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  1. I'd start at your local library. All of the libraries near me have pretty extensive comic books sections now with classic stuff and brand new stuff.
  2. Someone didn't follow the fucking directions! I'm normally one to nitpick little things that could be improved upon but this is the first set where I like all 4 characters and have no qualms whatsoever. I think they all great and as someone who doesn't need another Professor X, I love that we can make him into Mastermind!
  3. I prefer the Quicksilver that we've already seen over the one pictured in the comic with the green boots and green gloves. It looks like Marvel Legends went the same route as the Minimate.
  4. I think the Mastermind jacket is included. It looks slightly different than the Prof. X suit jacket.
  5. Wow! They knocked it out of the park with this one! Very impressive!
  6. And some skulls and a skull/spine combo.
  7. More Justice League Vinimates are on the way: http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/afi-first-look-at-wave-2-of-collectdst-s-justice-league-movie-vinimates-vinyl-figures/
  8. Boooooo! Send me a message next time you can't find something.
  9. I've got an extra set if you want it. I bought it for someone on one of the Facebook groups and then they backed out.
  10. So...these are out now?! I'll have to start checking around again. Hopefully those cases of wave 1 have disappeared.
  11. They had Squirrelanoids in the new Nick cartoon. Playmates made figures of them in their regular line.
  12. Are there Pirates Vinimates or just Minimates?
  13. Wow! This will be the first box set that I've purchased in a while. These look great!
  14. Does anyone need a full set of wave 68? I bought an extra set for someone and they apparently are never going to pay me for it.
  15. I think an updated Astonishing X-Men would look way better than the originals.