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  1. Minimate compatibility thread

    This is correct. The weapons look good with 'Mates, but Mega Bloks grip is the same size as Lego minifigs.
  2. Nessex, let's be very clear: that was not aimed at you, but at the silliness of Facebook Memories.
  3. "Facebook Memories" is a stupid-ass concept. I received one based on my niece who was recently killed in an auto accident; the "memory" being from before that time. I didn't need to be unexpectedly slapped with that reminder.
  4. Ridiculously fun to see, thanks for sharing.
  5. This I would buy! Probably multiples, and demand Vinimates.
  6. +1 Past clear Turtles could be had on the 'Bay for $20 with shipping. Just give it some time.
  7. So I won't go buying off of the 'Bay just yet. Patience, I must practice patience... But after waiting three years, it's tough.
  8. Forbidden Planet Minimates

    Thanks for the reminder, Zach! These had slipped my mind.
  9. Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Got my Iron Giant, and I'm so glad I did; he looks great standing amidst my Spider-Verse group.
  10. DC Minimates

    Hah! The crap I see on the shelves with DC's logo contradicts this statement.
  11. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Mayday Parker! Excellent.
  12. This is, indeed, a rebranding of Mega Bloks, now that Mattel has bought that company. Are you happy with the physical qualities of the figures? I read somewhere else that they were crap, compared to previous Mega Bloks releases.
  13. Bring it on! And I think you will find, having made your decision, a renewed joy in Minimates -- gathering only the ones you want, rather than the chore of completist hunting.
  14. Forbidden Planet Minimates

    Oh my yes, I will be buying this set. Some one has to keep B9 company.