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    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Aaron Doral from BSG had a reddish jacket that you could maybe use. Not sure if there is any mate with matching colored legs but it is an idea if you don't have the Netflix Trish mate.
  2. Captain Paco

    Minimate Holiday Card Contest

    Congratulations to all who got in the top three! It was a hard choice but You all did GREAT work.
  3. Captain Paco

    Battle Beasts Minimates

    I would so love to get the Black Bat Battle Beast minimate. I had several extra Merk mates, that I did a customized version to make it look like the the cancelled falcon that was Robin-esque. I had read somewhere when the wave of Battle Beasts that was cancelled was attempting to pay homage to Batman and Robin with the two mates and that they would have been in the same blister-pack.
  4. Captain Paco

    Minimate Holiday Card Contest

    Here's my holiday greeting card/holiday postcard.
  5. Captain Paco

    Kingdom Hearts

    Just curious, I ordered a Sark and Space Paranoids Goofy from Luke's Toy Store as I am a fan of the original Tron movie. Anyway, I am curious to know if anyone has noticed any paint errors on Sark. The red design on his left upper thigh is partially missing. The rest of the paint detail appears to be normal, from what I can tell. I am not too worried as he was the set I had opened to display next to my Tron minimate from wave 1. I will be ordering a second set to keep sealed. However, after noticing the error on Sark, I then noticed the painting on my Tron's legs seems off as well. All the details are there but they are skewed and not even. Anyway, I am happy to have Tron as a minimate and same as Sark, only wish we could eventually get more from Tron in general. Also, the Space Paranoids Goofy is much nicer in person than the online images made him out to be.
  6. Captain Paco

    Luke's Custom Squad - 1st Contest!

    Good Job to everyone who entered. I found it tough to vote for the entries as they were all very good. Congratulations to all the winners.
  7. Captain Paco

    TRU Series 26

    I just got my order from Walgreens. I placed my order yesterday at like 11 AM and I got them today before 1 PM, so that was fast. I ordered two of the Cyclops/Rogue packs and two of the Spot/Iron Spider packs, but only one of the Hologram Tony/Madame Masque packs. I am happy with everything except how they were packaged in the shipping box. One of the Cyclops/Rogue packs was bent back. It was okay as I was planning to open one of the two, so that is the one I opened. I am liking them and may try to order more if I can come up with the funds to pay for them.
  8. Captain Paco

    Where did everybody go?

    Hello, handsomedevil. Welcome back (of sorts), I do find the multiverse a great place to keep up on the news of MiniMates and to get ideas of new custom ideas for MiniMates. I do wish it was easier to post photos to the site because when I do it appears no one can see them. And to you MisterPL: so very sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I lost my mother-in-law 3 years ago and it still affects my wife and I. Just know that he will be with you forever in your heart and in your memories. My condolences to you and your family.
  9. Captain Paco

    Secret Santa 2017?????

    Just asking, as I was looking to see if there would be anyone organizing a Secret Santa for 2018. I was not able to participate last year and so was looking for it for this year. I can't organize it but would like to participate if it happens.
  10. Captain Paco

    wave 77

    I really could go for a New Hydroman. I never got him the first and only time he was released.
  11. Curious: What parts did you use to make Doomstar? I see Hobgoblin's face, and Kraven's left arm and Captain America (IW) chest, waist and legs? Is that the Collector's cape? A SHIELD Armor Spider-man helmet? I am thinking of making a version of it myself after being inspired by yours. Also, what parts did you use on Gun Tiger? I see Kraven's chest piece and feet, Hobgoblin's chest, Sabretooth's legs and arms? Whose's head, and hands? As always, I do like your work.
  12. As always, Great job on your newest customs, I am always in awe of how you come up with such good names and quick background info. I like them all and wish I had the funds to get the fodder to make the all for myself. Really like the Hot Tub Hulk, he could almost go with your Avengers/X-Men Calendar Men you had a while back.
  13. Captain Paco

