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  1. There is one comic shop locally and they are a branch of a small Chicago, IL area series of stores. Graham Cracker Comics is the name. They show minimates on their website but they are sold out and the ones they show are older sets and even some sets that never got released (Bruce Lee and Kingdom Hearts wave 3). I have asked them in the past if they can get Minimates and they said they would and I even asked if I could get a full case to make it easier for them and they never replied. I would do my best to buy a case of each wave if they were to carry them in their Normal, IL location which is the local store for me. I wish I had the means to get and distribute Minimates myself but I don't. I really like Minimates over other minifigure lines even Lego. I am just said to see them fade into the void of a long dark night. I wish Target and Walmart would sell them in their stores and not through third party vendors on their websites.
  2. Thanks, Zach. I only wish I had the parts to make these, but I am limited where I live and funds are tight as well. With Walgreens getting out of the Minimates business, I am stuck to online and that will further limit my ability to purchase mates as my wife will monitor the credit card transactions more than my cash purchases.
  3. I give you the concept of Vishanticlaus as proposed by Zach. So you have Miss Jessica from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" who would become Mrs. Claus. So merge her with Oshtur and you get Jeshtur. Then you have Santa and Agomotto to get Santamotto. Then last but not least, Rudolph and Hoggoth to get Ruddoth. I have given you a front and side view of Ruddoth. These are just concepts from existing images to make what I think the Vishanticlaus could look like if Buddy the Elf was the Elf Supreme and had control of Christmas magic. Must give credit to Minimate Database as I did use images from the database to make my concepts and thanks to DST Zach for the idea after I posted my Supreme Buddy the Elf.
  4. Thank you Zach! This means a great deal. The Vishanticlaus would be Santamotto, Jeshtur and Ruddoth. Santa as Agamotto, Miss Jessica as Oshtur and Rudolph as Hoggoth. Great idea for a crossover, Zach. (Miss Jessica is the character who becomes Mrs. Kringle in the holiday classic 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'.
  5. Had a funny idea...What if Buddy the Elf became the source of all Christmas Magic. Behold, Buddy Supreme, the Supreme Elf, the one true source of all Christmas Magic. Merely added Doctor Strange's Cape and some magic accessory and then changed the yellow legs for the black pinstriped legs.
  6. Graham Cracker Comics is a small shop that is in Uptown Normal, IL. They have other stores in the Chicago-land area or further north in Illinois, but I have never seen Minimates there. Will Luke's Toy Store still get new waves of Minimates? I may be able to keep purchasing from Luke's site but really did like being able to get some locally. I will see what I can talk to Graham Cracker Comics about since they may do that if they know I am going to purchase them. Would like to see more minimates in the wild.
  7. Hey, Nervous Rex, I really like the custom Zartan and the custom Firestorm. Great Job. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us.
  8. Prowlar, I do like the 'Last Avengers' and these latest customs are nice. I always enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing with us. I do hope to see more in the future. Take care and thanks again.
  9. This is a sad thing to loose the local locations to purchase Minimates. While I have found a few on clearance at the local Walgreens, on store was still charging full price on them. I don't mind buying them online and if I do purchase online, it is mainly from Luke's Toy Store. However, I don't always have the means to order when they are in the prime and sometimes miss out on them unless they were available locally. I do hope that DST is able to find other brick and mortar locations to distribute Minimates through so I have a chance to find them in the wild. The hunt is sometimes how I get out of the office for fresh air and blow off steam.
  10. So will we get the Red, Black and Yellow Rangers sooner than Later? And will we get Rita or Goldar with them? I like the helmets on the Pink, Blue and Green Rangers, I am glad they are detailed and not jut painted designs. Also glad they are slip over and not a head in itself. I would like to see this wave and the GI Joe & Transformer Waves continue for a while if at all possible. Would like to see a few Putties made and several of the villains that Rita summoned to fight the Rangers. Maybe even have some other elements, like the White Ranger and armored versions of the regular rangers that appeared at a few points in the series.
