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  1. Part 6 of Spider-Bat Series More heroes and side-kicks Doctor Zartan (Zantanna/Doctor Strange) Grifbit (Gambit/Grifter) Captain Steel (Captain Britain/Steel) Red Vision (Red Tornado/Vision) Orchid Storm (Black Orchid/Storm) Kryptospeed (Super Boy/Quicksilver) Kryptowitch (Supergirl/Scarlet Witch) Wild Panther (Wildcat/Black Panther) I don't have any more in the works but wiling to try to make more, especially villains if I have the right parts.
  2. Part 5 of the Spider-Bat Series More heroes and sidekicks Aegir (Aquaman/Thor) Lady Mera (Lady Sif/Mera - creative licensing on blonde hair, did not want to paint the hair.) Hulk-zam (Shazam/Hulk) She-hulk Marvel (She-Hulk/Mary Marvel) Metal-Hawk & Magic-Dove (Hawk & Dove/Colossus & Magik) Angel-Hawk (Hawkman/Angel) Fire-Fist (Firestorm/Iron Fist) Cyberman (Cyborg/Iron Man) Black Siryn (Black Canary/Siryn) Black Lightning Bolt (Black Lightning/Black Bolt) Flash Cannon (Flash/Cannonball) Captain Fate (Captain Marvel/Doctor Fate) Green Wolf (Green Lantern/Wolverine)
  3. Part 4 of Spider-Bat Series The sidekicks of Spider-Bat Spider-Batgirl (Batgirl/Spider-girl) Spider-Batwoman (Spider-Woman/Batwoman) Red Rebel (Dare Devil/Robin) Night-Clops (Nightwing/Cyclops) Black Huntress (Huntress/Black Widow) Red Punishment (Red Hood/Punisher) Bat-Wing (Falcon/Bat-Wing) Moon Question (Question/Moon Knight)
  4. Part 3 of the Spider-Bat Series Spider-Bat Heroes (My super Trinity) Wonder Angel (The goddess of Angela Prince is a the daughter of the High-Father and the Queen of the Amazons) She is hell-fire in battle but always protects the innocents that depend upon her protection. Captain Krypton ( the last son of Krypton and a resident of Earth but sworn to protect all innocent life on his physical home while honoring his birth home.) Spider-Bat (Peter Wayne lost his parents and was on his family's estate when he found a curious looking arachnid. As he tried to touch it, it bit him and made him lose his balance and he crashed through a well cap and landed in a cave full of bats. The spider was somehow radioactive; and thus gave Peter a mutagenic affect that gave him abilities like a spider. Since he knew martial arts and loved solving issues, he become Spider-Bat and took on the criminals and psychopaths of New Gotham City.)
  5. Part 2 of my Spider-Bat series Brainitron (The last computer of Krypton and an android of Earth merged into one being who is an evil unimagined by anyone.) Ti-Chee (Barbara Nelson is a feline researcher who had an accident and was attacked by a tigress and a female cheetah at the same time and thus transformed into an apex predator with both abilities.) Lorm the Mischief Master (Prince of Atlantis and God of Mischief, Lorm Marius goes to battle against his brother who is the King of Atlantis the realm of Gods and Oceans.) Psy-cat (Selena Braddock is a cat burglar with telepathic abilities) Red Luthor (Johann Luthor built a suit to keep himself alive after being irradiated by Kryptonite) Phoenix Sapphire (Jean Danvers was attacked by the Phoenix Love Force and now she goes around causing trouble) Diamond Quinn (Harleen Frost can change parts of her body into diamond and is a powerful psychotic telepath.) Mystriddler or Mystery (Quinten Nigma is a man of mystery and loves to torment all with riddles.) Sabrenesto (Victor Sinestro is a member of the Yellow Lanterns Corps of Fear and has been enhanced with regenerative abilities as well before being granted his ring.) The Fowl (Adrian Cobblepot is the fowl of justice and runs is own company of organized crime in New Gotham City.) The next post will be starting to show my heroes. (I am out of ideas for villains from what parts I have.)