    Mega construx TMNT blind bags series 5 and 6

    Would like to get the Star Trek The Next Generation Data figure.....but have not seen them around here in Bloomington/Normal, IL.
  14. Hello, I am trying my hand at making Star Trek Minimates that have not been made. I am not great at sculpting but I will give it a chance. Most of my customs are going to be quick changes or altered parts by using a little paint or the use of sharpies. I also will be attempting to branch out from Star Trek and make other minimates as well but to start off I am focused on Star Trek but keep watching as I will from time to time stick in Non-Trek mates. I had a listing on here but it was not titled well so I started a new one to showcase my customs better. (I wanted to add that I attempt to get the mates in the best focus I can but my camera is not the best and I appologize for the fuzzy/blurry images. I am working to see about getting a new camera.) Special Thanks to Luke314pi and TM2 Dinobot for either helping me by producing decals for me or by helping me get parts I needed to make the characters I have envisioned I want for my collection. My first custom was Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager. I made her from a Commander Sisko body, Cally from BSG hands & hair and I forget whose head I used. After I got a few more minimate parts I reworked Janeway and altered her head and hair. (the hair I think is from a BSG female [Athena I think] but I forget whose head it is.) (Since DST released an official Janeway minimate, I have retired my personal customs and reused the parts in other customs I have in my personal collection.) Then I tinkered with Andorians after the release of the Atlantian Soldier minimates. I wanted them to look like mercenaries and pieced them together with BSG minimates and other parts. I used a blue plastic coated paper clip for their antennae. I reworked them after finalling getting "Shran the Andorian" action figure and so I used Thor Movie figurs to make my vision better. I have several more customs and I will add them as soon as I can get the rest of the photos in my computer. Thank you for letting me share with all of you.
  15. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Here is a prehistoric Gorn I was playing around with the new Avengers of 1,000,000 BC Ghost Rider and made.
  16. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Here are a few Star Trek Customs I have in progress. Locutus of Borg Captain Archer from "In A Mirror Darkly" and Bem from an episode of the Animated Star Trek Series. He is a Work in Progress.
  17. Captain Paco

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Thank you, so I am not sure why some can see them and others cannot.
  18. Captain Paco

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    If any one can help, I am using Google Photos and copying the link to my posts here. Not sure what is going wrong.
  19. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    I was inspired by Prowl-Ar's Borg-Pool. And being a fan of Star Trek and staring to really get into Deadpool, I made two of my own. The first one is not an exact copy of Prowl-Ar's but I really liked his and the second one is I figured why not as I had the parts.
  20. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Some of my custom Deadpool as other characters.......... Wolvie-Pool Dare-Pool Falcon-Pool Spider-Pool Iron-Pool
  21. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    My vision of Loki as the God of Thunder..... I used AoA Rogue's cape, Loki's head and head piece and Dark Avenger Thor's body and hammer. I am working on Thor King of Hel as well but need to figure out the head to use and wait on the Blood Hammer to turn out.
  22. Captain Paco

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    I think I may have fixed the issue. Thanks for posting your issues. You should be able to see them now, I hope.
  23. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Here is a custom mermaid I had made long before undersea gal came to Minimates. I used Marrina's chestblock, arms and head and a trident from Shapeways. I then used Model Magic to sculpt the fish tale.
  24. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Here is a Hawkman that I like better than the standard issue. I used Night Owl's legs and hip piece and then the top half of the original release Hawkman.
  25. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Here are some images of customs I have on display in my office along with all my Star Trek minimates. First is the Masters of the Universe....some are still Works in Progress and they are not on display (Buzz-Off, Clawful, Faker, and second Evilyn). Man-at-Arms, Teela and He-Man The helmet and chest piece for Man-at-Arms, the staff and headpiece and waist piece for Teela, The sword, chest piece, waist piece and shield for He-Man were all from Shapeways. The rest are parts I had on hand. May change out Man-at-Arms face at some point. Skeletor, Beastman and Evil-lyn Skeletor's cowl, waist piece and staff, Evil-lyn's headpiece and scepter are from Shapeways. The rest are from parts I had on hand. Stratos Stratos' helmet, waist piece and jet pack are from Shapeways. I gave up on Stratos wings from shapeways as after three sets they kept breaking, so I used wings from a spare Falcon I had parted out for some other custom.