  11. Legacy Picard (From the two pack with Hugh the Borg) Superman (the one in the two pack with Battle Armor Luthor) Snake Eyes Optimus Prime Uhura (from the Mirror Mirror box set) Dana Barrett (from the Ghostbusters Series 1 box set) Falcon (from the Falcon and Winter Soldier series two pack with Baron Zemo) Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet. I think these would be my eight picks for the ones I would want on a Desert Isle.
  12. Nemesis Prime Here is a Work in Progress, This is my take on Nemesis Prime. I used a War Machine chest block, hip piece and legs then I painted the chest piece, helmet, arms and boots with a black nail polish and I used Starscream's head. There are still some touch-ups I need to do but overall I am satisfied with him. Only I could not get the windshield to be red and transparent so I left them blue. Next, I am going to attempt to make a different colored jet out of Starscream but at a loss for what customs I can do with Bumblebee and Shockwave.
  13. I just placed my order for the second wave of Transformers Minimates. I am really liking these and my only negative about them is the fact they can't transform into their vehicle or non-robot items they represent. But non the less I am loving the detail given to them for what they are. I do think Optimus Prime's face could have been better but I do like the looks of Soundwave and Blaster in the second wave and to get Grimlock and Megatron helps complete a simple line-up if we do not get any more. But I would like to see Rachet, Jazz, Ironhide and Prowl at some point or even Arcee.
  14. I am so looking forward to the next wave as Soundwave is my ultimate favorite Transformer. I am likely going to get a fourth set of the first set as I want to make some of the other jets and a Nemesis Prime. and I do feel that Bumblebee's head is better looking for Optimus Prime than but likely will not do the swap as I don't like the look of Bumblebee with any other available head. However, I am stoked about this series and I hope they can continue for a long time to come.
  15. While I did not care for the television show, I do like the Minimates and would get a set or two to have all the rangers and the alternate versions thereof. I would like to see these in four packs like Big Bang Theory were. But I would like to get Rita, Zed and some putties.
  16. I want to say I have one of these and I put it in my top five favorite Minimates I own. Congratulations on the two of you who will be getting one. I would love another but I also don't want to be greedy.
  17. SignatureChoice, Thank you for the support in my idea. I think DST would satisfy all the True Trekkie Collectors with minimates if they did the box sets to complete at the very least the bridge crews for each series. For TNG they could do Dr. Crusher (then remove the lab coat and head/hair) to add a spare pair of science blue arms and a second head/hair to make Deanna Troi in duty uniform. Data with a spare set of hands and a second head/hair for Geordi LaForge, Worf (then remove his sash and hands and head) then you can use spare hands and head/hair to make O'Brien or Barclay. Then you have Riker, and he could have a unbearded head and a bearded head to have both his first season look and then how he was for the remainder of the show. That is basically the bridge crew for TNG, DST would have sold two sets to one person, but I myself would likely get four to six sets. For DS9 they could do Jadzia and the have the spare head be for Dr. Bashir. They could then make O'Brien and have him have a spare head to make Thomas Riker as he was on DS9 for an episode. They could make Major Kira and give her a second uniform for when she become Colonel and wore a different color. They could make Odo and maybe make an different head or such for him that could show him changing shape (a reuse of the parts from the one Terminator series.) Alien mates, a boxed set could be Quark and a Ferengi uniform from their first appearance in TNG. Gowron with an alternate Klingon head and the parts to make him wearing the ritual Klingon garb. (thus it would help make a second Klingon with a few extra parts that may be from other mates one may have laying around.) Also any alien crewmembers in duty uniform would just need crew parts and extra hands or such. Voyager: basically B'Ellana with extra head and hands for Tuvok, Paris with parts for Chakotay, Kim with parts for an extra crewmember, EMH with parts for extra science crewmember. Then there is Neelix, Kes and Seven of Nine Could also do a set with dress uniforms: Riker, Picard, Sisko could all have the same parts more or less. O'Brien, Data, LaForge could all have the same parts more or less. Crusher, Troi, Bashir, Dax could all have the same parts more or less. I would love to see DST make a Minimates Bonus Parts for the collectors to make the final sets we all want for Star Trek. It would basically be a few parts that would allow us to make the figures they don't want to make in sets but give us the means to do it ourselves. And one collector could purchase a number of the part sets and make what they want, the variants they want. I repeat myself over and over, I know but I LOVE TREK and MINIMATES and want more TREK MINIMATES!!!!
