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  1. Like box sets instead of 2-packs?
  2. Wait...how are the faces peeling? Is this just on the alternate heads that have the the tape over them to keep them where they are in the package?
  3. I can hook you guys up with NBX & Dr. Strange. Let me know what you need.
  4. I've found about 5 sets each of Wave 2.5 & Wave 3 and I've been helping people out. Let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.
  5. Yeah, I agree with Mysterios Stranger that's it not a good regular Santa. I'm hoping we get a good one in the Elf line.
  6. I'm hoping for: Super Shredder Dark Leo Dark Mikey Dark Donnie Dark Raph Hun Shinigami Dark Horizons Mikey I reallllly hope that we DO NOT get a Foot Elite since it's the same exact body as Bradford & Chrome Dome. 3 versions of something so similar would be a little much. I'm looking forward to the accessories. They're really knocking it out of the park with the TMNT accessories.
  7. So Series 6 is based off of the newest season of the TMNT Nick cartoon, right? I'm banking on a Super Shredder & the Dark Turtles. Playmates just released those figures in their line and these new versions of the turtles look pretty cool. Can you reveal if any more of the Dark Horizons made the cut? I'm hoping Raph will get some company soon.
  8. I don't think anyone has mentioned God of War as one of the new lines. I mentioned it briefly when talking about Mortal Kombat though. Kratos was one of the add-on characters (Freddy, Jason, Predator, Alien, etc.) but those probably wouldn't be included in the MK license.
  9. Sounds like it might be time to clear out some older waves and donate to Toys for Tots then!
  10. I've got a Power Man/Spidey set. I might be able to grab a set of Series 3 too.
  11. If it isn't Mortal Kombat, I'd be ok with Marvel vs. Capcom AS LONG AS we finally get Blanka, E. Honda, and Dhalsim.
  12. 3 weeks and counting! Did anyone else want in on that Silk list?
  13. I don't know. I think they both look weird because their hair doesn't go all the way down like it normally does.
  14. Yeah, the same thing happened with Dillon. I don't know why they made the hat piece sit so high on the head like that. It has really taken away from those two figures because now they don't look quite right.
  15. Can you take a pic of the back of the package? I'm interested to see what the other figures are in this series.