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  1. Captain Paco

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Hello, Just stopped in the only TRU in Bloomington, IL. Since it is now announced that all is 40 to 60% off, I found it odd that Legos were only 30% off but everything else was at least 40% off. I likely will not go back again because there really is not much left to draw me back in for any price. I got a couple of the remaining Minimates, but mainly to disassemble them for customizing. The Walgreen's (believe there are 7) in Bloomington/Normal, IL are starting to thin out their Minimates, so hopefully we will see the new wave hit there. However, I will miss TRU and the luxury of getting Minimates on a slightly regular basis.
  2. As always, really enjoy your customs. On thing I noticed is that Old Man Logan Magnus and Old Man Whitman look exactly alike. But I like the story for each. I am really liking your Galactic Avengers. I have been inspired by some of your customs and have been tinkering with some variations or copies of them for myself. I like your "Frost" enough that I tried to copy but didn't have all the parts so I made "Chill" who has some of the same parts but not all. I made Sharon Carter for my collection based exactly on your design, thank you. I am now working on the Hydra Avengers or at least my versions of the characters. I have Hammer (Thor), a Hawkeye, a Falcon, a Black Widow, an Emerald Witch (Scarlet Witch), Cable, Quick Emerald (Quicksilver). and I even have an Iron Man which I used parts of an Iron Man and a Vault Guard. I hope to be able to make a green Captain America but will likely settle for the CA Agent of Hydra that is already made even though he is not green. But thank you so much for sharing your customs and inspiring me to do something with my extra minimates parts.
  3. Captain Paco

    Lost in Space

    I never say the Star Trek Enterprise vehicle at any TRU i have visited in the past. Nor have I seen any Deloreans at TRU. I would like to see a Lost In Space set of minimates, while I have not seen the Netflix show, yet, I have heard wonderful things about it. And you did the Robot and Dr.Smith from the Original in both B&W and Color. So we could get the new series in a few two-packs and then the original series in say a box set of Will, Penny and the Robinson Parents with parts to make Judy and Major West to join the two pack already made.. This would get people to buy two sets to get the whole family. For the series, you could do: Dr. Robinson & Penny Robinson Mrs. Robinson & Major West Will Robinson & Robot Dr Smith & Judy Robinson.
  4. Captain Paco

    TRU 25

    So today I ventured to my local TRU in Bloomington, IL. I found on package of the Spider-Armor Spider-man/Superior Foe Beetle from this TRU25 wave. Never saw any other packs in the store. I wish I had known a little sooner that some new stock would reach my local store, or I would have gone everyday to get these when they came in. I will try back but likely will never see them in stock again at my local TRU.
  5. Captain Paco

    Infinity War

    Any Chance the Teenager Groot & Rocket two packs will be made available at Walgreen's due to TRU not getting them in stock before starting their closure process? I would have paid $9.99 for a set at TRU since they raised all the Marvel Black Panther 2-packs to $9.99 the same time they are trying to sell off the merchandise. I would have gotten at least two sets from Luke's but he is sold out.
  6. Captain Paco

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Had the ability to visit the TRU in Lexington, Kentucky on March 31st. It was a store in neglect. The isles of action figures were half bare. The Lego isles were still rather full but 5% off is not much at all. (Besides I think Lego will have all remaining merchandise shipped back to them as they seldom ever let items go on clearance.) The collectors section was terrible. 10% was all that was still offered as the close-out sale continues. I got two Beatlejuice 2-packs, two Watchmen 2-packs, and two Predators 2-packs and a single Pirates 2-pack. I wanted to get a set of the Dark Tower minimates, but did not have the funds to do so at the time. The cashier was nice and had shared that they were told the next wave of discounts likely would not hit until after April 16th, However, she said her store would likely close by the end of April. I went to my local TRU on the 23rd of March and got a few 2-packs of minimates but I will hold off going back until later in April. I hope to get a few more 2-packs at least for fodder to my customizing. But still trying to look ahead and plan out my ordering from Luke as that will be my only outlet for the mates I want. Walgreen's is nice but they are slow to sell and sometimes my local Walgreen's just don't get every wave they are supposed to get. Just sharing.
  7. Captain Paco

