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  2. I posted this in a different section but this seems more appropriate Here's my take on a marvel web series ED Johnson's FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING Presents: MARVELOUS WORLD Vol. 1 (17 episodes) and the just released Vol. 2 (1 episode) please check it out - if you enjoy it - subscribe - many more to come! below are the links This is the most recent episode Vol.2 episode 1 "Ambiguity" Enjoy MARVELOUS WORLD site: or on youtube here:
  3. Please take a look at my Marvel Minimate Web Series MARVELOUS WORLD Ed Johnson's FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING Presents: MARVELOUS WORLD Vols. 1 - 2 Here: Also posters and still shots on flickr here: DC Minimate "Tales of Justice" coming soon
  4. so sorry to hear - but just want to thank you for all you already have done - good luck in future Ed
  6. thank you new one tonight with a larger cast its all building to a bigger story
  7. ah thanks i thought i was breaking some forum rule or fudgin something up on this site
  8. i'm new to this- dont know what that means sorry
  9. dont know what happened to link - sorry here ya go
  10. if not cool - just let me know - wont repeat
  11. you and me both - the oh possibilities!
  12. sorry - i am going to have a revised version up with credits at the end tonight its Tool "Hooker with a Penis" when i read the title, of course i thought CAPT AMERICA!! the other is bing crosby (i forget the full title now)
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