  6. Part 1 of my Spider-Bat series Going to start with my Villain. The villains of my Amalgam series I call the Spider-Bat universe. Peter Wayne becomes Spider-Bat after finding a cave of bats under his family's mansion and get bitten by a lost radioactive spider at the same time. This is to start off with my villains for this universe. Green Joke (In this universe the Criminal Comedian Norman Napier becomes the Green Joke) Electric Poison (Maxine Isley is a botanist who is struck by lightning as she is working on a plant fertilizer that makes her an electrified plant/human hybrid.) Deadshot the Hunter (Sergei Lawton is a bounty hunter and sniper who is also a trained assassin.) Mysticwire (Raven Willis is a shock jock who can change her appearance then she get electrified.) Doc Octo-Freeze (Otto Fries, a man searching to cool off Earth's Global Warming and also a developer of robotic appendages that gets into an accident and becomes attached to his robotic appendages and a living freezer) More to come...
  7. Goblin Avengers: just toying with some parts I had. The Goblin Supreme: Doctor Stephen Strange took the Goblin formula just as he become the Sorcerer Supreme. Goblin America: Steve Rodgers was given both the Super Soldier serum and the Goblin formula. Goblin Thor: Thor was dosed with Goblin formula the moment he arrived on Earth
  8. Marvel Earth 666 part two Mummy Thor or Thor the Accursed Vampire Wolverine Still working on Hawkeye and either a Black Widow or Man-Spider (Peter Parker).
  9. Just toying around with DC and Marvel custom Amalgams. Thundra (Thor and Wonder Woman) Iron-Bat (WIP need to work on helmet to give it Bat-ears.) Aqua-Mariner (Sub-Mariner and Aquaman) Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Strange & Doctor Fate) Super Soldier (Captain America & Superman) Green Skull (Red Skull & Lex Luthor) Just some fun while I was away. More to come with the Spider-Bat Series.
  10. Marvel Earth 666 I have four done and working on Vampire Wolverine, Hawkeye and Black Window. Franken-Castle Werewolf America Dare Devil (Demonic or Devil) Namor (or at the least what he could look like on Earth 666) Vampire Wolverine is almost done and waiting on parts for Hawkeye and Black Widow.
  11. It has been a little while since I was the forum, so I am back and here are a few of my recent custom mates. Inspired by Marvel's What if...? on Disney+ Captain Britain, Peggy Carter Starlord T'Challa Evil Doctor Strange (my take on him without using modified parts. Peter Parker, Zombie Hunter I will share more as I created my own Amalgam Series based upon Batman and Spider-man being mashed up. Also have started my series of Marvel's Earth 666 for Halloween.
  12. Would love to see "Plato's Stepchildren" variants of the Enterprise Crew in Minimates form. Also, would like to see more Star Trek Alien Races and more Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise Minimates. As well as new Discovery and Strange New Worlds and Star Trek the Animated Series Minimates.
  13. I would love one but just saw this offer and wish I was able to get on the site sooner. You are a great guy, DST Zach to do such a give-away.
  14. I have been tinkering a lot lately with making more GI Joe characters from what parts I have in my possession. I have made a Duke, Flint, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Quick Kick, Gung Ho and Roadblock. I also made Destro, Baroness, Major Bludd and working on Tomax and Xamot. Lots of Creative Licensing happening but trying to make them appear legit. Once I get The Twins ironed out, I will try to post photos. Also, will try to make at least one Cobra Trooper from what I have for parts.
  15. I would take Kirk only if it is him from a specific episode where he was not wearing the standard uniform or variation of the uniform. Kirk from "A Piece of the Action" or Kirk from "Plato's Stepchildren" or Kirk as a Romulan or Kirk in the environmental suit or such. Same goes for Spock and Uhura and so forth and so on. I would take any TNG and beyond and any ENT or DISCO sets and the more spare parts the more sets I would purchase as I could then make custom mates of those that are not produced. But I want STAR TREK ALIENS: Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Ferengi, Denobulans, Kelpens and more. There are ways to make Klingons with a few extra heads and chest blocks to make us collectors and Star Trek Fans be happy with building up the Alien Races we want for our Mates. Klingons would need a Lursa and B'Etor from the House of Duras, Gowron and Martok and then all the TOS versions of the Klingons. Romulans could even include Troi, Data and Picard as Romulans along with Tomalak and a few others. The Ferengi would have to have Quark, Rom, Nog and the Grand Nagus as well as Quark's Mother. Dr. Phlox and Saru would be needed as well as other notable aliens from DISCO and of course a Bolian and a Benzite would be nice to have. But also to complete a crew from the series after TOS would be great as well.
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