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  1. Another good box set of a team (of sorts) would be the crew of Star Trek Enterprise: Trip Tucker, Hoshi Sato, T'Pol, Travis Mayweather, Malcom Reed and Phlox. We already got Archer in the Legacy line and so this box set would finish off the team. Could even include the extra parts to make all of them in EV suits from the series as all of them were at one time in an EV suit. And a bonus would be Porthos as a mini figure. This would be easy as most of the crew use the same uniform just different piping for their division. T'Pol could actually use a design form several other past figures, since she wore basic body suits, the white one could be a recycle of Emma Frost. Another box set idea would be to finish off the Star Trek The Next Generation Crew: William Riker, Deanna Troi, Geordi LaForge, Worf, Guinan, and Data. We already have Captain Picard. This set could have the parts to make the Series Uniform and the Movie Uniform from First Contact and Nemesis. Also could include the parts to allow Troi to be made in a dress as she wore in the few few seasons of the show. Maybe a head swap to allow Troi to be Crusher or Pulaski. Maybe the parts to swap Data for Barclay or O'Brien. Same would be true for Deep Space Nine as well. We already have Sisko. So a box set would have Kira, Jadzia/Ezri Dax (via head swap maybe extra shorter arms and legs since Ezri was shorter than Jadzia), Bashir, Quark, O'Brien, and Odo. If you do a box set for TNG and include O'Brien, then you could swap him for Kai Winn or Kai Opaka or even Morn. Then we have Janeway and Seven of Nine from Voyager, so a box set would finish off that crew as well. Chakotay, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Tuvok, Neelix and B'Elana Torres. Could include parts to swap and use Torres' body to make a Seska, and then parts to make Torres, Chakotay and Tuvok as members of the Maquis. and a rubber salamander to show the mutated futuristic version of Tom Paris. Star Trek Strange New Worlds: Pike, Chang-Riley, Sam Kirk, Hemmer, M'Benga and Noonien-Sighn. That would be a good start to getting the new series launched in the Minimate Universe. The for Discovery: Burnham, Saru, Stamets, Detmer, Tilly and Linus. Need more aliens in the Star Trek Minimate Universe. Then could include parts to make other crew members of Discovery maybe or to make variations of the included characters. Having the extra parts or such would encourage the collectors and customizers to purchase multiple sets and thus help both Diamond Select and the Minimates realm of collectors. All in My Humble Opinion.
  2. I would love to see a box set to round out the Legion of Doom from DC. We have Riddler, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, a variation of Brainiac and Bizarro already made from the DC waves. A box set of six could round out the members: Black Manta, Captain Cold, Giganta, Scarecrow, Toyman and Gorilla Grodd. I know Solomon Grundy is missing but the box sets only seem to going with six figures. They could do extra parts to make Scarecrow a member of the Sinestro Corps. Giganta and Grodd could be 3 inch mates and maybe there could be a mini figure of a smaller Giganta that could be used to help show her growing in size. Could also offer the extra parts to make a variant look for Lex Luthor to appear as he did in the cartoon. Just a thought as we need more villains in the DC world of Minimates.
  3. The New Super Trek or Star Friends: The New Justice Trek or Star League: Thanks to Minimates Database for the images. I originally merged Scotty with Green Lantern as they are each my favorite characters in their respective universes. So I decided to see the point of view of another and I must admit that I am fine with the new perspective. Thank you Cylonchaney for speaking your opinion on my mash-ups. I appreciate the alternate point of view in my attempts to customize minimates without the parts to do so in a physical realm.
  4. I present the crew of the USS Voyager if they were gender swapped.
  5. Cylonchaney, I will re-examine my mash-ups as you do present a different point of view. I did Scotty as Green Lantern as they are both my favorite characters. But I can see Flash and Scotty as a good mix as well.
  6. Now if the DC Justice League were to be Star Trek crew members: And if the Original Crew of the Enterprise were to be the Justice League:
  7. The Crew of the USS Enterprise-D if they were gender swapped. Thank you once again to Minimates Database for the library of minimate image that I use for my mash-ups.
  8. Thank you for sharing the information about links not working, I believe I have fixed them. I appreciate the compliments for you had been able to see before my reply.
