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  1. Where in the World is Carimate Mindiego?

    Is it Duke University Chapel at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina?
  2. Last time I saw it on eBay, Elf Spock was bringing in about $150 US.
  3. Create Your Ideas Contest

    Congratulations to all who entered and placed. I am so wishing I could have a set of the Spaceballs MiniMates. Ivan, those were very nicely done. I love the large blow-dryer accessory. I was a huge fan of The Tick and I would love a set of those MiniMates as well. Well, I am honored to have taken 3rd place and I am so touched that people voted for me. Thank you for having this contest. Paco
  4. Create Your Ideas Contest

    Here is what I came up with for an entry after seeing this contest on the site. I would have actually like to make these and an actual package: however, I work for a university and we just started our Fall Semester. So Time is hard to find right now. Thank you to Minimates Database for which I used to help composite the ideas for the characters. I would love to see these made and maybe one day if I can find all the right parts I will make them.
  5. Create Your Ideas Contest

    I would like to submit an entry but I have some questions. 1) Can my submission be images composed of mixed match photos of minimates with some alterations? 2) Can the the packaging also be an image of a package design but not an actual package? I have not had the time to customize lately but I like the concept of this contest and have some images I have worked on for customizing but don't have the parts or time?
  6. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I happened upon three of the newest wave (Banner's Hulkbuster suit/Leader, Midnight/Iron Man and the other avenger set with Kang in it). I totally thought the fourth set they had was an older set because the packaging was the Spider-man Web-Slingers design and it had been a while since any new Walgreen's mates showed up in Bloomington/Normal, IL that I am aware of. Will definitely want to get more of Banner's Hulkbuster suit as it is a great mate.
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I just found these at the local TRU here in Bloomington/Normal, IL. I walked all the way to the back corner where they have started putting all the "Collectibles" which seems to have all the MiniMates there. However, they had these up in the very front of the store in their new "Movie Section" right next to Spider-man Homecoming toys, but the Spider-man Homecoming MiniMates are all the way in the back of the store. I would have never thought about looking in the front but I was there looking at something else and happened to see the PotC MiniMates tucked in with the rest of the PotC toys. They had four of each two pack. I got two of the Henry/Carina packs and one of the Jack/Barbossa packs along with three of the Lesaro/Shark packs. I will still need to order two full sets from Luke (to get the stickers and to make the customs) before I am happy about this line.
  8. I was looking forward to the show but I don't want to subscribe to CBS All Access, I already have Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Prime. I don't want anything else. I do hope to catch the pilot which I read is going to be televised on CBS and if I feel it is worth it, I will wait for the season to end and do the one month trail and watch it all at once.
  9. Wave 72: Logan's Legacy (?)

    I just found the TRU version of this wave at my local TRU. I got one Mojo/Spiral pack and two each of Tact. Wolverine/Magneto and Deathstrike/Weapon X packs. I will try to go and get more if I can come up with the funds. Now I got to get the full set from Luke's Toy Store and I will be a happy camper.
  10. Marvel Wave 71 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (TBA)

