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  1. I hope that MiniMates keep going on and on. It is just a matter of finding the proper distribution method that will get them out there better than Walgreens has been. There are six Walgreens in my metro area. I have found Captain Marvel MiniMates at only one of those six locations and still no sign of Endgame. However, Walgreens is partially to blame as they have the same sku code for the Animated Mates and the same sku code for the Movie Mates so they can't clearance out their lines to make room for the new stuff. My metro area has not seen the last three waves of the Animated Mates due to so many past waves just hanging around and not selling. I would love to see Target start selling MiniMates again along with Walmart. I have ordered MiniMates from and but they are from a third party vendor who works with the two retailers for the online sales. I just got my nephew into them as Toys R Us died. While he is not into Star Trek like I am, he is liking the Marvel and Aliens Lines. I would really hope that MiniMates can rise up and from the loss of TRU and re-establish their brand in the toy world once again.
  2. Prowlar, nice work on your recent customs. Loving the third and fourth in the top row. I also like most of the Starforce customs. So good work and I only wish I was that creative and had the funds to purchase the numbers to make the many customs.
  3. I agree, we want more Trek Mates from the expanded Trek Universe, not just TOS. There are a still TOS mates that could be made for specific episode looks, like the environmental suits or such. But TNG has more crew to produce to join Picard as well as any special adventure costumes that appeared especially when Q was involved. I know that the fans of Star Trek MiniMates (or at least me) would love to see the main crews completed in MiniMates form to compliment their captains which were made already. The fact that with Avengers: Endgame having a box set that come with heads would be beneficial to the completion of the basic crew for each series. TNG Box Set could have Picard, Troi, Data and Worf with a Riker head to use on Picard's body, Dr. Crusher head to use on Troi's body, LaForge head to use on Worf's body and a Barclay or O'Brien head to use on Data' body. A bonus two pack could have Yar and Guinan. VOY Box Set could Chakoty, Tuvok, B'Elana and the EMH, with a Kim head (and hands) to use on Tuvok's body, Seska head to use on B'Elana's body, Paris head to use on Chakotay's body and the EMH's body could have a Seven of Nine head to use to create her character from one of the temporal episodes. I am basing this all on the fact that Janeway's body was basic enough to use for either gender in her release in the Legacy wave. Also, if the Barclay's head is in the TNG set, it could use the B'Elana body if it is the basic type not showing gender. DS9 Box Set would be using the basic body that Janeway had in the Legacy wave for Worf which would be a head made for the TNG set. So continuing on the basic body, Bashir and Jadzia/Ezri Dax would also have interchangeable bodies. Then O'Brien could also be a head reuse from the TNG set if his character was in that set. So this set would be interesting as to just which characters would be in it as you need Kira, Quark and Odo, but Rom and Jake would be nice additions as well. ENT Box set, would need T'Pol, Tucker (with a Reed Head), Hoshi, Archer (with Mayweather head and hands) and Phlox. That would fill out the crew for this series. The crew with environmental suits would be nice but not necessary. DISCO: need the crew from Season one and the new crew from season two as well as the mirror universe.
  4. I would if I had the funds to buy them, but I have my money tied up in trying to buy a house so I can't buy a bunch of older mates and get stuck with them. I mean one of the local Walgreens still has Ultimate Spider-man and Ultimate Electro from wave 1 of the animated line as well as tons of the wave 6 (Black Bolt/Medusa and two other packs) and we have never seen Wave 8 or 9. However, we did see the 1,000,000 BC wave.
  5. Still no Endgame MiniMates in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois that I have seen. There are six Walgreens in the area. Only one has had the Captain Marvel two packs that I have seen. That one store still has not seen the Endgame Mates yet that I am aware of. The other five stores still have a stock-pile of animated waves and Ragnorok, Black Panther and Infinity War Mates. Some of the Animated Wave finds are all the way back to Spider-Man with Electro set. Still have not seen many of the most recent animated waves here either. Nothing new along the animated line for over a year maybe closer to two.
  6. Just this morning found Captain Marvel MiniMates at one of my local Walgreens. I got a complete set, only wish I had a second set to open. Now I hope I find Endgame MIniMates VERY SOON!
  7. I just got my box sets from Luke. I already have them on display and only wish I had the Walgreen's sets to add to them. I had a hard time getting the shoulder parts off of Hulk but finally got them to pop off. I have not seen the movie, but I wanted an Iron Man in the Quantum Suit so I popped the gun off of the War Machine and used an Iron Man mask from the IW Iron Man. I have it displayed off to the side of my other that are official. I could customize Thor and Captain America if I wanted to, along with Captain Marvel all in Quantum Suits but will hold out hope I get the Walgreen's sets.
  8. GREAT, It looks like you can take Hulk apart to make a regular body to go with one of the extra heads, as there are hands and feet packed with the set. Also, War Machine looks like his chest block would not match the regular chest block due to the chest piece only covering the upper half of chest block. I ordered three box sets, because one will never be opened, but I wanted to be able to have enough to make everyone in the Quantum Realm suits and even maybe make Captain Marvel in the suit as well. So then I ordered a fourth set just to play it safe. Can't wait to see the movie and I only hope that any of the six local Walgreens in my area gets Endgame mates as they still have never gotten Captain Marvel mates.
