with any of the Walgreens waves up until now.
  13. I sold off all of my old Toy Biz Marvel Legends and got into Minimates a looooong time ago. I just recently decided to start collecting the newer Hasbro Marvel Legends and I think I might sell them off again. The character selection is great and I never really have any issues finding what I'm looking for but the bigger figures tend to be very flimsy and I'm not a huge fan of the weird shoulder joints on some of my favorite characters (Spider-Man, Wolverine, etc.)
  14. Are these still going to be available at TRU stores in Canada? People are posting about finding the latest wave of Marvel Legends up north.
  15. Legos have consistently been a lower percentage than everything else with these TRU sales. Also, Legos typically aren't included in most toy sales at Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. I don't think they like to sell them at a discount for some reason!
  16. I think a price increase would cause a few more collectors to drop off. There already seems to be a lot of collectors that don't want to pay a penny over cost for a set when they need help with something. Personally, I already feel like I have one foot out the door with Minimates. The properties I was really into weren't handled very well and I'm just not really into any of the new stuff that has been announced.
  17. Is anyone looking for any older Walgreens sets? I just had someone bail on me after holding stuff for them four months.
  18. You can still return stuff as long as it was purchased before they announced their closing.
  19. That might be a blessing in disguise. I still haven't been able to track down a purple Donnie from last year to complete my TMNT Minimates collection. p.s. Are there any leftover purple Donnies from last year?
  20. I'm ok with just one Deathlok.
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