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  1. I haven't bought any Minimates in probably about 3 years now but I would definitely buy Transformers and GI Joe Minimates.
  2. Does anyone have a purple Donnie laying around? I've been after that one for years now. 😕
  3. Is there a way to do a member search on here?
  4. I noticed that there was a new end cap in the toy department at a local Target that had a bunch of Entertainment Earth exclusive figures. One of the things hanging on the peg was one of the Big Bang Theory box sets. It ring up $14.99 on one of the price checkers.
  5. I just can't imagine Rocketeer Minimates doing well if 80's TMNT and Bruce Lee couldn't get enough collector interest.
  6. we know how cool MOTU Minimates would be!
  7. But...Hasbro makes Marvel figures too and we have Marvel Minimates. Or was Toy Biz still in charge of Marvel back when Marvel Minimates started and they were grandfathered in?
  8. Those were cancelled. They're only doing the Bruce Lee Vinimates now.
  9. Yeah, it sounds like the Sonic line is already dead.
  10. So what is the issue with Star Wars Minimates? Does LEGO have a stronghold on that license?
  11. Sonic may have more characters...I just think Mario has more recognizable characters. I'm pretty sure if I were to survey my middle school students that most of them would be able to identify ALL of the Mario characters while they would probably know Sonic and maybe would know Tails, Knuckles or Eggman.
  12. You're definitely right about that! I still have that entire Jakks line. I think the only figure they didn't make was a Clubber Lang in blue. There are multiple looks for each character though (street, training, pre-fight, post-fight, etc.) which should be plenty for at least a box set from each movie or multiple waves. I didn't even know Minimates existed back when the original Rocky stuff was released.
  13. I always preferred Sonic over Mario as a kid but I'm pretty sure all of the Mario characters are way more recognizable than any of the Sonic characters and you could get a lot more mileage out of that license. It's definitely interesting to see how these licenses play out. I would've never guessed that Nightmare Before Christmas would get as many sets as it did while something like 1980's TMNT or Bruce Lee couldn't even make it to production. I think these would work for well for tentpoles (some are never going to happen like you mentioned though): * Nintendo * Mortal Kombat * Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers * Star Wars * DC * He-Man * GI Joe * WWE * Harry Potter You can probably get a least a box set or wave of 2-packs out of these: * Indiana Jones * Austin Powers * James Bond * Rocky * Horror (Freddy, Jason, etc.) * Princess Bride * Goonies * Home Alone * Die Hard * Jurassic Park * Warriors * Gremlins * Rambo * Dumb & Dumber * Ace Ventura * The Neverending Story * Karate Kid * Dark Crystal * Labyrinth * Captain Planet * Tick * Kick-Ass * Dick Tracy
  14. are right on the money. I always thought a Mortal Kombat or a Power Rangers line would also be great for Minimates. I think it would be a great idea for DST to try and jump on stuff before it blows up. As a teacher, I had students talking about Minecraft, Roblox and Fort Nite at least a full year before clothes and toys started showing up in stores.
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