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  1. Wait...what?! So no Ecto 1 anytime soon, that's a bummer. is the electronic Ecto for Minimates or something else?
  2. I'd still like to see them finish out the Dark Horizons versions of the other 3 turtles. It's a little strange that we never got some of the bigger names like Leatherhead, Fishface, and Dogpound.
  3. Eh, Angel and Beast look pretty awful. I don't really think we need yet another Iceman but I'd be alright with a Cyclops/Marvel Girl set (maybe in a Classic Marvel wave instead of another Classic X-Men wave)
  4. I'll see what I can do for you guys. I've got extras of Nighthawk and Power Princess but Man-Thing & Luke Cage seem to be pretty hard to track down so far.
  5. What sets are you looking for, BigVis?
  6. http://tmnt2012series.wikia.com/wiki/Broken_Foot
  7. I've seen a few episodes from the new season so far and there's already a bunch of new characters and new looks: * Hun * Purple Dragons * New Foot Soldiers (they look like The Hand) * New Elite Foot Soldiers (which unfortunately look very similar to Bradford and Chromedome) * Shinigami * April (new black w/ yellow stripes jumpsuit) * Leonardo (black mask and different gear)
  8. It looks cool but what is this exactly?
  9. Did you guys see the Toys R Us NECA Aliens 30th Anniversary Deluxe Creature Pack yet? The chambers look like they're the perfect size for Minimates! http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=94801886&ab=TRU:tsearch_rr:Recommended for You:4
  10. I finally got around to reading some Squirrel Girl comics and I'm now a big fan. I'm looking forward to that one! Do we know what the pairings are for this wave or when they're going to be out? How far apart have the Walgreens waves been so far?
  11. We're up to 15 names on the Silk list so far.
  12. I'd rather see The Rock.
  13. I'd be super interested to trade you for that Baxter but I don't have an April.
  14. I've been asking for help on here, on Technodrome, and on the two Facebook Minimates groups. Nada. Those TMNT ones are one-per-case but some of the blind bag Predator stuff wasn't.
  15. Most of them are the one-per-case figures but there have been others that also sold out quick that weren't one-per-case figures. It is a big board but that doesn't always mean that other people can help out. I've been asking for help with Series 4 & 5 of the TMNT blind bag stuff for about 2 months now in 4 different forums/groups with a grand total of zero offers. I'm still holding out hope that The Silk list that I put together a while back helps people out on here that just want Silk. By the way...that Silk list is in the middle of Page 2 in this thread. I started it up back in July but I haven't seen a whole lot of people saying they want their names added to it. If you want Silk and think you'll have a hard time tracking one down on your own, let me know by posting a message on here and I'll add you to the list.