  9. Good Looking MiniMate! I really like the look but I am not a fan of the movie so I did not order one. But you did a great job with this custom minimate, Luke. Just wanted to let you know.
  10. From what images have been shared, there is no mask for Tony Stark in the box set. But it odd that we get Scott Lang without his helmet and then with his helmet in the box set.
  11. I have used parts from Halo and the Ripley Space Suit to make a Michael Burnham in a suit that resembles the one she wore in the first episode of Discovery. I only have seen images as I did not get to watch the first episode nor do I subscribe to CBS All Access. But I am not sure whose head I used but it was a African American Female head I found in my parts container. But I would like to get more Star Trek minimates so I guess I have to scavenge to get parts that may work to customize for the rest of the time I am able to do so.
  12. For example you DST could use the transparent yellow legs and arms from the Astral Dr. Strange and put them on a Kirk torso and with standard Kirk head and hair and you have one similar to the Playmates Transporter Kirk in the pic before this post. If I had more of the transparent promo minimates, I would try to make Transporter Effect Star Trek MiniMates for sure.
  13. If you did a box set of the TOS space suits / environmental suits with four figures, you would get a Kirk and a Spock in the suits from TMP and a Chekov and McCoy in the suits from the series and then have the parts to make them in their uniforms from the respective appearance, but you would get a second set to head swap Kirk and Spock to make the space suits from the series. Don't recall any space suit/EV suits from TNG until the movies, but the same thing, Picard, Worf and Lt. Hawk in the suits with parts to make them in their Movie Uniforms, the the fourth figure could be Cochrane or Lily Sloan. Then we would get Worf and maybe there would be parts to make his TNG uniform as well to encourage multiple purchases. Not sure about EV suits on DS9 either, but I know Voyager had them. Paris and Torres in EV suits with parts to make them in their standard uniforms with The Doctor that is transparent to some effect with parts to make him the ECH and then maybe Tuvok with parts to make him Tuvix. This would get some more crew members to join Janeway and Seven of Nine who were already made. Worf and O'Brien were on TNG so there could be a way to make these two in a special two-pack with parts from TNG and DS9 which would contribute to multiple purchases to get all the variants. Worf in TNG & DS9 and TNG Movie/later seasons of DS9, O'Brien in TNG, DS9 and later DS9 seasons. Thus it could have extra heads to make Barclay and LaForge. Enterprise, you could have Archer, Sato, Tucker and Phlox in EV suits with parts to make them in their standard uniforms and then a head for T'Pol for Sato's Suit, a head for Mayweather for Phlox's suit and then a head for Reed for Tucker's suit. this would allow multiple purchases as well and also round out the primary crew. Granted you would have an second Archer but the extra body could be alternate look he had on the series. A Transporter Series box set would work for each series as well. TOS: Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Uhura as they only need some transparent legs and arms really and maybe some glitter in the mix. Could give heads to make Sulu and Chekov but need more Kirk bodies to do head swaps, but could also have a Rand head to swap with Uhura if the arms and legs don't have flesh coloring on them. TNG: Picard Data, Troi and Worf as they also would need some transparent parts like TOS. Could give head for Riker to use Picard's body, LaForge for Worf's body, Dr. Crusher for Troi's body and O'Brien or Barclay for Data's body. DS9: Sisko, Dax, Kira and Bashir with Worf head for Sisko's body, and not sure what other characters you could do with this set. Voyager: Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok and Torres, with Paris head for Chakotay's body, Kim head and hands for Tuvok's body and Seska head for Torres' body. Could have an extra body for an alterate Janeway if needed. Just sharing my ideas like everyone else does on here. I know they likely will never be made into reality by DST, but that should not mean people have to be mean about it. I don't shoot down the other Wishes and Dreams that others share. I enjoy reading on here what others are thinking and wishing for that is what this forum is for. I for one really like Star Trek and Minimates and would like more official Star Trek MiniMates without the customizing I am attempting all the time for Star Trek with lots of creative licensing on my part.
  14. I am really wanting all the Endgame minimates but since all of the Walgreens in my area never got Captain Marvel minimates, I don't think we will see Endgame mates here. I live in Central, IL (Bloomington/Normal area). There is more to Illinois that Chicago and that is what sucks because we still have the first and second wave of Walgreens minimates on pegs at a couple of my local stores and it is not right because Walgreens uses the same UPC for all the minimates. So Chicago can move them and we are sitting on them here.
  15. There appears to be slight differences between the images of Black Widow's suit and Iron Man's suit. While the chest block does not appear to present the breasts of female, the legs do have some slight differences. Also, why do we get a Scott Lang head and an Ant-Man head, why not just an Ant-Man helmet to put over the Scott Lang head? Just stating what I have noticed.
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