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  1. tru wave 24

    No luck in Central Illinois (Blo/No area). The Local TRU had all the minimates moved to the collectible aisle for a while now but they just revamped the aisle. Pirates Minimates are not in this aisle and are found in the aisle with the very small amount of Pirate merchandise left at the store. All other minimates have been moved to the collectible aisle. They have Doctor Strange and the Secret Wars sets on clearance. Aliens, NBX, Ragnorok, Dark Tower and Spider-man Homecoming are all marked $7.49 each. Jessica Jones Box set is now $9.99 and Civil War & Guardians are $5.99 each (Pirates are also $5.99 each). There is a set of Plants vs. Zombies but I don't recall the price, I think it was still $14.99. They had Ragnorok on two pegs, Aliens were on three. I will revisit the store next Thursday to see if they get Wave 24.
  2. NYCC give away

    What keeps me collecting MiniMates? Well, I keep collecting MiniMates because I enjoy the concept of MiniMates. I enjoy customizing and the fact they are so unlike Lego Minifigures. The favorite thing about minimates is they are a great way for me to wind down after a stressful day, merely due to the ease there is to customizing so many of them. Sure there are times where you need to paint a part or apply a decal, but they are simple enough to make general/quick customs almost any where. The nice thing about MiniMates, is that my godson loves to play with them and has a blast mixing up the Battle Beasts and TMNT to use as aliens for the Star Trek crew to fight/explore with. (I have lots of extras that I allow him to play with so my customs are not disturbed or damaged.) I would have to say my "Norman Osborne in a lab coat" MiniMate is a tie between the custom Mirror Mirror Star Trek MiniMates I made with some help from Luke314pi (he made decals for me.) I created Mirror Chekov, Mirror Sulu, Mirror McCoy and normal universe Monroe after I got the Mirror Mirror Box Set as I needed the rest of the landing party that swapped places in the Mirror Universe. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3b2ESiQM7yOKOgY53 https://photos.app.goo.gl/a5f5VfcBdUU4bggE2
  3. Prowl-Ar's Customs: Rocket WIP

    Prowlar: As always I am impressed by your six recent submissions. Love Sorrow and Scarlet Spider-Witch. I look forward to your custom creations. Thank you for sharing as always.
  4. Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    You are correct, I think I made it easy to figure out, but I could not set the shot up so had to do what I could with existing images I had. You're up next, Donny B!
  5. Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    Sorry for the delay, I had to photoshop this as I have not had time to actually go and set up a scene.
  6. I would like to see MiniMates for the new Star Trek Discovery show. I am not sure if any merchandise is even available for the new series, but I think this would be a great time to get MiniMates for a Star Trek Series.
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean

    My local TRU had them with the other PotC merchandise and I walked past them several times when I went looking for them as they had every other MiniMate back in the "Collectors" section behind all the Nintendo games and such. I think I checked my store out four times before I found them and that was only because I went to get a Fast8 car for my nephew and saw the PotC MiniMates in that section. I would have purchased more sets but was going to get two sets from Luke's to get the decals. However, I would have liked to see a pistol or some other accessories included.
  8. Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    Is it Duke University Chapel at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina?
  9. Last time I saw it on eBay, Elf Spock was bringing in about $150 US.
  10. Create Your Ideas Contest

    Congratulations to all who entered and placed. I am so wishing I could have a set of the Spaceballs MiniMates. Ivan, those were very nicely done. I love the large blow-dryer accessory. I was a huge fan of The Tick and I would love a set of those MiniMates as well. Well, I am honored to have taken 3rd place and I am so touched that people voted for me. Thank you for having this contest. Paco
  11. Create Your Ideas Contest

    Here is what I came up with for an entry after seeing this contest on the site. I would have actually like to make these and an actual package: however, I work for a university and we just started our Fall Semester. So Time is hard to find right now. Thank you to Minimates Database for which I used to help composite the ideas for the characters. I would love to see these made and maybe one day if I can find all the right parts I will make them.
  12. Create Your Ideas Contest

    I would like to submit an entry but I have some questions. 1) Can my submission be images composed of mixed match photos of minimates with some alterations? 2) Can the the packaging also be an image of a package design but not an actual package? I have not had the time to customize lately but I like the concept of this contest and have some images I have worked on for customizing but don't have the parts or time?
  13. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I happened upon three of the newest wave (Banner's Hulkbuster suit/Leader, Midnight/Iron Man and the other avenger set with Kang in it). I totally thought the fourth set they had was an older set because the packaging was the Spider-man Web-Slingers design and it had been a while since any new Walgreen's mates showed up in Bloomington/Normal, IL that I am aware of. Will definitely want to get more of Banner's Hulkbuster suit as it is a great mate.
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I just found these at the local TRU here in Bloomington/Normal, IL. I walked all the way to the back corner where they have started putting all the "Collectibles" which seems to have all the MiniMates there. However, they had these up in the very front of the store in their new "Movie Section" right next to Spider-man Homecoming toys, but the Spider-man Homecoming MiniMates are all the way in the back of the store. I would have never thought about looking in the front but I was there looking at something else and happened to see the PotC MiniMates tucked in with the rest of the PotC toys. They had four of each two pack. I got two of the Henry/Carina packs and one of the Jack/Barbossa packs along with three of the Lesaro/Shark packs. I will still need to order two full sets from Luke (to get the stickers and to make the customs) before I am happy about this line.
  15. I was looking forward to the show but I don't want to subscribe to CBS All Access, I already have Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Prime. I don't want anything else. I do hope to catch the pilot which I read is going to be televised on CBS and if I feel it is worth it, I will wait for the season to end and do the one month trail and watch it all at once.