    Just found the TRU wave at my local TRU. I got one of each and they had Starlord/Yondo and Rocket/Gamora left. Didn't see any other Drax/Nebula packs other than the one I got.
  11. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Well, in my area (Bloomington/Normal, IL) there was a Wave 1, 1.5, 2, and never saw 2.5, saw 3 and have not seen 4. So I doubt I see 5 in my area. I wanted the whole wave 2.5 but no luck and I can't afford the eBay prices or all the extras in shipping fees to get them elsewhere. I drove around to the six Walgreens in my area, today. 1 store had no Minimates at all, not even a space on the shelf for them, 1 store had two packages (The Dark Thor & the Dark Iron Man sets marked at $8.49 each), 1 store had a full set of Wave 3 ($8.99 each), 1 store had the Dark Iron Man set and the Miles&Venom set ($8.49 each), 1 store had Electro&Spiderman set ($8.99) and last store had what appeared to be five full sets of Wave 1 and Wave 1.5 all at $8.99. So the pricing was not even the same yet they all supposedly share the same UPC. Anyway, I am still looking for Wave 2.5 and Wave 4. But I think it is terrible how these are distributed.
  12. I had the thought of two sets that would pay respect to original series but don't include any of the main cast. The "Mudd's Women" box set with Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd & Eve McHuron, Ruth Bonaventure, & Magda Kovacs. Those three ladies are the ones that Harry gave an illegal drug to that turned them young and beautiful so he could make a profit selling them to some miners. The "I, Mudd" box set with Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd & then have a male android, a female android and Stella Mudd (an android of course). But to focus on TNG with it being the 30th anniversary year, I would like to see the Encounter at Farpoint box sets (as to get the right mix, you need at least two) along with maybe an All Good Things box set or two. As I said before "Encounter at Farpoint" set 1 could be Picard, Miniskirt Troi, Q in judge's robes (with parts to make him in a Starfleet uniform) and LaForge in a red uniform. "Encounter at Farpoint" set 2 could be Data, Worf in red uniform, Yar and Dr. Crusher. Then the "All Good Things" box set 1 could be Retired Picard, Professor Data, Governor Worf and Journalist LaForge. "All Good Things" box set 2 could then be Admiral Riker, Captain Beverly Picard, Past O'Brien, Troi in casual attire from opening sequence after her date with Worf. But even a box set from each of the TNG Movies would work somewhat. Generations: Kirk, Soran, Picard & Data or Guinan First Contact: Picard in tuxedo, Lily, Cochrane & one of the members of the Vulcan landing party or a Borg Drone Insurrection: Picard, Ru'afo, Anji and Data Nemesis: Shizon, B4, Viceroy and Tal'aura Teh tB
  13. I would like that set as well but just feel we need more Star Trek Minimates. There are so many options that are out there for new minimates to become a reality.
  14. Are we not going to get any MiniMates to celebrate the anniversary of Next Generation? I really hoped to get at the least a box set for their Anniversary. I would love to get Star Trek MiniMates in any way we can get them, box set, blind bags and so forth. But I do want to see a limit on repeats on Kirk and Spock unless they are specific to episodes. City on the Edge of Forever: Spock and Kirk in 1930 attire with Edith Keeler and then add in a McCoy with a drugged facial expression. Gamesters of Triskelion: Galt: the master thrall, Lars: Uhura's thrall, Tamoon: Chekov's thrall, and Shahna: Kirk's thrall (and there could be collars for Kirk, Chekov and Uhuru as accessories in this set and maybe a bare chest and arms to make Kirk as he was seen in this episode) Encounter at Farpoint: Troi in minidress uniform, Worf in red uniform, Q in Judge's Robes, Data (then could be parts to make Worf in yellow uniform and to convert Q to Starfleet Uniform) There could be two or three sets for this episode as well. (LaForge in red uniform, Riker without beard, Yar and Dr. Crusher could be one set. Then there could be a set with O'Brien, Wesley Crusher, Admiral McCoy and Groppler Zorn.) Qpid: Picard as Robin Hood, Data as Friar Tuck, Vash as Marian, Q as the Sheriff of Nottingham (could include parts to make Vash in another outfit) There could be at least two sets for this episode. (a five figure pack is possible Troi, Crusher, Riker, Worf & LaForge as Merry Men) Best of Both Worlds: Picard as Locutus, Commander Shelby, Two Borg Drones with some extra borg parts to make several different drones or to use to make other mates appear to be in the process of becoming drones.) Menage a Troi: Lwaxana Troi, Damon Tok, Mr. Homn, & Farek (this would give us Ferengi and then open up a future for Quark & Rom) Just throwing out ideas but I wish we could get some new takes on Star Trek minimates.
  15. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Has this question been answered? I would like to know the answer. I am considering painting an Easter Bunny white to try to make the White Rabbit. I am even considering using the lost boy from the Peter Pan wave to make the March Hare to go with the Mad Hatter.