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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Zach! These had slipped my mind.
  2. Got my Iron Giant, and I'm so glad I did; he looks great standing amidst my Spider-Verse group.
  3. Hah! The crap I see on the shelves with DC's logo contradicts this statement.
  4. Mayday Parker! Excellent.
  5. This is, indeed, a rebranding of Mega Bloks, now that Mattel has bought that company. Are you happy with the physical qualities of the figures? I read somewhere else that they were crap, compared to previous Mega Bloks releases.
  6. Bring it on! And I think you will find, having made your decision, a renewed joy in Minimates -- gathering only the ones you want, rather than the chore of completist hunting.
  7. Oh my yes, I will be buying this set. Some one has to keep B9 company.
  8. ME! I would love to get a Squirrel Girl 2-pack. And actually, Hyperion and Ant-Man 2-packs also. Thanks, bigvis.
  9. Please add me to the Silk list.
  10. That's it, then. This is probably my last post.
  11. Sweet. Going to have to army build the generic crewman.
  12. Okay, so what storyline does Armory Spider-Man come from?
  13. And if you all use up the above two offers, my Hastings has 4 or 5 packs on the pegs. Willing to do cost plus shipping.
  14. My local Hastings has 4 or 5 of the exclusive 4-pack on the pegs, currently at 20% off. If anyone is interested, I'm willing to send them off for actual cost plus shipping.