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  1. I am going to try to take some images this weekend and share next week. I had not thought of a cape for Black Adam but now I am thinking of some ideas.
  2. Hello, Minimike: I found the parts and was able to finally make a Black Adam similar to yours. Thank you for sharing. I am just looking for the hair to match what you used. I used the Adam Warlock chest block, the Iron Fist writs cuffs & belt/sash, Jean Grey from wave 78's boots and not 100% whose head or hair I used but mine is darn close to yours and I am happy with it.
  3. Great Job Minimike. I just never had the right parts for Black Adam.
  4. Again, do worry about copying my work. I consider it a way to say you like what I have done. That is why I share my work on here. I look forward to seeing your work if you would share. I am always looking to grow my DC collection. I just need to find a way to display them without the wife complaining and to keep them from needing to be dusted.
  5. To answer your question, I used Nissa from the Grimm Fairy Tales Box Set #1. Then I merely removed the wings and colored the leaves that were already printed on her with a green Sharpie. I used a fine tip red Sharpie for her lips. The red hair piece I had in my parts fodder and then I took green wire (from the packaging of the Plants vs Zombies minimates) and twisted around as vines. The wrist roses, are from Dawn in the Femme Fatales Box Set #1, but I had two of her so used both. I hope this helps, I am try not to use paint or decals as I am not the most crafty person nor do I have a
  6. Silver Savage (or Savage Surfer) I made him a while back and just found him as I finally moved my collection and parts back to my house after sitting at my office for years.
  7. Black Canary (with different views and without the scream effect) I know the chest block is from Jean Grey as the Black Witch, the legs are from a Spiderman series figure, the black leather jacket I am not sure and the boots are from an extra Star Trek mate. The head and hair are random from what parts I have. I made her all black as A Black Canary would not have blue and this makes her look more bad ass to me. Black Manta (back and side views) I did use a Lego-like Black Manta head and tubing. I used black Minimate body parts and the shoulder unit from an Aliens fig
  8. I will try to post some more photos of Black Canary. Ice is made from Spiral’s chest and legs and Quicksilver’s arms. And some random white feet and a random female head and I believe it is the white hair from Aurora.
  9. Yes, I did use a lego manta head I had in my lego stash of odds and ends. Thanks for the kind words.
  10. A few more Customs from the DC Universe. Huntress (QC as I was digging through some parts in my fodder tub.) Black Canary Fire and Ice Poison Ivy Black Manta Mister Freeze (WIP) Kingdom Come Flash (WIP-not sure I want to cut hair from helmet)
  11. More playful customs. Punk Spider Sorceress Supreme Made an alteration to Spider Thor as I found what I felt was a better chest block. Iron Ghost (a villain I stumbled across on the internet researching Alamgam characters) Angela the Angel of Hell Thor God of Hell Princess Diana Goddess of Thunder Owlwoman (found her online only I made her African American instead of Native American)
  12. So I have been digging in my storage totes. Found some customs I tinkered with a while back. Battle Beast Ninja Bunny Battle Beasts Robin and Batman There was supposed to be a wave of Battle Beast that the Exclusive Bat mate was to be a part of but I made the Robin myself. Chi'Tarah not sure she is a Battle Beast custom but she fit this post.
  13. Thank you Cylonchaney, I would give all the credit to Prowlar for he inspires me. I do appreciate your nod to my creativity but I owe it all to Prowlar. I have gone broke over trying to keep up with Minimates, so I have resorted to all the extras I have collected and thus doing my best to make alternate variations of characters or thus making what seem to be new characters.
  14. Thank you for the kind words. You are my inspiration when it come to customizing. I mean you no disrespect when I mimic your designs. Thank you for what you do.
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