  18. Thank you, I tried to come up with a back story for every custom I have shared but I would run out of room if I did that, so I focused on the main ones. As for the parts, I appreciate your liking what I used. I worked with what I have or could afford to get from eBay cheaply. Thank you, for your kind comment.
  19. I appreciate your post about Psy-Cat. I was worried about who to pair with Catwoman as I was going to use Black Cat but felt that was too much the same character. So I played on the word psychic and came up with psy-cat. I too wish DC characters were easier to get my hands on. I would have so many variant customs made if that was the case.
  20. Would love more Star Trek minimates no matter what they are. I would like to see a Minimate Enterprise-D and a Voyager, Defiant and maybe even NX-01. Would like to see Discovery Minimates as well. Star Trek would be a great franchise to do Box Sets with extra parts as the uniforms are set to use for different characters with not much change. So you can buy four box sets and get a whole crew and the other characters you need from the extra parts in a box set or so.
  21. Part 6 of Spider-Bat Series More heroes and side-kicks Doctor Zartan (Zantanna/Doctor Strange) Grifbit (Gambit/Grifter) Captain Steel (Captain Britain/Steel) Red Vision (Red Tornado/Vision) Orchid Storm (Black Orchid/Storm) Kryptospeed (Super Boy/Quicksilver) Kryptowitch (Supergirl/Scarlet Witch) Wild Panther (Wildcat/Black Panther) I don't have any more in the works but wiling to try to make more, especially villains if I have the right parts.
  22. Part 5 of the Spider-Bat Series More heroes and sidekicks Aegir (Aquaman/Thor)(Arthur Odinson) Lady Mera (Lady Sif/Mera - creative licensing on blonde hair, did not want to paint the hair.) Hulk-zam (Shazam/Hulk)(Bruce Batson) She-hulk Marvel (She-Hulk/Mary Marvel) Metal-Hawk & Magic-Dove (Hawk & Dove/Colossus & Magik) Angel-Hawk (Hawkman/Angel)(Carter Worthington, III) Fire-Fist (Firestorm/Iron Fist)(Ronnie Rand) Cyberman (Cyborg/Iron Man)(Victor Stark) Black Siryn (Black Canary/Siryn)(Dinah Cassidy) Black Lightning Bolt (Black Lightning/Black Bolt)(Jefferson Boltagon) Flash Cannon (Flash/Cannonball)(Barry Guthrie) Captain Fate (Captain Marvel/Doctor Fate)(Carol Nelson) Green Wolf (Green Lantern/Wolverine)(Logan Jordon)
  23. Part 4 of Spider-Bat Series The sidekicks of Spider-Bat Spider-Batgirl (Batgirl/Spider-girl)(Ashley Gordon) Spider-Batwoman (Spider-Woman/Batwoman)(Jessica Kane) Red Rebel (Dare Devil/Robin)(Matthew Drake) Night-Clops (Nightwing/Cyclops)(Scott Grayson) Black Huntress (Huntress/Black Widow)(Helena Romanov) Red Punishment (Red Hood/Punisher)(Jason Castle) Bat-Wing (Falcon/Bat-Wing)(Sam Fox) Moon Question (Question/Moon Knight)(Vic Spector)
  24. Part 3 of the Spider-Bat Series Spider-Bat Heroes (My super Trinity) Wonder Angel (Angela Prince is a goddess and the daughter of the High-Father and the Queen of the Amazons) She is hell-fire in battle but always protects the innocents that depend upon her protection. Captain Krypton ( the last son of Krypton and a resident of Earth but sworn to protect all innocent life on his physical home while honoring his birthright.) Spider-Bat (Peter Wayne lost his parents and was on his family's estate when he found a curious looking arachnid. As he tried to touch it, it bit him and made him lose his balance and he crashed through a well cap and landed in a cave full of bats. The spider was somehow radioactive; and thus gave Peter a mutagenic affect that gave him abilities like a spider. Since he knew martial arts and loved solving issues, he become Spider-Bat and took on the criminals and psychopaths of New Gotham City.)
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