  9. So I decided I could not make up my mind for Dr. Crusher with a mutant mash-up, so I give you two versions of her. Doctor Moira Crusher and Dr. Beverly Braddock
  10. Here is the The Original Star Trek crew plus Captain Pike after the have risen from the dead. I have had this done for little while but I never shared it until now. Rest in Peace Nichelle the rest of the fallen cast who disembarked before her.
  11. Was not sure who to merge her with as she was not on my picture. I added O'Brien and Yar but was not clear about Crusher. Any ideas?
  12. Star Trek as Battlestar Trek. Battlestar Galatica as Battletrek Galatica
  13. So I did mash-ups for Star Trek and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here is the Crew of the ISS Benatar: Here are the Guardians of the Mirror Universe:
  14. Thank you, Luke. That means a lot from you. I appreciate all the support of the mock-ups I have shared. Again, I could not do it without Minimates Database. And to all of you, I appreciate the community we have here at Minimates Multiverse.
  15. Here is what I made for the TNG crew. I have a picture on my bulletin board in my office of the TNG Crew as X-men so I used that for my ideas. You have Professor Picard, Colossus Riker, Storm Troi, Cyclops LaForge, Nightcrawler Data, Forge O'Brien, Jean Grey Yar, & Worfarine.
  16. I was just fooling around one day and wondered "What if the Avengers were really the crew of the Enterprise?" So I did a mock-up of what I could see if that was so. This would be the version of the crew were the Avengers. With alternate version of Kirk and Scotty. Here could be the reverse if the Avengers were the crew of the Enterprise. Sorry for the quality of each picture, had some troubles getting them to reduce for editing. Also once again thanks to Minimates Database for the images I used to make my concepts.
  17. Here is a mock of my Broken Mirror Star Trek TNG Comic Mini-series of Minimates. You have Mirror Picard, Mirror Riker, Mirror LaForge, Mirror Troi, Mirror Data, Mirror Yar, Mirror Dr. Crusher and Mirror Wesley Crusher. Thanks to the images at Minimates Database for helping me make these images.
  18. I will be looking in my parts fodder for extra odd heads to see if any of them will allow the helmet to go one. The green ranger helmet works just fine and comes off easy. But I will likely display one with helmet and one without.
  19. I ordered three sets as I like to keep one set completely sealed. I opened one set to display and can't get the pink or blue rangers' helmets on the figures. I have not opened my second set yet as I like to have one set to tinker with for display purposes but I do hope that when I do I can at least get the helmets on them.
  20. Wow, we are getting a third wave of Transformers! They look nice but I wish we would have gotten a whole new character and not a repeat character as a variant. Starscream was nice but we need more new characters than variants to get as many characters as possible. I would have been more excited if it was one of the other jets that were from Starscreams era. Thundercraker or Skywarp or such. It would be easy as they could just change the color scheme and saved the variant for a wave with more variant mates from the line.
  21. I would purchase a box set that allowed the creation of several different characters from the parts in the set, but I would not pay $100 on one set as I would want at least four sets to have the ability to make all the variations and yet still have the mates that came in the set, so I think $50.00 a six pack is a little on the steep side. I would do $40 or less a six pack and I would then purchase at least four sets if I could get the parts to make multiple figures by doing so. I do think however, that a six pack to finish off the crews for each series would be great.
  22. There is one comic shop locally and they are a branch of a small Chicago, IL area series of stores. Graham Cracker Comics is the name. They show minimates on their website but they are sold out and the ones they show are older sets and even some sets that never got released (Bruce Lee and Kingdom Hearts wave 3). I have asked them in the past if they can get Minimates and they said they would and I even asked if I could get a full case to make it easier for them and they never replied. I would do my best to buy a case of each wave if they were to carry them in their Normal, IL location which is the local store for me. I wish I had the means to get and distribute Minimates myself but I don't. I really like Minimates over other minifigure lines even Lego. I am just said to see them fade into the void of a long dark night. I wish Target and Walmart would sell them in their stores and not through third party vendors on their websites.
  23. Thanks, Zach. I only wish I had the parts to make these, but I am limited where I live and funds are tight as well. With Walgreens getting out of the Minimates business, I am stuck to online and that will further limit my ability to purchase mates as my wife will monitor the credit card transactions more than my cash purchases.
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