    wave 75

    I just opened one of each 2-pack I got in my case from Luke's Toy Store. I really like the Moon Knight and Punisher set. I have not been following any of the Netflix shows, so I am not familiar with Jessica Jones, Power Man, Iron Fist or Daredevil as they are on those shows. But I will say that I am impressed with the minimates. They are some good looking mates. The Ghost Rider in this wave is one I really can't say much about as I have no idea to the story of this version of the character, but it is a nice looking mate. I would say my favorite mate in the set is Purple Man followed closely by the BAM Quake. Just thought I would share my views of this wave. I do hope that the Buld-A-Mate, theme continues to other waves. As it would work well for lots of other franchises not just for Marvel.
  8. Captain Paco

    wave 75

    My case from Luke's Toy Store is on its way to me. I hope to get it Tuesday when I get back to my office since I sent it there due to theft in my neighborhood form doorsteps. Can't wait.
  9. Nice artwork for Maleficent. Disney should do more with Minimates. They had the Peter Pan sets (two four-packs and a ship with a figure). They were nice pieces. Disney owns Marvel, so they inherited those figures when the took over the Comic franchise. But they could have some very nice looking minimates if they did more of their fairy tales. I know they have Kingdom Hearts coming out, but imagine all the characters of Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast and so forth. They could do it all very similar to how they did it for Peter Pan. Cinderella: one box set could be Cinderella in her everyday clothes, and her evil step-mother, one of step-sisters, and a servant of the Prince. The other box set could be Prince Charming, the other evil step-sister, the fairy god-mother and a guard of the prince's Then there cold be a Pumpkin Coach with Cinderella in her gown she wore to the ball. Snow White: 1 box set: Snow White, Doc, the Prince & Dopey, The other box set: The evil queen, Bashful, Sleepy, Grumpy. Then we could get a mine cart with Happy and Sneezy. Little Mermaid: this one could be done with one box set and a vehicle set. Box set of Ariel as mermaid, Triton, Ursula and Prince Eric. Then we could get Prince Eric's ship with Arial as a human. Flounder and Sebastian could be minifigures with the ship. Beauty and the Beast: 1 box set: Bella (town attire), Maurice, Gaston, Lefou. 2nd box set: Beast (with parts to make him human), Cogsworth, Lumire Mrs. Potts (all three would be their human counterparts.) but set could include minifigures of them as the clock, candle opera and teapot.) For the set it could be Maurice's invention with a minifigure of Chip as the cup and Belle in her ballgown. There are lots of possibilities.
  10. Captain Paco

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    So today I just went to local TRU, only really 10% off most things. A few things are 20% off but not many and nothing I was looking for. Legos and construction toys are only 5% off. I snagged a couple Jessica Jones box sets, a couple Alien sets and a couple Pirates sets. I know I will now never see Jack O'Lantern and Negative Zone Spiderman. Noticed they have signs that say they no longer accept checks and they would no scan my rewards card either, which I do understand is now worthless due to the failure of their business.
  11. Captain Paco

    Long shots.

    I would like to see all of these guys made and even the Trix Rabbit, Lucky, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry the ghost. But likely never to happen as I am not talented enough to custom make these guys.
  12. I think I have a Mirror Broken decal that I can use that looks almost as good as Linney's or Luke's Star Trek decals. I will likely print them tomorrow and start applying them to my customs. I am now looking for Star Trek Enterprise Mirror Uniform decals as well as Star Trek Discovery Uniform decals.
  13. Captain Paco

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Lego sets rarely get discounted and they would likely ship the Lego stock to the closest store remaining open. (From my experiences.) Even when holiday themes sets of Legos have passed their holiday, they most likely remain at full price even in the Lego Stores. (from experience.)
  14. Captain Paco

    Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    I am very surprised my local store is not on the list. They seem to be only getting every other assortment of Marvel Minimates and usually never get a second shipment of them once they do get them. But I will consider myself lucky and maybe with the closure of stores in the Chicago Suburbs that maybe my store will get more minimates.
  15. Captain Paco

    CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    Okay, got images of a few of my other recent customs. Yesterday's Enterprise Picard Easy custom: painted on the cuffs at the wrists and painted a holster white and added a gold arrowhead (similar to what was in the episode). Living Witness Janeway, aka Warship Janeway Easy custom: I really just replaced her hands with black hands for her black gloves and swapped her hairpiece with a hairpiece from a Mass Effect Jane Shepherd. I was originally going to make a Mirror Universe Janeway and that is why she has the belt/sash around her waist. I like it and forgot it was on there. I left her wrist beacon on as well. I know in the episode of Living Witness, none of the crew have their commbadges on but I can't bring myself to paint over it just yet. This image is of the Orion Slavers I made after getting the character in my Star Trek Timelines game. I added a couple of Orion Slave Girls in the picture for a bonus.