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  1. Nope, Rad. Two left hands they have the "Venom" claws instead of regular hands and Hulk and Spidey have two lefties, oh well doesn't detract too much from the look of them, just a minor annoyance.
  2. Lobo's dreadlocks in sandy blond Some goggles sculpted on top of them The Spirit minimate with the tie painted purple and the shirt white. Accessories: Batarang. (Actually own a full scale one) Slayer poster Xbox 360 A bong Alternate tied back dreadlocks
  3. I recently bought the Marvel Zombies box set, to my dismay I open it up and Hulk and Spider-man both have two left hands, anyone else encountered this problem?
  4. If you want that custom to be perfect, take that slip head off (It looks like the one used on Spider-Man mates recently with the rounded top) take the head under it off, get a Ghost Rider head and use that to emulate Scorpions skull, then put slip head on and voila.
  5. Only if he comes with Charlie Murphy.
  6. I like them because they are the musical equivalent of a horror movie, vile, sickening and disgusting with talks of them doing things like slaughtering masses and killing people, but that is their charm. You either like them or you don't, and I still think they would make pretty good Joker henchmen as it is I mean if they made Chef Duff into a 'mate then they could make ICP in a limited release.
  7. As much as I love my Galactacus and Sentinel I meant Max as in the comic imprint so that makes for the rougher Punisher style the gore one people are used to seeing and so on, would make some good gritty civilian 'Mates.
  8. Sorry about that, haven't read for awhile, last I read was the arc with Skin and Jubilee getting crucified and Angel giving away his blood or whatever it was, I'd prefer him in the yellow and black but any costume but the one he has now on the 'Mate.... Damnit I still want Tombstone to be made though, hopefully in another Spidey wave and better be with Robbie Robertson.
  9. Even if you hate their music, you can't say they wouldn't make good 'Mates, two guys in clown makeup with various slasher-esque weaponry. Even so you could always use them as Joker's henchmen.
  10. I know they are not strictly "Rock" more Rap-Metal. But I want me some Insane Clown Posse 'Mates. Shaggy and Violent J both have a crazy look about them with the clown face paint and strange hairstyles, add the whole hatchet wielding psychopath part about them and you have winners. Maybe even a box set with Twiztid, have them come with various weaponry and so on, maybe some severed heads and meat cleavers or machetes. Shaggy 2 Dope with double sided head like on newer 'mates (one half with O.G. face paint the other side the newer style) reuse the Sabertooth hairpiece and paint it red, give him a random vest piece and some knife and done. Violent J with same type of head, reuse the Jigsaw hairpiece but blond and also with interchangeable Sabertooth hairstyle for when he had long hair, give him a gun or knife and done. Twiztid would require quite a bit of new sculpting on the hair only for the unique style.
  11. Top 10: (no real order) * Tombstone (Normal being his usual look, Variant with cornrows normal face and pimp suit from Cage MAX) * Nighthawk * Luke Cage (Powerhouse chest style) * Robbie Robertson * Blade (90's style like from Spider-Man the animated series) * Whiteface (from Supreme Power: Nighthawk) * Captain Frank Castle (From Born) * Mephisto * Mojo * Jamie Madrox Multiple Man. * Bullseye (redone with paler sickly looking face and black suit as opposed to his classic blue) Spider-Man/Wolverine Variants: * Street Spidey (during the 90's where he adopted the mask with no webs and a leather jacket and sweater) * Death (Four Horsemen Wolvie)
  12. Unsuccessfully I have been searching for a Nightcrawler 'mate to find them all overpriced or sold only in a bundle, I'm wondering why there hasn't been another minimate made of this character. He is popular and a staple of the X-men team (not as profitable as Wolverine but still popular) the only costume they have made of his is the old circus one he used in the 70's and 80's I'm wondering why the have not jumped onto making him in his current X-men outfit, the black and yellow leather as they all wear now post-X-men movies. Another thing I'd love to see is a box set made of the characters from the Marvel Max series. How cool would it be seeing Luke Cage, Tombstone, Punisher and Nighthawk together in a box set, would be easy and need barely any new sculpted parts, maybe a cornrow sculpt for Tombstone and a new helmet sculpt for Nighthawk aside from that there would be all reuse, wondering why DST hasn't jumped on making some MAX characters.
  13. Well, I love all 'Mates (well comic related) I'm happy to have both Marvel and DC ones, but I still want some more DC I'd actually prefer some Vertigo ones to mainstream DC and I think Watchmen is under Vertigo (that's why Mattel are not allowed to use the Watchmen characters) so I'd love a boxset of Vertigo characters. Constantine, 2.5" Swamp Thing, Spider Jerusalem and Rorschach, maybe Jesse Custer or Cassidy. Perfect box-set.
  14. Just have to remain optimistic, of course they won't come back if we keep saying. People thought C3 was the end of the DC 'mates. But they did return.
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