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  1. Put me down for Deathlok although I would also buy Machine Man and Shang-Chi.
  2. wave 74

  3. wave 74

    Ahhhhh, that makes sense then!
  4. wave 74

    I LOVE this wave. Two things that immediately stand out: 1. While I am not a fan of the masks that go over the heads, that half Peter Parker/half Spider-Man mask is brilliant! 2. Why does Spider-Man have the cuffed boots?
  5. wave 74

  6. wave 74

    TRU Marvel 25 is already out. There were pics posted earlier today in the FB group.
  7. Thor: Ragnarok

    I would also agree that we haven't gotten that definitive Classic Thor yet either. I have tried piecing one together based off of what's already out there and it's close...I just think we still need a perfect one. Same with Classic Punisher!
  8. Thor: Ragnarok

    Does anyone else need the Walgreens and TRU Ragnarok exclusives?
  9. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Wow! So...these are pretty awful. I thought Modok was the character from the Gwenpool comic at first:
  10. tru wave 24

    Surprisingly, the Gwenpool set is the only one that is in stock. I never saw them in the store.
  11. I am seeing more and more of this problem. Are they using a cheaper glue to attach the plastic bubble to the card???
  12. TRU Series 26

    Yeah, I was talking about the current Spider-Man 2099 that looks completely different. Marvel Legends just made that one recently.
  13. TRU Series 26

    If only two of these are right: Boomerang / Spider-man 2099 Iron Doom / Superior Octopus Modern Rogue / Modern Cyclops ...I'm hoping it's the new Spider-Man 2099 (or an updated old version) and Iron Doom.
  14. Predator Minimates

    With the quantities that he has, I wouldn't put it past him to drive the extra 30 minutes and clear out that TRU as well. I refuse to buy anything from him. There are plenty of helpful people on here and in the Facebook groups.
  15. Classic Spider-Verse: Informal Character Poll #4

    I am torn between Prowler and Jackal. I can live without any Spider-Slayers.