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  1. I thought that was last night. I didn't realize it's a month away!
  2. You are officially old then. All of the kiddies are saying "af" nowadays (pronounced a-f, just as letters).
  3. Things...just...got...interesting! Looking forward to seeing the artwork!
  4. I made a post with all of our guesses for the box set and hints from Zach back on Page 6.
  5. Hey yo, So it sounds like we're down to some sort of combination of: Toad / Marvel Girl / green Quicksilver / Prof. X / Magneto / Juggernaut I really hope Toad and Marvel Girl are in. I'd be okay with a green Quicksilver but I feel like it might be Prof. X and Magneto to add some more star power to the set.
  6. I'm interested to see what the Xenomorphs end up looking like. Is there a TRU wave for these too?
  7. Hahaha, I know. I got your Toad joke and was hoping that Zach's comment implied that Toad is indeed one of the four for the box set. I thought it would be funny to include that as an official hint. Now I really want to see a Toad 'mated? ...Did it just get weird?!
  8. Those were all of the guesses before we heard "One person guessed three of the four. But the fourth has been mentioned." Other hints from Zach: "Box Set is one new classic character, two never-made classic costumes and one requested update, I think. Title-specific." "Hellpop doesn't get it". It sounds like either ozymandias or fwoosheyman might be the 3/4 correct.
  9. Check your messages, boys!
  10. I thought the last Juggernaut was perfect. That's about as good as you can get with the 2" scale limits on Marvel.
  11. ...as in multiple people have guessed every character in the box set or as in one person correctly guessed all four in the box set?
  12. Toad? Toad? It's gotta be Toad! Is it TOAD?
  13. Why stop there? Why not have a Multiple Man...4-pack?
  14. They all look like that unfortunately. :/
  15. Wow! That's what Typhoid Mary looks like these days?!